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                              Z38N - CQ WW CW CONTEST 2006

           Last year (2006) we made good cooperation with members of the Salgotarjan radio club HG6N from Hungary.
    This cooperation resulted with  our  participation in  CQ  WW  CW  contest. HG6N team: HA6ND, HA6PX, HA3OV,
    HA3NU, HA6OI,  HA6NQ, HA1RS and HA1CA, arrived  in  Stip few days before the contest. They carry with them
    most of equipment  (5 radio's, 5 amplifiers, 3 mono banders and a lot of coax and wires). On Friday afternoon all
    antenna was put on and all shack's was ready  to work. This was completely new experience for us, 5 shack's in
    the  same  room, not  interfering  between  each other in one word that was look perfect. I must say that HG6N
    team was worked like Swiss o'clock HI! Contest pass in wonderful way, not any problem with software, all radio's
    and amplifiers worked well, so everything was  fine except  condition, we had worst condition then stations from
    North  and West EU. We was  listen  them  how  they  working USA  and  Caribien but nothing here. Any way we
    finished contest with 11.700 qso's and about 16.5  mil. points. Our friends was satisfied with this score, specially
    with the score of qso number, because before the contest for most of them goal was 10.000 qso's.

Z38N team:  Gyri  HA6ND, Csaba  HA6PX,  Sandy  HA6NQ, Zoli  HA6OI, Laci  HA3NU,  Anti  HA3OV,  Laci
     HA1RS,  Zoli  HA1CA (Z38C), Chris Z31GX, Igor Z32ID, Mome Z32ZM, Ozren Z35T and Venco Z36W.


                                                                                        Z38M TEAM

Standing from left: Ozren Z35T, Anti HA3OV, Chris Z31GX, Laci HA1RS, Sandy HA6NQ,
                    Igor Z32ID, Csaba HA6PX and  Gyuri HA6ND. Sitting from left: Venco Z36W, Laci HA3NU,
                                                           Zoli HA6OI and Zoli HA1CA


                        5  X  Kenwood TS 950 sdx                                   160m.  -  Inv.Vee diploe
                        2  X  Yaesu  FT 1000 mp                                       80m.  - Vertical (Titanex)
                        6  X  PA's  1 kw                                                   40m.  - 2 passed Vertical's
                                                                                                20m.  - 4 ele. monoband yagi
                                                                                                15m.  - 5 ele. monoband yagi
                        Software: Win Test                                              10m.  - 5 ele. monoband yagi


Preapering 15m yagi

Testing set up's

Csaba HA6PX, Laci HA3NU and Paff HA1RS

Igor Z32ID, Chris and Ozren Z35T

Me and Gyuri HA6ND

Pastramajlija party

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