I'm Andrey B.Ezhov,radio amateur from Israel. My call is 4X1AJ(former UA1AJA - till 2000 and my another call is AA2ZO).

I got SWL license UA1-169-555 in 1982 and soon after(1984) thanks to my elder friends Vitaly(UA1ARO) and Leonid (ex UA1LD,ex KB3CBF,now AA1LD) I got real HAM call UA1AJA.I used to prefer CW after all,but since I came to Israel I slightly change my mind to digital modes.Nethertheless I didn't forgot A1 and going on CW-ing.

This is the view to my roof.My antennas are rather simple - 2 el. 12/17/30 m switching beam, 2 el. switching 10/15 m Delta Loop,shoebox dipole for 40/80 m and 3 elements Yagi for 145 Mhz.

A some rig from the shack.