Ham Information Page

What is HAM Radio?
How can I become a
HAM Radio operator?
What is a repeater?
by : Kevin K. Custer - W3KKC
What 2 meter repeaters are near my location?
Whate is ARES?
What is SkyWarn?
Is your tower protected?
Where in South-Eastern West Virginia are the repeater sites?
What is CTCSS or PL Tone?
What is DCSS?

Why incorporate the ARES group in your area??
Do you have a repeater?
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Here is a Super J Pole Antenna Calculator.
Where is the QRZ Extra, General, Technition Sample Tests?
How can I calculate a DI-Pole

What laws does West Virginia have pertaining to Amateur Radio Antennas?

Is there a chart of the Ham Bands?

What lis "Cross-Band Repeat?
How does it work?

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