KK4OBI Bent Dipoles

This is the 4NEC2 antenna standard model for: Bow Tie Dipoles

To use this model:
4NEC2 is an NEC2, NEC4, Windows based antenna modeler and optimizer by Arie Voors.
It is available free of charge at:

CM Standard Bow Tie Model generalized for optimization.
CM Half-wave feed point elevation over "Real Ground".
CM AWG #14.  Validated by Avg Gain Test.
CM 9-wire design using gap wire and two wires on each end.
CM Auto-seg needs enough segments/halfwave to get at least 3 segs on gap wire
CM Includes imbedded summary calcs.
SY rad=#14    'Size of wire. Radius in meters or AWG number.
SY L=2    'Meters length of bow from middle of gap to end
SY F=0.4498    'Meters Fan half-height above or below middle.
SY G=0.038    'Half the Gap dimension between the ends of the bows.
SY H=4.640373    'Feed point height above ground - meters
SY ## Summary calculations start here ##=1    'Use Shift + Y to see Symbols and Summary calculations
SY TotWide=2*L    'Total Width of Bow Tie   meters
SY Feet=TotWide*3.28084    'Convert Total Width to feet
SY Ratio=Feet/3.39    'Half wave dipole width reduction ratio
SY B=L-G    'Base for calculation of right triangle.   meters
SY LenAngle=sqr(B*B+F*F)    'Length of one angled wire (hypotenuse).  meters
SY LenVert=F*2    'Length of one vertical end wire in meters
SY LenTotal=G*2+LenAngle*4+LenVert*2    'Sum of Gap and all wire lengths. meters
SY LenTotalFeet=LenTotal*3.28084    'Total Wire needed converted to feet
SY HalfAngle=atn(F/L)    'Degrees  arctangent of height/width
SY Included Angle=HalfAngle*2    'Degrees angle of Bow Tie
GW    1    9    -L    0    H    -L    0    H+F    rad    'end center up
GW    2    27    -L    0    H+F    -G    0    H    rad    'end up to gap left
GW    3    9    -L    0    H    -L    0    H-F    rad    'end center down
GW    4    27    -L    0    H-F    -G    0    H    rad    'end down to gap left
GW    5    3    -G    0    H    G    0    H    rad    'Feed point gap wire
GW    6    27    G    0    H    L    0    H+F    rad    'end gap right to right up
GW    7    9    L    0    H+F    L    0    H    rad    'right up to right end center
GW    8    27    G    0    H    L    0    H-F    rad    'end cap ight to right down
GW    9    9    L    0    H-F    L    0    H    rad    'right doen tp right center
GE    1
LD    5    0    0    0    58000000

GN    2    0    0    0    13    0.005
EX    0    5    50%    0    1    0    0
FR    0    0    0    0    28.4    0