Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club - KCARC
What's New: Fri. June 14, 2024

Here are the latest updates to the KCARC website:

KCARC Field Day Invitation
Join KCARC for Lewis and Clark Trail On The Air!

At the request of one of the hams in the county, KCARC will be participating in the Lewis and Clark Trail On The Air special event. The event runs from 0000z June 1, 2024 to 2400z June 16, 2024. If you would like to activate during this time, or join an operation, please contact Bob, AI7CS @ [email protected]. If you're interested, you can also do a Parks On The Air activation at the same time and take advantage of the spotting network.

Next KCARC Meeting June 22, 2024!

The next meeting for the Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) will be at Field Day. The next meeting after that will be August 3, 2024 at The Palace Cafe, Ellensburg, WA. See the next article for Field Day Details.

KCARC Field Day

KCARC will be conducting its 2024 Field Day operation at Ryan Thompson Park, at Naneum Pond Park. Currently, our schedule will be to meet no later than 9 am for set up. Meeting, and possible a breakfast at 10 am. Field Day operations start at 11 am. Please plan to be at the park before 9 am to secure our spot. We're planning on operating in the open area in the back. For more details, or to volunteer for Field Day, please contact Gary, W7DVB.

July KCARC meeting moved!

The July Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club meeting will be held at the Field Day site, Ryan Thompson Park at Naneum Pond. Meeting time will be about 10 am, on Saturday June 22, 2024.

New Kittitas County ACS Page

Just FYI, the Kittitas County Auxiliary Communications Service (KCACS) has a new page with a different look and feel to it. You'll find it under the AUXCOMM tab in the upper right side of the navigation bar.

Next Kittitas County ACS Meeting

The next Kittitas County ACS meeting and training session will be Thursday June 27, 2024 at 6pm at Kittcom.

Upcoming KCARC events

Here are some of the upcoming events for April, 2024.

  • Lewis And Clark Trail On The Air - 0000z June 1, 2024 to 2400z June 16, 2024
  • Field Day - June 22-23. Ryan Thompson Memorial Park.
  • Cascade Crest 100 Run - July 19, 20.

KCARC would like to thank Carly Brettman for her work in putting together the new club mailer and flyer. For a glimpse of the new flyer, click on the image below.

Check out more of Carly's work at her website.

Home of the Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC)
Welcome to the home of the Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC)!

The Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) is now an ARRL Affiliated Club.

KCARC changed its name at the December 2, 2023 meeting from the Kittitas County Amateur Communication Service (KCARCS). We are keeping old content from the KCARCS days, as it is part of our club history. We are also updating the website, and adding new sections and more information over the coming months, so please check back often.

If you are interested in joining the club, or just visiting with us to see what's going on, in-person meetings are generally the first Saturday of the month at 8am, unless there is a holiday or special event. Meetings are generally held at The Palace Cafe in Ellensburg, but we also try to hold them in the Upper Kittitas County.

Meeting dates and times are posted on the website, and are sent by email to club members.

Kittitas County ARC Special Event

The Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) will be holding a Special Event to celebrate both the Ellensburg Rodeo and the Kittitas County Fair. Club members are eligible to operate using the N7KGS callsign. Please coordinate with Gary, W7DVB, if you're interested in operating.

When: Labor Day Weekend Aug 31-Sept 2, 2024. Details here.

Finding KCARC on the web

Find us on Facebook: Kittitas County Amateur Radio Club

Find us on QRZ: N7KGS

Dues paying members are welcome to join us on:

Max UF
Next KCARC Meeting
When:Saturday June 22, 2024 at 10:00 AM
Where:Field Day, Naneum Pond, Ellensburg, WA.
N7KGS Repeaters
Output Input Tone
Sky Meadows VHF 147.360 147.960 131.8
Sky Meadows UHF 442.200 447.200 131.8
Ellensburg VHF 146.720 146.120 131.8
Stampede Pass VHF 147.360 147.960 141.3
Stampede Pass UHF 442.200 447.200 141.3
Beverly UHF 442.200 447.200 141.3
Wilson Creek VHF 147.160 147.760 131.8
Acceptable Use Policy
K7RHT Repeaters
Output Input Tone
Sun East VHF (2m) Repeater 147.000 147.600 131.8
Sun East UHF (70cm) Repeater 444.45 449.45 131.8
Sun East 6m - 50 MHz 52.800 51.100 131.8