The "Jewel of The Alphas". The Alpha 86 line of HF linear amplifier was built from December 1987 to October 1989.
There was only 274 of these amps built. The last 74 units were the "Export" model.

The smooth, fast and silent pin diode T/R relay system is a joy to operate VOX or QSK. The roburst 3.5KVA Hypersil transformer is standard in all the 86 models.
A pair of Eimac 3CX800A7 put out a solid 1500 watts key down with no time limit, no sweat!

The band switch in the EXPORT model covers all the bands continuously from 160m to 10m. Output is stable and the same on all bands.

Tight seal cabinet, no rattling noises, external fan are all standard in the 86 Export model.

Dual Siemens T/R vacuum relay replaced the original PIN diodes system.

I find the 86 to be my one of my favorite amp. It's quiet, stable and very predictable. Its precise tuning with back lighted dial make tuning and loading a "piece of cake".