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APRS and Amateur Radio in Hawaii

APRS, or Automatic Position Reporting System is a means of adapting computer and digital communications to regular voice FM radios for the purpose of sending and receiving information. APRS has many uses. It was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. Information on using APRS in Hawaii is listed on this page.

Hams can use APRS to pass short instant messages on ham radio. When the station is equipped with GPS, it will automatically beacon status and position reports at regular intervals so others can track the progress. The information can be overlayed onto maps or satellite photos.

By connecting an APRS station to the Internet, messages can flow through the Internet to other parts of the world, and can be visible on the Internet. These characteristics makes it ideal as a foundation for emergency communications status and position reporting using computers and amateur radio.

APRS is perhaps the simplest and easiest digital packet communications mode to setup, operate and enjoy. Its a stepping stone to more functional and challenging modes, such as IP (Internet Protocol) mailbox systems such as Telpac/Winlink and JNOS.

I've found UI-View32 to be an excellent-to-use APRS client. It is very robust and well featured.

Aloha and mahalo to Dave Dobbins, WH6YC who fostered a lot of APRS interest in the early 1990s and coded the APRS DOS maps for Hawaii, and Rick Ching, KH7O who is the current advocate and enthusiast.

APRS Activity in Hawaii

These links open up into maps that display the APRS activity on each island.

This map displays recent activity on Oahu.

These maps show APRS activity that were relayed by satellites orbiting overhead.

Dave Dobbins K7GPS offers tips on operating APRS in Hawaii. Additionally, he documents APRS operations at Hawaii State Civil Defense during the Sendai earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

Sample Configurations

These are sample configurations of APRS stations. APRS communications occurs on 144.39 Mhz with 1200 baud AFSK, AX.25 packets.

Hardware TNC configuration

  • A PC with Windows/XP
  • Kantronics KPC-3 Plus TNC
  • Two Meter Radio and antenna
  • TNC-to-radio microphone and speaker interconnecting audio cable
  • TNC-to-PC RS-232C cable
  • A client PC program such as UI-View32

Software-based configuration

Radio-based configuration

Mobile Tracker configuration

Configuration Information for Hawaii

APRS Network

Transmit: 144.39 Mhz, Receive: 144.39 Mhz
  • West Kauai:
  • East Kauai:
  • North Kauai:
  • Oahu: WIDE2-2
  • Maui: WIDE2-2
  • West Hawaii: WIDE2-2
  • East Hawaii:

Hawaii APRS Digipeaters and Internet Gateways

  • West Kauai Digipeater: None
  • East Kauai Digipeater: None
  • North Kauai Digipeater: None
  • South Kauai Digipeater: None
  • West Oahu Digipeater: AH6MG
  • East Oahu Digipeater: KH7O
  • South Oahu Digipeater: KH6MP
  • South Oahu IGate: KH7UK
  • South Oahu IGate: KH7UK-2 Kaiser Moanalua
  • East Maui Digipeater: AH6GR
  • East Maui IGate: AH6GR
  • West Hawaii: None
  • East Hawaii: None
  • North Hawaii: None
  • South Hawaii: None

International Space Station (ISS) (ARISS)

Transmit: 145.990 Mhz, Receive: 145.800 Mhz
  • State-wide: ARISS,WIDE2-2
Amateur Radio Stations heard via ARISS onboard the ISS

International Space Station (ISS) (PCSAT2, now retired)

Transmit: 145.825 Mhz, Receive: 435.275 Mhz
  • State-wide: ARISS,WIDE2-2
Amateur Radio Stations heard via PCSat2

PCSAT Satellites

Transmit: 145.825 Mhz, Receive: 145.825 Mhz

Amateur Radio Stations heard via ANDE, PCSAT, RAFT

  • State-wide: ARISS,WIDE2-2

More APRS Configuration Reference Information

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