W3KM`s - Free Ham Radio Software 

W3KM Freeware

Windows 8/10 compatible (with appropriate run-time files)

Cabrillo Evaluator Cabrillo log file adjudication and scoring software.
PRNet Net Control software - logs any net.
Counties County display software for QSO Parties - installed with GenLog.
Prefixes Call Sign lookup software - installed with GenLog.
Skeduler `Multiple alarm` clock for schedules.
Print Labels Label Printing software.
KM Timers
zipped download.  Timers with COM port control. More info.
- unzip to VHFLOG32 folder. Cabrillo Tools - score and summarize VHF/UHF logs.
ADIF Prefix Calculator
Calculates prefix totals from ADIF prefix files.

Zipped files: Extract the files to a folder on your PC. Right-mouse click on the .exe file and select
`Create shortcut`. Drag the shortcut to the desktop - or read how to make valid shortcuts.

More stuff - applications supplied with VHFLOG - plus homebrew.

Why I wrote freeware.