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A Little Something to Chase Away Those Post Christmas Blues!


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Top Ten Signs that You've got a Good Signal!

10. Other hams wonder why you use one inch hardline on your antenna.
 9. The grass around your antenna system hasn't grown in the past 3 years.
 8. You are giving stations 30 over S9 signals from your dummy load.
 7. Neighbors repeatedly ask you what that "strange glow" is at night
    in your back yard.
 6. The professional tree climber who installed your antenna won't
    return your phone calls.
 5. As far as you know, you are the only person to overload the front 
    end of all FCC monitoring stations.
 4. DX stations refer to you as "El Bandito".
 3. Your subscription to "decibels Weekly" is addressed to Mr. X.
 2. You carry a picture of your station in your wallet.
 1. Six meters is ALWAYS open here.    
Mary Popella, N3YL

Election News!

Ballot Irregularities (sample)


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