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Look for my version of the 3B6RF story in the 2001 DXCC Yearbook.  On this page, I've loaded an assortment of images from our travels.  We began by meeting in Zurich, then moving on to 3 days in Port Louis, Mauritius (3B8); then 4 days in Mahe, Seychelles (S7); then by plane to CoŽtivy, the southern-most island of the Seychelles group; and from there by boat to Agalega.  The images are grouped accordingly.

I can't think of another endeavor where 21 people, from 9 different countries, at least half of whom had never met, could come together, spend 4 weeks on an adventure, and become life-long friends.  This is a GREAT hobby!

(Click on a photo to see a larger version, which can take quite some time to display depending upon your connect speed and the status of the QSL.NET server.)

Mauritius -

DSCN1598.JPG  14300044.jpg  14290026.jpg  14290033.jpg

Mahe, Seychelles - 

DSCN1972.JPG  15020076.jpg  15020078.jpg  DSC00008.JPG

CoŽtivy - 

DSCN1968.JPG  15040119.jpg  15040123.jpg  DSCN1944.JPG

Agalega -

15050132.jpg  IMG_0402.JPG  DSCN1725.JPG  DSCN1726.JPG

DSCN1695.JPG  DSCN1705.JPG  15100141.jpg