High Speed Wireless Hardware


If you want to know what could be Done to modify router or AP in order to broadcast on the 13cm band...

~Modifying Consumer Off the Shelf Wireless LAN devices for specialized amateur use

Check out KB9MWR's QSL page:

Here is how HSMM setsup a mesh net with WRT54g's.



I experimented and once owend 3, units, 3 years before is was licenced. Seen here stacked: a WRT-54g and WAP-54g were interlinked and sealed inside Tupperware there was only a power lead. The Box was left laying on my Roof wile I lived in Santa Maria,CA


I chose to use Ubiquiti hardware, for future point to point exploration.


Note: The Ubiquiti Bullet2hp, Nanostation M2, and Nanostation LOCO M2, will operate out of the box! and without firmware modifcations in the upper 13cm band.

Airos 13cm band unlock

Find the latest Air OS firmware.

~Cat 6e Connectors~

Molex 0449150021 ( RJ-45 plug cat.6 shielded 8/8)

Tyco 5-1479185-3 ( RJ-45 cat.6e connectors)

Tyco1954656-2 Wether sealed Circular Sealed RJ-45 Connectors Male.

Tyco 1811689-1 Wether sealed Circular Sealed RJ-45 Connectors Female.

Tyco1546414-4 Circular Sealed RJ-45 Connectors with lead.

~ 2.3-2.7ghz Bullet hp2 in Configuration befor being placed on top of the QTH in west Berkeley, All so pictured a 2m/70cm EggBeater Antenna ~

Kj6dzb wifi on his roof


2.3-2.7ghz Bullet hp2 (bottom) NanoStation M2 (middle). If you notice the yagi is pointed at UC Berkeley's Campanile, there is no station currently located at the other of that signal. (view to UCB pictured below)

wifi roof 2

Oh did i mention that I had upwords of 20+ clients on the Wifi signal with in the first 24hrs. I booted most of them off/ convenced them to not use my open wifi signal with a little speed limit!!! As well as limiting conections to a list of mac adresses for the main nanostation m2. The Bullet HP2 dose however provide an open acces point. Most of the people that live around me have there own internet, Ive noticed that when people first move in and befor they get there own I find them conected GOOD for them! SSID "Kj6DZB(A) Respect the Open Use" And they know Im a ham from converstion. Oh and for all those HACKERS... I dont do any thing interesting enfought other than provide an open internet conection.


Looking BACK

Examples below showing how Ive successfully wifi networks with Ubiquiti Nanostations M2, Nanostations LocoM2, Bullet Hp2, Bullet HP M2. Wonderful Hardware once you understand it!!! and Pick the right antenna for the Bullet models(1 type N connector) I'm using the stock firmware because the HSMM-MESH never followd throu on integrating OLSR, I would LOVE to get olsr integrated into firmware for the M2 units. With MIMO B/G/N Nanostion M2 can potentially push 300mbps in the 2.312ghz to 2.732ghz range.

(Below) Hardware configurations, the configuration on the left is the system at my QTH.

wifi system

9th st location As Of 8/13. So I had to take the egg beater down. Now that that intrest in a mesh networking has picked up the Nanostation is pointed at ( Evans Hall ) just to the left of Sather tower. Hsmm is still working on compatible firmware Ubiquity and WRT hardware meshing.

I found a rough ssid named: ALCO MESH It was faint and some were to the north of my location .

If I can get another node, I will install a second Nanostation Loco.

ucb updateUbuiquity on the GGB

9th street looking north

~HSMM-Pi ~

In late 2013 HSMM-Pi project ipliments olsrd on the Rpi Raspian platform it provides a web interface that configures the Rpi. At this point I have 3 Rpi's 2 orgiginal runs of the modleB 256mb, and 1 515mb pi. The original Pi's have a major power limitation on the power throuput on USB ports... GET a HUB and loop the power from the hub to the pi and data in to the hub. Solved! This solution is not allways needed.

HSMM pi gateway

As of 7/14 Ive flashed The broadband-Ham net firmware on my ubiquity hareware and cosent to remove it. Whay you ask? It Junk! and dosent fully utise the hareware I get better preformance with the AIROS from ubiquity.

~Mesh Network 4/23/15~

I the past 6 months a City wide mesh network based on Ubiquity hardware as taken flight!!!! (after so long!) The firmware running is a combination of the 3.0.0 HSMM, and 3.0.2 AREDN.

My roof top station as of 4/23/15.

-Top NSM2 Loco (mesh)

-Middle NSM2 (Home WIFI)

-Bottum BulletM2 w/ a Alfa Network ASA-2416 Sector Antenna 13~16dBi (45~120 degree) link (mesh)



-View from Evans Hall UCB ~5:30pm 4/23/15.

-View from Evans Hall UCB on a later Servicing Mission.

~2.4ghz DIY dish~

I was driving home one night and saw a direct TV dish laying on the side of the road. !SCORE! I receved 2 Pico StationsM2 for testing on our local mesh, so here is what i put together.

Well It worked but... Im not done, so I did some reaerch and ran some #'s on the dish. Calulating the focal point and what type of horn. So I then picked up an Alfa APA-M25 8dbi @ 2.4ghz / 10dbi @ 5ghz, placed it at the calculated Focal distance and pointed it at the focal point. 

I hit the Jack Pot! It works great for a PTP solution, so I took it to Field Day 2015.

Topo Map of the mesh as of 9-4-15.

photos of the nodes at the NB6GC-HUB

--2016 W6CUS Fielday AREDN Mesh Node--

The Mesh is a lot bigger with an internet tunnel to WU2S.

~ Mesh talk given to ORCA WB6NDJ Feb 2017~



~Update 2018~

I continue to maintain a number of internet conected nodes after the CERT group in berkeley descided they dont want the internet conected to THERE mesh. So I continue to provide a node or 2 that provide internet tunnels to mesh islands in Califorina.


AREDN Link to a self generating map of the Mesh


Below : Solar powered node & wifi for 2019 Field day.

The Year 2020 SFBay Area Mirowave network.

The end of 2019 into 2020  consisted  of site installs. Hill top site desired as it targets.

USS Hornet gets an upgrade, from weathered equipment.

WA6KQB Hub comes online:



Cameras Displayed from the Mesh Network.


Map grows!

~~~ 2021~~~

View from atop of Mt Diablo's North Peak