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Welcome to The North Carolina Radio Group. Our goal is to advance the hobby of amateur radio. We accomplish this through training, mentor-ship and exhibition.

Our club members enjoy a wide range of specialties within the hobby of amateur radio. They range from antennas, Morse code, digital modes and satellite communications. Many of these individuals serve as mentors, or Elmers as it is known in the amateur radio group. They are available and willing to work one on one with students and other amateurs to share their knowledge and expertise. If you have a interest or a question related to amateur radio, we are bound to have answer.

There are several opportunities though out the year that we, as a club, have the ability to exhibit the capabilities of amateur radio to the public. These include Jamboree On the Air (Boy Scouts), ARRL Field Day, Local Hamfests and several others. We also have monthly club meetings and special events that are open to the public! These meetings are great opportunities to meet the members of the club and ask as many questions as you want. We discuss the current and future events of the club and often have guest speakers to share about amateur radio related topics from technical topics to Dxpeditions (Amateur radio trips) to remote ares of the world. We also offer ARRL/VEC and WCARS/VEC (Volunteer Examiner) licence testing every other month. Check out the VE Testing Tab (on the left) for the next available test session.

Our Mission Statement: To educate and increase the proficiency of its members concerning scientific advancement and progress in the science of amateur radio communications. To organize and train licensed radio amateurs capable of maintaining radio communications as a public service during periods of emergency. To encourage and sponsor experimental activities in radio communications and electronics, to the end that skills and experience gained in amateur radio will further the application of electronics to the benefit of the public at large.

Now that you know a little about us as the North Carolina Radio Group (NCRG), Why not fill out our application and become a member, membership is FREE for life. You'll find we have a lot to offer. Let us know if you have any questions by going to the Contact Us page and filling out the contact form. We would love to hear from you.

David Westphalen - N4DLT - Founder/President
Rodney Moore - W2ROD - Founder/Vice President
David Wray - KB4HJQ - Founder
Joshua Shedd - AA2AN - Founder
Terry Westphalen - N4HDM - Secretary
Carrie Moore - N2CFM - Treasurer

Join us on our nets. Our local 2 meter net is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights at 7pm Eastern Time on the K4CCR repeater 145.170 (-offset, 88.5 PL tone) located in Dallas, North Carolina.

Our 40 meter net is every Sunday at 2300 UTC on 7.284 (+/- QRM)

Our meetings are held at 10am on the 2nd Saturday of every month at:
The Hugh's Pond Volunteer Fire Department
1442 Tot Dellinger Road
Cherryville, NC 28021

We QSL 100% all we ask is that you include a SASE. DX, no SASE required. QSLs may be sent Direct, LoTW, eQSL or the Bureau. SWL reports are always welcome and will receive a QSL card in return.

All logs as of July 15, 2018 @ 13:00 UTC have been uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, HamQTH, HamLog, and ClubLog. We try to upload at least twice a week. And please, sign our guestbook below.

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You can also visit us at:

Our Ham Shack Page

NCRG FaceBook Page

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The NCRG Creed: There are many facets to our lives that impact our daily living and that influence who we are, but the thing that brings us together is ham radio, literally. We are a community of communicators and are members of a great hobby that brings people together. You will not find a more diverse hobby. Ham radio has been used in every country in the world, covering all the worlds religions, languages, cultures and governments. And we are always able to find common ground, joy, happiness and satisfaction in a hobby so basic as communication. Maybe the world leaders could take a lesson or two from us about how to get along. We have good friends around the world who we would not have known, except for ham radio. So we wish that ham radio continues to grow, prosper and add satisfaction to our lives. We wish not for new equipment, but the time to use what I have. We wish for the continued freedom that we enjoy that allows our conversations to cross borders. We wish to make new friendships with people different from us so that we can learn more about the world we live in. We also wish that, the magic of ham radio never disappears.

Search my logs below.

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Our club station is made up of the following:

(RADIO EQUIPMENT) Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver, SignaLink USB Digital Interface, Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver, Yaesu FT-840 HF Transceiver, RCI-2950DX 12 and 10m Transceiver, Baofeng UV-5RA 2m/440 HT, TYT MD-380 DMR HT, Realistic HTX-202 2 Meter VHF FM HT Transceiver, ICOM IC-V8000 2 Meter FM Mobile Transceiver, Kenwood TS-520S HF Transceiver, ICOM IC-3220H 2m/440 FM Transceiver, ICOM IC-730 HF Transceiver.
Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Handheld Scanner, Radio Shack PRO-2026 Mobile Scanner, Radio Shack PRO-2053 Base Scanner, Radio Shack PRO-2040 Base Scanner, Regency 1980 vintage 10-Channel Crystal Base Scanner, Realistic
DX-100 Communications Receiver, Ten-Tec 1254 Communications Receiver, Galaxy DX959 10 Meter Mobile Transceiver, Radio Shack TRC-511 11 Meter Mobile Transceiver, Midland 1001Z 11 Meter mobile Transceiver, Midland 74-200 Digital Weather Alert Receiver.

(ANTENNA FARM) Hy-Gain 18AVQII 5-Band Vertical, Crushcraft A148-10S 2m/440 Beam, Homebrew Copper J-Pole antenna, Discone scanner antenna, Antron A-99 10 meter vertical, Starduster 11 meter vertical, Patriot 10 meter vertical,
200 foot long wire dipole shortwave antenna. Dipoles for 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Homebrew 2 meter 3 element beam antenna, Tram 1480 2m/440 1/4 wave ground plane antenna, Tram 1481 2m/440 1/2 wave ground plane antenna, 102' all-band G5RV HF antenna 55' high, 96' Random Wire 20' high, 120' Double Bazooka 45' high.

(COMPUTER EQUIPMENT) HP7800 Core2 3.5ghz Desktop, HP NetServer/6, HP a400n Desktop 2.70ghz, HP 304w Desktop 1.53ghz, Compaq S1320NX 1.83hgz desktop, HP S350 G3 Server 2.90ghz, and an Acer 2xCore 3.0Ghz Laptop running Ham Radio Delux for logging and rig control.


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