Estancia Valley Radio Amateur Association




EVARA Goals are to provide a time and place for those interested in amateur radio to meet, talk and socialize.  EVARA also supports emergency communications and several members are also members of ARES.  We are exploring ways to recruit new people into amateur radio. 

We promote amateur radio when we have a chance, and are always interested in expanding the club membership as well.

We are working toward more activities besides the monthly club meeting, and hope to be on the air fairly frequently with the club call sign of NM5EV.

If you are an amateur located in the Estancia Valley or East Mountains area, east of Albuquerque, and would like to check us out, we emphasize that visitors are always welcome at our meetings as well as other activities by the club.  You do not have to be a licensed amateur radio operator, just have an interest in it, or a desire to learn more about it.

EVARA is a New Mexico non-profit organization.  That means we can accept donations of equipment and/or funds to help build the club in its support of emergency communications.

Welcome to EVARA
Joel Lockwood, WKJ5EY