OE5JFL GPS units to sync date, time and maidenheadlocator.

I have for sale complete build and tested units to sync your OE5JFL antennatracker.

This unit syncs the date, time and QTH location every 5 minutes so you never have to worry about the exact time from the JFL unit. (the RTC on the JFL is not very accurate).

Unit consitst of:

- PCB with all components

- GPS 9600bd Sirf III

- DB9 male connector to connect to the OE5JFL board

- 16 x 2 LCD display. Shows date, time and maidenheadlocator

Asking 50 euro (shipping not included).

There are 2 units left from my last batch and I don't have plans to build new ones.....

Connection description <-click here