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              CQ WW RJ RTTY CONTEST - 2007
After long, warm and born summer, it was nice to see our team together on the contest location. As usually
we working this contest in some of MULTI categories. Decision this time was again in Multi TWO category. We
started with preparation few days before the contest.  We borrow two  monobanders from very good friend of
Us, Zoki Z32KO from Sv. Nikole. In  meantime  we got two  towers, each 10 meter, for these antennas. So we
put antennas on and everything was perfect except conditions for those two bands (15 and 10 m.) HI! We had
3 set up, 2 running  stations  and  one multiplier.  But  we  didn't  use multiplier station because there were to
much qrm-ing from other two stations. We finished with  3145 qso's, 517 multipliers and clamed score is about
3,675,870 points. This is allmost same results  like we did  last year but in compare with it we had much worst
condition on 15 and 10m. Anyway  it was nice fun again and we can see that WW RTTY contest is growing up
every year.

5 ele.moband yagi for 15m

6 ele.moband yagi for 10m

40m. Verticals

    We used 3 radio's: FT 1000mp, TS-940 s and TS-850, 2 X home amplifiers 600 w. and  WIN Test software.
Antennas: 80m Vertical and delta loop, 40m 2 x Vertical's, 20m TH6DX, 15m 5 ele. monoband yagi and 10m. 6
ele. monoband yagi.
    Operators: Momo z31MM, Igor Z32ID, Zoki Z33F, Ozren Z35T, Chris Z35X, Tone Z36N, Venco Z36W and
    QSL information for this and other activities on Z360M is via Z37M. Qsl is OK via the buro, direct and also
e-mail request for the buro !


              CQ WPX SSB CONTEST 2007

   Usually WPX SSB contest last few years we were worked as single OP's entries. This year first plane was to work
it as  Multi - TWO, but  some of our team  members were  busy during the  contest time so we  left just 3 op's and 
decided  to work Multi  op, Single  TX.  Friday morning we went to our contest location (Air port Susevo) to put on
some wires antennas and vertical's which we moving  it of, after every contest. And everything was OK except the
vertical for 80m. After several times of trying to put it on, its  broke and since  we lost  it, we put on delta loop for
80m. Before  dark  all  antennas were up, Inv. Vee. for 160m, delta loop for 80m, 2 verticals for 40m and TH6DX for
high bands.



Susevo airport

Low bands antenna tower

     We  made  two  set  up's,   running  station  and  multiplier. There  were two radios, FT-1000mp  as running and
TS-850 as  multiplier  station  and  two  PA's about 600 w.  Computers  were  in  network  with Write log, and they
worked well one hour after the contest, when network crash. Something was  wrong and  we couldn't  fix  it, so we
continue the contest with out network.
     First day  condition  were terrible, just  few US stations on 20m ??!! On 80m to much static and to many empty
CQ's. 40m was good but to many users  on  HI. 15 was  quite  good  open  to  east but no chance for some pile-up
and on 10m  we catch some  multipliers  and that  was all  on this band. Second  day was much better on 20m and
there  was  nice  opening  to  USA.  We  finished  contest with  2670 qso's, 933  multipliers and  score is 5,238,795
points. Our goal was to made more than 3000 qso's and more than 1000 mults, but ...... maybe next time HI !!
    Any  way we  had a  nice fun again. Op's in the contest  were Chris Z31GX, Ozren Z35T and Me Z36W, We  had
assistance in Friday,  during putting the antennas on, form Momo Z31MM, Igor Z32ID and Roberto.

Chris Z31GX

D-r Ozren Z35T


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