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VA3RJ  Jan 8, 1994 to present. Regular & contest logs.
VE3JDR  Oct 21, 1999 to present. My second callsign. Regular & contest logs.
CF3RJ  Used for special events.
CJ3RJ  Used for special events.
CK3JDR  Used for special events.
VG3RJ  Used for special events.
VX3RJ  Used for special events.
XL3RJ  Used for special events.
XM3JDR  Used for special events.

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VA3RJ is a 100% QSL station. I will QSL anyone requiring a new country, province, prefix, verification for any award, or those who just want a card for their collection. Most of my QSL'ing is done via the bureau. Cards received via the bureau, will be answered via the bureau. Cards sent direct will be answered direct. If sending for a direct QSL please include a SAE along with sufficient postage for return of my QSL to you (IRC/2 G.S.). This would be greatly appreciated due to increasing Canadian postal rates.

If you have worked any of my calls, and would like a QSL card - you can QSL via the bureau or direct. You can also request a QSL, and I will send you a card via the Bureau.

Bureau QSL Request -
Just send me an e-mail containing the following information:

| Your Call | Date of QSO | Time of QSO | Band | Mode |

You may, of course, request a QSL for more than one contact. Just include the other band / mode contacts in your e-mail.
e-mail VA3RJ

All my QSL's count for -
* CQ Zone 04
* ITU Zone 04
* Grid Locator: FNØ3GP
* County: Metro Toronto
* 10-X #5247
* ARS #1401 (Adventure Radio Society)
* BARLS #106 (British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society)
* CTC #089 (Croatian Telegraphy Club)
* DMC #1604 (Digital Modes Club)
* EPC #011 (European PSK Club)
* FISTS #6196
* FPqrp #508 (Flying Pigs QRP Club)
* GACW #658 (Argentine CW Group)
* GTC #130 (Greek Telegraphy Club SV-CW-C)
* I QRP Club #463 (Italian QRP Club)
* MARAC #R-960 (Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club)
* MIDX - Michigan DX Association Member
* NAQCC #0004 (North American QRP CW Club)
* NJ-QRP #408 (New Jersey QRP Club)
* SKCC #2292 (Straight Key Century Club)
* SOC #539 (Second Class Operators Club)
* SRT #375 (Strange Radio Team)
* Many Canadian, and major awards.

Direct QSL's can be sent to -
Dave Raycroft  VA3RJ
411 - 96 Jameson Avenue
Toronto   Ontario   M6K 2X7

Please include SASE, or SAE & G.S. (Outside of Canada include SAE & 1 New IRC or 2 G.S. for direct QSL - Tks!