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Single Sideband Bandwidth


If there were two SSB stations using typical OEM filters and the receiving station has an on channel S9 signal strength (Left graduation) and only 3 KHz apart, both of them are transmitting an S-6+ signals into each other’s adjacent channels.  If they were both S9 +20 Db. (Right graduation) they would be transmitting an S-9+ signals into each other’s adjacent channels.

Simply moving one additional KHz apart would reduce the adjacent channel interference to the S-1 and S-5 respectively.

It can also be seen here that reducing power to a respectable S-9 received signal improves adjacent channel interference while maintaining acceptable communication signals.

To see charts of the results click HERE.

Courtesy requires transmitting a strong enough signal to be easily copied over noise, but not into our neighbor’s channel. 
Quite often our transmitted signal would be stronger than S9 +20 Db. at various receiving locations, which makes more need for some extra margin of spacing.

In the real world, transmitted bandwidth could be even wider than this graph due to added inter-modulation distortion of amplifier stages in receivers and transmitters.