Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club

Sacandaga Lake

Adirondack Mountains  ~ Hamilton County, New York

Speculator Repeater 147.165 + no pl
Blue Mountain Repeaters 147.075 + pl 71.9 ; 442.750 + pl 103.3

If you are interested in getting your Amateur Radio license, please contact any club member. We are here to help!
Everyone is invited to meetings and events. No license needed. Come see what ham radio is all about.


Meetings are 7 PM the third Monday of the month except December at the Lake Pleasant Fire Hall.
ARES/RACES Net is 7:00 PM Mondays except meeting nights. All licensed operators encouraged to check in.
The North Country Group meets 8:00 Sunday mornings on 3.958
Fire Tower Radio:The Northern New York Amateur Radio Association is encouraging operation from current and former Adirondack fire tower or other mountaintop locations.
Tue January 4 6:15 PM NNY Hospital Emergency Net on Whiteface repeater. Contact Bob KD2QLH for more information.
Feb. 18~21 MARS COMEX 22-1 interoperability with Amateur Radio. Please contact SEC KC2WI if you have questions.

Wednesday March 16
  7:30~9 PM Intro/Q&A #1

Monday, March 21
  7:00 PM Club meeting
  (LP Fire Hall)

Wednesday March 30
  7~9 PM Review/Q&A #2

Sunday April 3
  2~5 PM Review/Q&A

Weekend April 9-10
 • Ham-Cram" full review
    Sat. April 9: 9-5
    Sun. April 10: 11-3
 • VE Testing
    Sun. April 10: 3PM


Entry-level Technician License exam preparation class
Location: Lake Pleasant Public Library, 2864 State Route 8 Speculator, NY 12164.
Instructor: Peter Newell (KC2WI)
                  Northern New York Section Emergency Coordinator
                  Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The club wants you to become a ham and get involved with club activities. The club will give students who register, attend the class, and pass the test on Sunday a FREE HANDHELD TRANSCEIVER which will enable you to communicate with other local Amateur Radio operators. You must sign up, participate in the class, and pass the license exam in order to qualify for the free radio.

The class will consist of a combination of self-study, periodic review/Q&A sessions to help you while you are studying the material, and finally an all-out day and a half weekend "Ham Cram" review where all the possible test questions will be reviewed in a Q&A format. The license exam will be given by Volunteer Examiners on Sunday afternoon after the review.

The "Ham Cram" test preparation method has proven to be successful if participants also study beforehand. Self-study is not optional. If you do not study the material beforehand and just come to the review sessions, it is unlikely you will be successful.

There no Morse code requirement. Also no advanced mathematics. Middle school students have obtained a license so it is within the reach of almost anyone.

If you already have a license and just wish to upgrade to General or Extra, you may just come and take the appropriate exam on Sunday afternoon. Please register ahead of time. Seating is limited.

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual will be used as a reference for the class. It is available from Amazon. This is an in-depth review that goes beyond the minimum needed to pass the exam.

You can start studying right now. It's not too late.

If you are starting late, or just want an expedient way to prepare for the exam, download the
free No Nonsense Technician Study Guide   from kb6nu.com

There are many additional free references available on line. Instructor Peter Newell will also be available by phone or email to answer questions.

Introduction to Ham Radio and Technician Training Class A 66 Minute YouTube presentation following the No-Nonsense Guide hitting all the subjects on the test. It's like a 2 day Ham Cram compressed in to one hour. Also works great as an audio book if even if you can't actually watch. Listening a number of times while you are driving or whatever is an effortless way to help the important points sink in
CFR Title 47: Telecommunication, Part 97 - Amateur Radio Service. Federal Communications Commission regulation extablishing and governing the Amateur Radio Service. Just read it. All the terminology may not make sense right away, but the class will help clarifiy the concepts.
YouTube video class series following the ARRL manual.
ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio provides a way to review the question pool chapter-by-chapter following the manual, or by sub-element, as well as a practice exam mode simulating actual exams.
Ham Academy offers computer generated sample tests or random review of all the exam questions, as well as actual on-line classes.
HamStudy.org and HamExam.org also provide ways to review the questions and answers in various formats.
• An Internet search will reveal dozens of other resources.

If you plan to come to the Amateur Radio license exam session:
1. Arrive 15 minutes before test time.
2. Bring a $15 check made out to the ARRL VEC, and proof of ID/address.
3. Get a FCC Registration Number ahead of time.
See https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/support/universal-licensing-system-uls-resources/getting-fcc-registration-number-frn
4. Bring writing implements.

Note: Memorizing questions and answers is not a good way to really learn the information and concepts and become a good ham radio operator, only an expedient way to get you licensed. And memorizing 425 Q & A is not easy anyway. The best way is to cover information thoroughly by studying the license manual and discussing during class. However, thorough discussion is not possible due to the limited amount of time available to prepare for the exam, It is recommended you also utilize one or more of the on-line methods to drill through the questions and answers.

The objective of a "Ham Cram" is to is to get you licensed so you can then "learn by doing" by actualy tranmitting and communicating with other hams. If all you do is memorize Q&A to pass the exam, without getting involved with local ham activities and continuing to learn, you won't be able to use ham radio effectively and you won't find it to be much fun. Especially in emergency situations, it is extremely helpful to have a level of understanding that allows you to work around at least minor technical problems. So you should not stop studying even after passing the test. It is just easier and much more fun to continue learning if you can actually get on the air.

Please contact Peter Newell KC2WI if you are interested or have any questions.

Tue April 5 6:15 PM NNY Hospital Emergency Net on Whiteface repeater. Contact Bob KD2QLH for more information.
May 2~7 DOD/MARS COMEX 22-2 will include contacts between Military Auxiliary Radio System and Amateur Radio Service operators to exchange information which might be requested by Northern Command or other Federal agencies involved in disaster relief or homeland security in a large-scale disaster or emergency situation. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI for more information.
May 13-14 Armed Forces Day Crossband Test. Military stations transmit on military frequencies and listen on Amateur frequencies. Hams tranmit on Amateur frequencies. Details TBA.
May 21 TIRC Hamfest @ Depauville FD Thousands Islands Repeater Club 8AM~12PM
 Northern New York Section Meeting 
Sat June 11 Communications for the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race through the Moose River Plains. Up to 1000 participants! OPERATORS NEEDED. Contact Dennis N2LBT.
June 11-13 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Perfect opportunity for some Adirondack mountaintop operation.
June 25~26 Field Day weekend.
Hamilton County ARC will operate FD at the Speculator Ballfield and Pavilion, Routes 8 & 30
Eastern Fulmont and MVARA will operate at the Fort Johnson Fire Station 2 in the Town of Amsterdam.
See ARRL Field Day locator for more information and additional locations.
NNY Field Day operators should meet on the air Sunday 8:00 AM 3958 on the North Country Group.
Tue July 5 6:15 PM NNY Hospital Emergency Net on Whiteface repeater. Contact Bob KD2QLH for more information.
Sun Aug. 7 Communications for the Lane 10K Lake Run, Lake Pleasant/Speculator - Hamilton County ARC OPERATORS NEEDED. Contact Hamilton County EC KC2GCH
August 13 NNYARA"Junk In A Trunk"  HAMFEST IN SPECULATOR  at the pavilion and ballfield.
 Northern New York Section Meeting  NNRARA meeting, VE testing, picnic, foxhunt, etc.
Sept. 10-12 ARRL VHF QSO Party Perfect opportunity for some Adirondack mountaintop operation.
Sept. 24 Demonstration and publicity station at the Applefest in Speculator. Please contact KC2GCH, K2LML, or KC2WI if you can help. Anyone intersted in ham radio is encouraged to visit the station.
Tue October 4 6:15 PM NNY Hospital Emergency Net on Whiteface repeater. Contact Bob KD2QLH for more information.
October 1-7 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test See description on the NNY section web site. This will be a practice collecting, consolidating, and transmitting specific information.
Sat Oct. 15 New York QSO Party 10 AM-10 PM. Let's get ALL NNY counties on the air for this.
Entry-level (Technician) license exam preparation class in Speculator. Combination of self-study, 2 or 3 short evening Q&A/review sessions and weekend "Ham Cram" concentrated review with exam session on Sunday afternoon. Please contact Northern New York ARES Section Emergency Coordinator Peter Newell KC2WI ASAP if you are interested.
TBD NNY NBEMS digital messaging training - Webinars and on-air practice. TBD based on interest/availability. Please contact NNY SEC KC2WI.
December No monthly meeting in December. Merry Christmas!
TBD based on interest Amateur Radio Demonstration
If you would like a hands-on demonstration, either individually or for your group, please contact any club member. Amateur Radio is a fascinating and educational hobby, the original 'social networking' technology, and a valuable communcations resource in emergency situations when other systems are inoperable or overloaded.

The club was organized in May of 2002 as the Speculator Amateur Radio Club (SpARC) to support the local repeater, provide emergency and public service communications, generate interest in amateur radio, and afford amateur radio operators and those interested in radio as a hobby an opportunity to meet socially.

In November 2012, we voted to change our name to the Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club. Our goal is to provide emergency communications throughout all of Hamilton County if needed.

We now have a Hamilton County RACES repeater on Blue Mountain.

The club continues to work with county agencies to build volunteer emergency communications capabilities. If you are a ham, we need your participation.

If you live or spend any time in the area, we encourage you to join our club. Repeater dues are $8/year and club dues are $2/year. Dues are due in July.

If you are interested in getting your Amateur Radio license, we can help.

Meetings are held at the Lake Pleasant Fire Hall 7:00 PM on the third Monday of each month, except December. All hams and non-hams welcome. Please contact us for details.

We hold a net every Monday night at 7:00 PM (except meeting nights) on the Speculator repeater (147.165+). All licensed operators are welcome. If no net control station is heard after a couple of minutes, YOU are encouraged to become net control. net preamble

All donations appreciated to help with the cost of repeater operation and maintenance. Seaplane Fly-In Insulated Travel Mugs are still available. Please purchase a mug or make a donation to help support the volunteer emergency and public service communications provided by the club.

If you are interested in getting your Amateur Radio license, please contact us or come to a club meeting.


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