LEARNING MORSE CODE - A List of Various Resources.  The big hint, is PRACTICE DAILY.

Best Book on Morse Code that I know of:
The CW Way of Life: Learning, Living, and Loving Morse Code (in a Digital World) available in paperback and in digital format from Amazon.


Amazon always has interesting items for Morse Code - check them out: HERE.

Amazon's Morse Code Keys: HERE.

QRP Transceivers! HERE.

Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate, I receive a small commission if you use these links at NO increase of cost to you. Thank you for supporting me.

Ham Radio Study:
https://hamstudy.org They have the  best flash cards to study and memorize. They also have apps for Android and iPhone.
https://www.eham.net/exams/ Has the best practice exams!

Forget Frustration: Gain Valuable Morse Skills And Increase Your Amateur-Radio Pleasure
By Dave Finley, N1IRZ - Author of "Morse Code Breaking the Barrier - the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Code Proficiency" - KOCH method - highly recommended. Buy HERE or at your favorite ham radio store.
The U.S. NAVY way of doing Morse.  Invaluable. They copied code groups (ciphers) in the script shown.
U.S. Navy Morse Training!  Please scroll down to fig 4.2 to see the Navy way of high speed block printing CW. Long hand does not work when copying coded groups because it takes a precious moment to connect the long hand characters. Using smaller size also increases copy speed. You should be able to copy 3 to 5 words behind what is being received and before long you will have solid copy without thinking about individual letters or numbers. (A TAP of the Morse Key to Walter Dufrain - K5EST for mentioning this.)

Morse Apps:

For iPhone/iPad
Ham Morse (Has the Most Features)
Morse Mania

For Android:
IZ2UUF Morse Koch Trainer
CW Trainer

For Computer:

For DOS or Windows, Mac and Linux using

"The MILL" by Jim Farrior, W4FOK (SK) awesome old fashioned GW Basic program for IBM XT PC which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux with the use of DOSBOX. Teaches ajnd practices both International and American Morse code.  Download ZIP file, into a new folder, extract all, and run with DOSBOX.

For Windows, Linux and Mac.
A Teaching Program available for Windows, Linux, Mac and DOS.

Fully Automatic Morse Teaching Machine for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and DOS.

For Windows - and Linux under WINE.
Tony Lacy's (Silent Key) NU MORSE PROFESSIONAL.

Download: Archive of http://www.nu-ware.com/
Download: Last Archive of NuMorse Pro.
NuMorse Pro Help Files.
NuMorse under Mac and Linux.
Registration Code (Thank you, Tony!) for NU MORSE PROFESSIONAL:

Tony Lacy's USEFUL LINKS - to shareware and other files.

Morse Cat from DK5KI https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1q-psxlp3Iwa0p5aFhLd1RkWGs/view

WD5CID - SuperMorse (the Original). 

CW_Player - by F1ORL This freeware program generates the standard Morse caracters, Q codes, abbreviations, random series of characters and text files. It controls your knowledge through a Quiz test and helps you to get a good keying by monitoring your CW signals. Keying off air and verifying your transmission on the screen will let you go on air with less stress and
more confidence. It generates Wave sound files (*.wav) of morse characters that can be played by any media software.
Local characters can be created by yourself. CW_Player needs a sound card and Win95 or later. 20 lessons are proposed to learn the Morse code. You can modify their contents as you like.(CW_Player can be run on Linux under WINE - see important installation notes on website).
ARTICLES on Morse Code and Morse Code Sending:

Article - Keys to Good Code written by one of the true masters of radio Morse, the late Bob Shrader, W6BNB, author of "Electronic Communication". EXCELLENT!

Stumped on how to conduct a Morse radio contact (QSO)?

Here's some examples thanks to Bill Cross, G0ELZ, former radio officer, and Chairman Marine Radio Museum Society (Wallasey) club call M0LBL from the Tug France Hayhurst in Royal Albert Dock Liverpool.  who along with
Gordon Andrews, G3DVV (SK), made this file back in the 1990s when RSGB changed from text to a QSO format for Morse tests. Download: master_qso_format.txt

Web Sites Teaching Morse Code


CW Innovations:  Open Enrollment. A unique method that gives other active, on-the-air operators the ability to improve their Morse Code proficiency through self-instruction. In and out of our virtual classroom, we are committed to sharing our specially designed curriculum, our personal experience as both learners and operators and our insights into the challenges presented at each stage of the learning process. Ultimately, our small classes ensure integrity and confidence in CW Innovations’ most important ingredient for mutual success: the relationships and support we build with one another in our shared CW journey.

KY8D’s Morse Code Page
https://starling.us/free/morse/ - Start from zero knowledge of Morse, sound files for practice at various speeds in both normal and elongated with faster code characters (Farnsworth type sending), for more advanced practice, punctuation only files, books with full punctuation in both English and Esperanto. Morse code audio file generator from plain text files which you can use to make your own Morse code books, random word text file generator to make your own practice files. Obtain free text file books from Project Gutenberg.

Morse Practice files can be produced from ebooks with this excellent ebook-to-cw program https://fkurz.net/ham/ebook2cw.html which is available for Windows and Linux.  It's a command line program, but a graphical user interface (GUI) is available here
ebook2cw - convert ebooks to Morse MP3s / OGGs (fkurz.net). It has many features, once you learn to configure it, it produces the very best results of anything comparable. User feedback indicates, that ebook2cw is also used to prepare Morse courses lessons, generate Morse versions of DX newsletters and other purposes (e. g. a CW plugin for the IRC client colloquy, a Telegram bot which converts text messages to CW and a Morse RSS reader).  Highly recommended by myself and Rob, W2ITT.

It's relatively easy to generate a WAV file with a software  package such as Goldwave or VLC  from audio Morse generated either externally, input through the soundcard, or from Morse keyboard software such as CWType — if your soundcard supports duplex operation. However, WAV files are very large. With an appropriate plug-in. you can convert WAV to MP3 files, but even these will be relatively large. The solution is to make a MIDI file. as used for recording music. Instead of storing sampled sound directly. MIDI files store information about how the sound is to be generated in the soundcard. Thus. being "interpreted". they are much smaller.    Rob, KA2BEO distributes “CWMIDI”. a PC program that does this http://www.natradioco.com/Nrprods2.htm
ENJOY! Following its 14th year anniversary, this software is now available for FREE!

W8RIT has useful information:

Morse Free - Free Morse Code Training Course for Beginner
by Ham Radio Veteran & Morse Code Instructor: Richard C. Fitch (W5RCF)

The "Head Copy" Website:

I found this part fun.
All the current news headlines, displayed "fogged" play triangles. 
Set the speeds you like and then hit the "Play" triangle. 
Copy and then check your work.  To play again set your speeds again and press "Play".  The content changes regularly.

Morse Training Words - give the website your difficult letters and you will receive a word list of words using them.
HINT:  Add some common consonants and some extra vowels for a larger list of practice words, like add aeiou tnshrlcmf

Morse Code World International Trainer Words

Learn CW Online https://lcwo.net/

Just Learn Morse Code: http://www.justlearnmorsecode.com/

FISTS (Morse Code Club) "Learn CW"  https://fistsna.org/learncode.html
[CW stands for Continuous Wave & many hams call Morse Code transmission "CW".]

Chuck K7QO's excellent Morse tutorial on CD. Dr. Chuck is a silent key.

Download K7QQ's iso file and burn it with CD burning software.
Free iso Burning Software for Windows:

Linux users have K3b for KDE, brassero and xfburn as well as wodim on terminal or command console.

Long Island CW Club.  Lots of great resources. https://longislandcwclub.org/
LICW - Mini Morse Lessons:  https://longislandcwclub.org/licw-mini-morse-lessons/

Morse over the Internet!

Long Island CW Club entry below): https://hamradio.solutions/vband/

Other Morse-over-internet platforms (Thanks and a press of the Morse Key to
Ross K Waddams, M0NNK) for these:
CQ100 https://qsonet.com/   one month free trial then subscription, no screen decode
iCW     http://internetcw.weebly.com/   tricky set-up but good, no screen decode
Vail     https://vail.woozle.org/   no frills, single channel
Morsecode.me http://morsecode.me/?room=1   "A bit anarchic for my tastes" says M0NNK, Ross, the "Portable CW Guru".
or  Beta.morsecode.me:
Japan Dit Dah Chat (Compatible with VBand) https://ditdah.jp/ditdah-chat/

Applications that use a web site to process your Morse. The applications run on Windows - some can run under WINE or DOSBOX.

- (1) https://archive.org/details/cwcom (2) https://www.kb6nu.com/with-cwcom-you-can-operate-cw-over-the-internet/

Morse KOB - American Morse Code but can do International Morse code as well. https://sites.google.com/site/morsekob
Key on Board

Interfaces for Android, Windows and Web. READ the Description, they do different things.

Interface available for Ham Radio Solutions VBAND to hook up your Morse key or paddle. Go to VBAND and click on Store to purchase their USB Paddle Interface for TRS 3.5mm (1/8 inch stereo type) plugs - NOTE their system (and many newer transceivers) will NOT work with 1/8 inch mono one circuit plugs without the ring.)  The USB paddle interface allows sending with an actual paddle or straight key instead of the computer keyboard. The adapter connects to a computer with an included mini USB cable, and has a 3.5mm TRS jack for the paddle / straight key connection. It has been tested on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android. At the time of this writing, the price is $25 plus $3.50 US shipping. International users please contact us before ordering. Again, go to the VBAND URL and click on "Store" to purchase this very compact USB to Tip-Ring-Sleeve 1/8 (3.5mm) jack device.
USB Paddle

Also it's highly recommended to use Windows Google Chrome and make a dedicated shortcut  on your Desktop with the properties:

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-extensions  

This will run Google Chrome  without any of the extensions you've installed!

However there is also a
new addition to their interfaces called  CW Hotline which is a
WiFi connected CW tool. CW Hotline was designed to provide a way to key a remote radio station in CW mode, but can be also used as a private Morse code link to friends. Think “The Bat Phone” for CW. It is available with either a built in straight key or paddles, or neither if only external keys will be used. Once it is configured with the local WiFi information, just power up, it will link with selected peers and be ready to send and receive.

CW Hotline

NEW - CW Widget. Developed by AD7I. CW Widget provides several features of interest to those learning International Morse Code.  First, it implements a multi-function electronic keyer, providing Iambic Mode-A, Iambic Mod-B, Mode C and Mode D.  Mode C (my term) is an electronic keyer that is non-iambic.  In mode C, once a paddle contact is closed the other paddle contact is ignored until the first contact is open and the trailing spacing element has completed.  Mode D (my term) is best described as “Bug Mode”, in that the left paddle produces dots and the right paddle functions as a straight key.  Left handed paddle operation for all of the modes above is accommodated via a user controlled configuration change. And there is a conventional straight key input for either a straight key or bug (without any electronic timing assistance, other than switch-bounce suppression).

AD7I Morse pages: http://ad7i.net/main/morse-code/international-morse-cw/cw-training/

K4ICY - Great Page on Morse code. http://k4icy.com/cw.html
K4ICY also has a wonderful free spectrum guide (bandplan) that will fit in your pocket. http://k4icy.com/bandplans.htm

Morse Code Oscillators - sine wave

K4ICY's "Pleasant Morse Code Oscillator" http://www.k4icy.com/weekend_radio_3tr-audio-amp.html
DU1ANV Code Oscillator
Nice Sine Wave Code Practice Oscillator from DU1ANV

Morse Code Ninja
- https://morsecode.ninja/
"A Learning Approach to Achieve QRQ."  This paper introduces a one-year plan for studying high-speed CW.  In the paper we propose a method to increase your CW receiving skills from 30 to 45 wpm.  Please follow this link to find the paper at the Morse Code Ninja website. [Thanks Terry (WB0JRH),
Kurt Zoglmann (AD0WE) and Jack Treloar (AA0IZ)]

MorseCode.World - https://MorseCode.World
Here you will find some of the best online resources for Morse code. Whether you're here for fun, to learn Morse code or to learn about Morse code, Dr. Stephen C. Phillips by his years of making tools to create and translate Morse and collecting Morse Code information aims to provide the resources you need.


Browse and see what's there, many old recordings from the days of commercial Morse code stations.

See some historic Morse recordings and key sending demonstrations:

The BEST email list for CW Morse Code, CW-Reflector, Subscribe: http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/cw or send an email to the CW list at [email protected]

I often get asked how to learn Morse Code. 

The answer of course is just listen to the sound and repeat it often. 

I found this TUTORIAL for Morse Code on YouTube.  It's eleven lessons.

The "HamWhisperer" (Andy, KE4GKP)
announces the course on this blog:

Here are the YouTube links to the individual lessons:

1)  https://youtu.be/OB1RUBwAvbE
2)  https://youtu.be/1Iu6vTxWpBQ
3)  https://youtu.be/5APNCFrP2rg
4)  https://youtu.be/xr5fSH1GAcU
5)  https://youtu.be/Ei0zOlg0-_M
6)  https://youtu.be/-N0LJlAsY_Q
7)  https://youtu.be/wyObOTr-3Zg
8)  https://youtu.be/tIv_I6RN39w
9)  https://youtu.be/kixycUwjp-M
10) https://youtu.be/lP0BhtHsK1U
11) https://youtu.be/EZUJs0Ahf-M

Youtube-dl and other programs can convert video to mp3 audio file.
Web based YouTube to mp3 converter, no registration, no limits to use: https://getx.topsandtees.space/W1AzWnNaog

For my blind friends and others who would like mp3 files of the above 11 lessons and who use Linux, I recommend youtube-dl-mp3 to download and convert to mp3.  Probably the most accessible distribution around is SLINT based on Slackware.  It's outstanding with graphical user interface and text mode command line interface as well as preconfigured emacspeak!  About SLINT https://slint.fr/wiki/doku.php?id=:en:start
Download SLINT https://sourceforge.net/projects/slint/files/latest/download

Install youtube-dl-mp3 then for example change the first page into an mp3 file by entering this command in terminal or console:

youtube-dl-mp3 https://youtu.be/OB1RUBwAvbE

After a while - several minutes - you will have this file in your file folder:
'International Morse Code - Lesson 1.mp3'

If youtube-dl-mp3 is not available in your Linux distribution, you can use youtube-dl which is usually supplied in the repositories. Unfortunately youtube-dl adds part of the URL to the file name while youtube-dl-mp3 does not.

To use youtube-dl easily, do this:

Enter this alias in your ~/.bash_aliases file:

alias yt='youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3'

If you just entered the above command right now, you'll have to start bash up again to have it recognize the alias "yt".

So open a terminal and enter "bash" and press ENTER.

Then enter this command:

yt https://youtu.be/OB1RUBwAvbE

So for example if you enter the command:
yt https://youtu.be/OB1RUBwAvbE

Give it some time and before long you will end up with a file named:

'International Morse Code - Lesson 1-OB1RUBwAvbE.mp3'

I don't know how to get rid of the part of the URL that is added to the video name automatically, but you can move the file like this:

mv 'International Morse Code - Lesson 1-OB1RUBwAvbE.mp3' 'International Morse Code - Lesson 1.mp3'

I use vlc to play mp3 files but any mp3 player will work. 

I will ask Andy if I can host audio files of the International Morse Code Lessons if their is enough demand for them.


Buy a little shortwave radio but make sure it has SSB or you will NOT be able to receive Morse signals , or use one of the Web SDR (Software Defined Radio) web sites.

(Software Defined Radio) SITES.
The very first Web SDR was in Netherlands and it's still on the web: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/

WebSDR.org has a very good list of SDR receivers online: http://www.websdr.org/

rx-tx.info has a massive list of Web SDRs to listen on:  https://rx-tx.info/table-sdr-points and they also has a map where you can see the locations of the various Web SDR receivers. https://rx-tx.info/map-sdr-points

ReceiverBook.DE from Germany has a good list with some unique receivers not listed elsewhere: https://www.receiverbook.de/ Map view HERE.

W1TP's great information on SDR's here.