Heathkit Warrior Linear Amplifier

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I came across a great deal on a linear amplifier and had to snatch it up.

I knew that using the Warrior would require some work, but I had already been planning to homebrew a linear amplifier anyways and I doubt I could acquire all the individual components for this prices anyways.

I knew that it would be most convenient to have an amplifier running off of 115V single phase power, and it would motivate me to reduce all the losses in my doublet.

I found http://www.wirelessgirl.net/Projects/HeathkitWarriorTR/ to have invaluable information on how to set up T/R switching on the amplifier.

The Warrior as receieved. It's really heavy! Thankfully the chassis is very rigid.

Planning the bias and relay power supplies.

Holes for the layout.

Drill, baby, drill! Since the case is substantial steel, I had to keep a good supply of oil and keep the drilling speed down.

Wiring everything together. My goal was to keep everything inside the chassis, which was faily easy to do since it's open underneath the chassis.

Relay and cut-off bias power supply. It's a simple half wave rectifier. I ended up using 300 uF since 100 uF had way to much ripple! My initial testing also revealed a one short and one open connection.

Output relay, a dow-key type that I picked up at a local surplus shop. I forgot to rewire in the lead to the output power diode at first, and that

Input relay, from the same shop.

Testing! The tubes seem to be in good shape, no surprises for plate voltage/current or grid current. But I have to upgrade my tuner!

Look at those beautiful 811A's glow.

Created 7 Sept 2020
Edited 11 Sept 2020
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