Many radio stations began during the civil war and only in the last decade has some order returned to the airwaves in Lebanon. At the end of 1995 there were reportedly 212 FM radio stations in Lebanon! This page contains information on stations no longer in existence and therefore not included in my List of Lebanese Radio Stations. The information comes from many sources and cannot be considered complete or guaranteed correct but is given here as a reference for those wishing to study the subject.

2FM Lebanon (90.5)  Camp Shamrock, Tibnine. 100w ERP Radio for United Nations Irish Battalion. 24h  IRISHBATT left Lebanon in November 2001.

88.3 now licensed as Light FM (see current list)

ABC FM  Beirut

Al-Majless al-Shiite (99.3, 108.0) operated in Beirut 1998-9

Al-Arabiya FM (99.9) Syrian station broadcasting to Syria from Lebanese territory ~2004-2006. Has now received a licence to transmit from inside Syria.

Al Azhar (Radio Flowers) Bhersaf, Bekfaya Tel: 04-985570

Al Basaer  Tyre  closed down 22 Sept 1997

Al Chabab (95.3)

Al-Farah (94.1)  Tyre. One of five stations which united to form Liban Star but continued broadcasing its own programmes for a time.

Al Ghad, Akkar

Al Salam  closed 23 Sept 97

Al Samar  Zgharta

Beirut Broadcasting Service (BBS) (101.6)

Beirut al Haq (?)(Voice of Beirut Justice) Bhersaf, Bekfaya   Tel: 04-985570   had 4 dipoles with 150w transmitter in Achrafieh  closed  Dec 97  0700-2400   Arabic

Beirut al Sharq (90.7) Ras al Naba

Blue FM (104.3, 104.4)

Ciel FM (105.0)   Sawt al Ghad now occupy their old address and frequency

ECO Beirut (88.9, 98.7) Bourj Al Amara Building, Salim Salam Blvd, P O Box 11-9149, Beirut   Arabic, French, English

Ehden Radio

Elisar Tyre became Al Basaer

Fajr  run by Islamic fundamentalist group Al-Jamar Al-Islamiya

Fame FM [99.5-99.9](99.5, 99.7, 99.9) 3rd Floor, La Perla Centre, Sabra Highway, Jounieh (or PO Box 166771, Achrafieh, Beirut.) Tel/Fax: 09-644995 email: [email protected] Internet: www.famefm.com 24h RDS: PS:FAME_FM PI:A299 Frequencies later used by Melody FM until 2013.Then sold to Al Jaras Scoop FM.

Finbatt Radio (102.5) FINBATT - UNIFIL, P O Box 52, 22100 Nahariya, Israel Tel: +972 4 951 5549. Fax: +972 50 437087. email: [email protected]   radio for United Nations Finnish Battalion. 24h. Transmitter at Jabal Marun.  Often broadcast home service programmes from Finland.  FINBATT left Lebanon in October 2001.

Fox R - this is an incorrect logging of Pax Radio (see current list)

France FM owned by La Une but then sold to the owners of Light FM and used the name of France FM again.(92.5, 92.9) 3rd floor, Zeinoun Building, Corniche du Fleuve & Al-Nahr Streets, Corniche Al-Nahr, Beirut Tel: 01-584006. email: [email protected] 24h stereo RDS: PS: FranceFM + 92,5_MHz PI: FFFF. Frequencies now being used by Sawt al Mada

Funoun   Sin el Fil

Fun Radio became Kiss FM[1]

Ghost  closed 23 Sept 97

Ghurub FM (106.3)

GMC (99.9) Arabic

Green Lebanon R (96.2)Adab Ishac Street, Beirut Tel: 01-219980   ID: "Lubnan al-Akhdar"

Happy FM (98.5)

Hit FM (100.5) English   closed 23 July 1997 was part of the Murr (RML) empire.

Hot FM (99.3)

Islamic Reunification Radio (103.5) Tripoli  ID: Iza'at el Tawhid al Islami Also1014 or 1032kHz MW? forcibly closed 1997

Jabal Lubnan (101.0)  closed 23 July 1997 - was RML's Arabic service. Came back again but... 

Jabal Lubnan (98.5) Mont Liban Building, Avenue Fouad Chehab, Fassouh (or P.O.Box 16-6000), Achrafieh, Beirut. Tel: 01-202500. Fax: 01-215215. Closed by the Publications Court. 

JBS Radio (94.1, 100.7) William Centre, Chekka

al Jannat  Tripoli

al Jeel  Tripoli

Jinna Farah

Kiss FM (91.0, 91.3) jingles indicated this station was in Cyprus but transmitter was at Beit Meri. Operated 1998-9. Not sure if this is the same station as:

Kiss FM (90.0, 91.0) Mar Mikhaël, Achrafieh, Beirut Tel: 01-581806 Fax: 01-583749 email: [email protected] Internet: www.kissfmlebanon.info Not licensed but was permitted to operate while licence application is reviewed. Now operating as Arabic station Voice of Freedom (see current list).

Kool FM became Mix FM

La Une (92.4, 92.7) Zakhem Building, Beit Meri el Metn. was co-located with Radio One but now sold and operating as France FM (see current list)

Lubnan al Ghad  closed 23 Sept 97

Lubnan al-Mahabba (The Lebanon of Amity), Saïda. Tel: 07-721292  Closed but resumed broadcasting in December 1997. Now closed again.

Magic 102 (101.9 Beirut, Nabatieh, 102.1 Saida, Tripoli, Jounie, Zahle) Zouk Mikael   Tel:09-211891 English  (French Sat/Sun)   Started in 1979 by Bashir Gemayel. Run by Lebanese Forces. Transmitters at Fatqa and Beit Meri on LBC towers

Middle East Radio (98.7) Behind Dar al Handasah, Verdun, Beirut

MGS (99.5) Arabic

Midway Radio (95.5, 97.5) P O Box 11-1462 Rawche, Beirut.  Operated from April 1984 until early 1989.  Rock station with specialist programming in Indie, Jazz, Reggae, Country and Classical, etc. Full name Midway Radio Station 97.5 (MRS) (so called because it was midway between 88MHz and 108MHz)

New Lebanon Radio (99.5) Rue Mar Elias, Beirut  English

Nida al Iman (93.3)   Islamic Charitable Works Association

North Lebanon Radio (104.5) Adra Building, opp Bank du Liban, Tripoli

Peak FM (89.2, 89.3) 1st Floor, Al Jouda Building, Jal El-Dib. Tel: 01-408335/6. Fax: 01-411091  English

Radio 91 (91.0) Zahle

Radio al Waad (106.4) Beit Meri el Metn. 0800-2400 (part of Radio Liban Star)

Radio al Farah  Port Said Street, Mina, Tripoli

Radio A (87.7)  English

Radio Alleluia (95.6, 95.9) Harrissa  Christian, English - now operating as M.B.S. (see current list)

Radio Artiste - see Voice of Art below

Radio Avenir (94.4) Nahb el Khoury Street, Amchit Tel:09-943920

Radio Bekaa

Radio Byblos (91.1) P O Box 56, Byblos

Radio Capitol (103.0, 104.7) Al Bustan Street, Beit Meri    Arabic  (part of Radio Liban Star)

Radio Cool

Radio D J (101.6, 106.1) Run by the owner of Saout al Ghad

Radio Dutchbatt (104.2) Haris   radio for United Nations Dutch Battalion. Dutch Battalion have now left Lebanon.

Radio Echo Beirut (97.8) Arabic

Radio Ehden  Zghorta  AM & FM

Radio Fame (100.0) not heard during my visit in Oct 97 but now active as Fame FM?

Radio Fidele (101.7)   Borj Abi Haidar, Beirut  now closed (part of Radio Liban Star)  Arabic

Radio Flash Beirut (95.9)  Arabic

Radio Free and United Lebanon (98.3) Zgharta  Arabic also on MW(585kHz, 1310kHz)?

Radio Jeunesse (102.8) Hadeth  French

Radio Joy (106.9) Kesrouan   Arabic (part of Radio Liban Star)  closed Dec 97

Radio Liban Paix  Beit Meri

Radio Malish (104.5)  Naqoura   Radio for United Nations Swedish Battalion. 1980-April 1994. Prior to this it operated from El Porto, Sinai, Egypt. Swedish Battalion have now left Lebanon. email: [email protected]  internet: come.to/malish

Radio Media (92.0) Saïda. Tel: 07-722958  Closed but resumed broadcasting in December 1997. Now closed again.

Radio Melody (91.6) Arabic

Radio Middle East became Kiss FM[1]

Radio Mirage (98.0 Beirut, 98.3 Bekaa) Mar Elias Street, Sin el-Fil, Beirut. Tel: 01-498490 0800-2400 Arabic   ID: Izaat al Miraj  Began in 1984 closed Dec 97

Radio Monte Carlo (90.9) unofficial relay of the Cypriot station used various frequencies over the years.

Radio Moustakbal Amchit Tel:09-949700

Radio Music Power (96.6) near Dar el Aitam, Corniche el-Mazraa, Beirut

Radio Nayiri (95.3)  Hera For Media 0630-0100  According to a press report the Government was scheduled to consider a political licence for this station. That seems unlikely now. ID:" Saout Hye". Armenian.  supported the Huntchack Party

Radio New Lebanon (99.5) Arabic ID: Izaat Lubnal al-Jadid

Radio New Power (97.1) Hamad Street, Hamra, Beirut. Tel: 01-306002. 0800-2400 now closed

Radio Norbatt (98.0 or 102.0) Ebel es-Saqi   radio for United Nations Norwegian Battalion. NORBATT  left Lebanon at the end of 1998.

Radio North (104.5) Arabic

Radio NRJ (93.3) Zahle?

Radio PAR (93.9) (Pour que l'amour resiste) Arabic

Radio Paradise (90.0, 95.6) 7th Floor, Blanco Centre, Armenia Street, Borj Hammoud, Beirut. Tel: 01-260058. Fax: 01-346093. 0800-2400 Armenian     Had 100w transmitter to 4 dipoles in north Beirut.  Closed Dec 97 ID: "Saout al-Janna"

Radio Rama (96.9) Achrafieh  Had a 7kW transmitter to 6 dipoles on the ICN building in Achafieh    Closed Dec 97

Radio Scorpion (96.0) Camp Scorpion, Tibnine - operated by United Nations NORMAINTCOY who have now left Lebanon. Camp Scorpion is now run by Indian UN forces.

Radio Sinial (94.0) or Radio Signal?  English

Radio Stars (98.0) Adra Building, Al Madares Street, Tripoli   Arabic   closed Dec 97

Radio Tripoli Lebanon (RTL) (95.0)  Al Makkateb Building, Fouad Chehab Boulevard, Tripoli  Arabic

Radio Wahab (89.1, 95.1)

Radio Wahad   Beit Meri  (now part of R Liban Star)

RTL see Radio Tripoli Lebanon

Sada Lubnan (The Echo of Lebanon), Saïda.Tel: 07-721566  Closed but resumed broadcasting in December 1997. Probably now closed. To merge with another(licenced) station?

Saout al Hubb  Achrafieh

Saout al Iman (Voice of Faith) now licenced as al Bashaer (see current list). Was there an earlier Hezbollah backed station of the same name (1988-92)?

Saout al Moustaqbal (89.1)

Saout al Moukawama  Bekaa  (Voice of the Resistance) supported former Hezbollah leader Sheik Sobhi Toufahli

Saout al Nidal (Voice of Struggle) Hezbolla backed

Saïda al-Jadidah 07-721566  (Radio New Saïda) Had transmitters in Beirut, Saïda, Tyre and Nabatieh. The first three are now being used by Radio Delta.

Saïda Holy Koran Radio

Saout el Hobb (107.2) CMC centre, Jetawi, Achrafieh, Beirut

Voice of the South (99.9?) Kfar Kila -  ID: "Saout al Janoub" Operated by the South Lebanon Army from inside the Occupied Zone. 24h Also 756kHz. Now closed.

Saout Lubnan al Arabi Saïda 07-721966 (Voice of Arab Lebanon) Regional station covering Saïda   930kHz, 1377kHz AM?

Saout al Bassaer now operating illegally as Majless al-Shi'i

Saout al Madina (88.7) Tripoli

Saout al Wadi Hoch Zaraïné, Zahlé Tel: 08-801317

Saout el Nahda (106.7) Dhour al-Choueir

Shabab al Farah (94.5, 100.0) Tripoli

Shabab al Hubb


Sharq Tripoli

Sigma Radio Koura

Skyrock (96.5, 105.8) near St Coeur, Sioufi, Ashrafieh, Beirut. Became Soft FM.

Soft FM (106.1)

Switch FM later operated as Fame FM

Tamnin, Bekaa

The Radio of Arts (96.6)  isn't this R Artiste?

Today FM (104.1)

Tours Radio (99.7) Tours Centre, New Jdeide facing new church of St Rita (or P.O.Box 999), Beirut, Lebanon Tel:01-887999 Fax:01-884999 email: [email protected] operated in 1993-1996

Tyre  closed 23 Sept 97

UFO (108.0)

UML Radio (99.6, 102.2, 103.0) Kadisha Building, Amzi Street, Tripoli  Tel/Fax:06-433609 (Union of Music Lovers)  English  began in 1985.

Voice of Art (96.8, 101.3, 104.1) Near Lebanese University, Sioufi, Achrafieh, (or P.O.Box 90452) Beirut. Tel: 01-398128 ID: "Saout al Fan"

Voice of DLM (98.0, 103.0, 105.5) Ain El Mreissé, Beirut   Tel: 03-542633 email: [email protected]  Arabic

Voice of Happiness (96.1)  Arabic

Voice of Hope  Marjayoun   Postal addresses: P.O.Box 3379, Limassol, Cyprus or P.O.Box 100, Simi Valley, CA93062, U.S.A.  Tel: +972 6 959174 (English) +972 6 959889 (Arabic) Fax: +972 6 997827 (English) +972 6 959889 (Arabic) email: [email protected]   Internet: http://www.highadventure.org/voh_midd.html  24h  Also 945kHz, 6280kHz and 11530/9960kHz ID:"Saout al Amal"   No longer on VHF/FM from Lebanon. Ceased MF/HF operation from Lebanon 20 May 2000.

Voice of Justice  (89.8) Bhersaf, Bikfaya. Tel: 04-981308 0700-2400 ID:"Saout al Haq"  forcibly closed. Run by Sheikh Said Shaaban.

Voice of Love (97.4, 107.2) Port Said Street, Tripoli. Tel: 06-610695. ID "Saout al Farah"  Arabic

Voice of National Resistance ID:"Saout al Moqawama al Wateniya" 1050kHz?

Voice of Paradise (95.8) Tripoli

Voice of the Arab Revolution ID:"Saout al-Thawra al-Arabiya"  MW 1425kHz?

Voice of the Weak and Oppressed (93.6, 98.3, 103.3, 104.1)  Nabi Chit    ID:"Saout al Mustadaafin"  (also known as "The Radio of Islam") 1983 - 19 July 2002 Also 684kHz (appears to have closed 1996)

Voice of the Radio (106.9) Qlaiaat, Kesrouan.

Voice of Loyalty (107.5) Arabic

Voice of Palestine (100.0)

Voice of Truth (104.8) Antélias Tel: 04-406572 ID:"Saout al Haq"     Islamic Tawheed Movement   forcibly closed  Also 1368kHz?

Voice of the Mountain  (107.8) Aley Tel: 05-555951 ID:"Saout al Jabal" Supportive of MP Walid Jumblatt. There was a rumour that this station was in the running for a new licence. also 1080kHz?

Saout Al-Hurriyah (104.7)

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