QTH: Luna de Sus, neer city Cluj,
                              Operator                                                               Locator
Keresztes D Stefan (Pisti)
Class 2 licenced operator.
On the air all mode all band
Ham radio is one of the most exciting, friendly, useful, educational and high-tech hobbies. Hams include a diverse group of people around the world -- engineers, scientists, doctors, astronauts, students, teachers, boaters, pilots, retirees and even famous celebrities. You just never know who you're going to talk to "on-the-air" next.
Ham Radio is a federally licensed and administrated radio service. Operators study for and take exams to acquire their operating licenses (and callsigns). Anyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability can get a license. Once licensed, Ham Radio Operators use their radio stations (including two-way radios, computers, antennas, satellites and other equipment) to make contacts around the world from their homes, cars, boats and planes. With Ham Radio you can:

Make Contacts Around the Globe
Use Small Handheld Radios for Local Communications
Make Free & Unlimited Wireless Phone Calls
Use Your Computer for Wireless Connectivity
Design or Construct Radios, Antennas & Electronics
Provide Communications for Public Services
Contact the Space Shuttle Astronauts
Make Contacts Via Satellites
Bounce Signals Off The Moon for Contacts
And So Much More .....( Gary Brown, KC4VNU)

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