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By Murray Greenman CSc ZL1BPU


'Digital Modes For All Occasions', Radio Society of Great Britain 2000, 2002 ISBN 1-872309-82-8
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"Written for the average radio amateur through to the seasoned digital mode expert,
this book is a must for everyone!
" (CQ Magazine)

"Written by Murray Greenman, ZL1BPU, a leading expert on digital modes, this book will appeal to anybody who is interested in these modes. It covers the history of digital modes and describes serial transmission and various data and error correction techniques. It also contains details of how to set-up the computer and sound card for digital modes. There is an extensive reference section of books, papers, software and web sites related to digital modes." (Waters and Stanton PLC)


'70 Years of Amateur Digital Modes', A history of Digital Modes, outlining my involvement, June 2018
'Progress with Digital Modes and Techniques in New Zealand', Document 04/XII/020, IARU Regional Conference, Taipei February 2004
'Use of Micro Controllers in Amateur Radio Projects', Document 04/XII/024, IARU Regional Conference, Taipei February 2004
'An MFSK Mode for HF DX', 'An MFSK Mode for HF DX', ARRL and TAPR 19th Digital Communications Conference Proceedings 2000,
by Murray Greenman, ZL1BPU and Nino Porcino, IZ8BLY
'Assessment of HF Antennae using Doppler Analysis', A new way to assess and compare HF antennae without relying on subjective reports, February 2020.

Magazine Articles

'MFSK for the New Millenium', QST Magazine January 2001
    (QST Cover Plaque Award February 2001)
'Lets SEE You in Hell', QST Magazine December 1999
'Digital Modes' regular column, Break-In Magazine (since 1997)
'Micro Controller Projects' series, Break-In Magazine 2003 - 2005


DominoEX - A new Digital Mode (Introduction for Beginners) (105kB) with commentary (NZART Conference June 2006).
'VNG in a Box' - Precision Frequency Technology June 2005
'The Ionosphere and HF Propagation for Beginners' Part 1 (835kB) Part 2 (1.2MB) with commentary March 2004.
'domino - a New Robust Digital Mode' March 2004
'Propagation Monitoring Tools and Techniques' Part 1 (1.2MB) Part 2 (1.2MB) October 2003
'Radio Frequency Identification' Part 1 (560kB) Part 2 (370kB) Part 3 (500kB) RFID April 2003
'Micro Controllers for Radio Amateurs' May 2002 (1MB)
'Amateur Radio HF Digital Modes' April 2001 (NZART Conference 2001 - 1MB)
'Frequency References for Radio Amateurs' April 2001 (NZART Conference 2001)


'The Army Loop Antenna', Deploying a Simple Army Loop for 80/60/40m portable use, February 2020.
'The Denwood Matchbox Oven Mk III', a new crystal oven design with multiple applications, easy to build, February 2020.
'New Exciter/Signal Generator', a very stable MEPT Exciter or Signal Generator (using the above crystal oven), April 2020.
'Miniature Portable Exciter/Generator', similar to NEXC but small (hand-held), 5V/USB powered and very simple to build. Full construction details. September 2020.

Other Publications

'A History of Hellschreiber' April 2001
'Getting Started with Sound Card Digital Modes' March 2001
'Hellschreiber Modes - Technical Specifications' April 1999
'The Simple Digital Interface' Break-In Magazine, January-February 2010.

The author also holds a wide range of past presentations on Digital Modes, Propagation and propagation monitoring, QRP Operation, Radio Frequency Identification and micro controller projects. Please ask if you are interested.

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