Hugo in Hell

Hell Schreiber

Hell schreiber is an early facsimile-like mode to transmit text/images over the air.
It was pointed out to me, that the ghost imaging technique could be applied to that mode.

Ghost imaging projects a number of overlay patterns on an image and observes the amount of reflected light for each pattern. The pattern and image is a simple 8x1 raster moving through time, like a ticker.

The technique uses a (large) number of linear equations - Thus, it is ideal for an algorithm using Superposition.

Hell Sand, Hugo goes Excel

The Excel workbook calculates the observations (the encoder) and, reverse, solves the 8x1 image under noisy conditions (the decoder).

HELLSAND, Hellschreiber w/ ghost-imaging, an EXCELL Workbook

Hell-sand schreiber, without noise:

qHellschreiber, no noise

Hell-sand schreiber, under noisy conditions:

qHellschreiber, noisy condition