About CARS

The Columbia Amateur Radio Society (CARS) is group of amateur radio operators that meet in Lake City Florida.

The purpose of the club is to stimulate and promote an interest in amateur radio,

To further the progress and maintain the traditions of amateur radio,

To provide emergency communications and to assist other organizations requesting communications services,

To provide assistance wherever possible in situations of amateur or other interference with reception of AM, FM, TV, and other broadcasting services,

To establish a program of educating, training and examination for amateur licensing,

To provide technical assistance to anyone requesting such in the interest of amateur radio

To further the spirit of fraternalism through social activities for the club members and their families.

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Club Dues and Membership:

All dues begin in January of each year. Dues are $30.00 if paid by the last day of January,
or if joining after July 1st, dues will be $20 to cover the balance of the year.

Family Membership dues are an additional $15 on top of Regular Membership (Total $45),
or an additional $10 (instead of $15) after July 1st, to cover the balance of the year.

Checks should be made out to Columbia Amateur Radio Society and mailed to the treasurer:

Colen Boutwell
267 SE Fawn Gln
Lake City, FL 32025

Licensing, Upgrades, or Testing:

For information on testing, or to schedule a test, contact our VE-Chief

Mike Harding, KN4YGT

News and Events:

If you have any items of interest to the club membership, contact the web administrator,

Dalton Weatherford, KK4KSM
[email protected]

Emergency Operations:

Issues concerning emergency preparedness, contact EC for Columbia County,

Brad Swartz, N5CBP

Columbia Amateur Radio Society (CARS) mailing address:

267 SE Fawn Gln
Lake City, FL 32025


Questions or issues with the website can be sent to:

Dalton Weatherford, KK4KSM
[email protected]