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Welcome to my website. I hope you'll enjoy it!

My name is Nick Hacko. Here is my ham background. I'm jeweller and watchmaker and we live in Sydney, Australia..

Joshua is 3 1/2 and Tanja *hates* ham radio!

I'm also the editor of Who's Who on the TopBand

73 de Nick, VK1AA - VK2ICV - YU7XX - VK9LX - VK9WI - VK9LX/9 - VK9LX/2.

MY QSL info is : P.O. BOX 730 Parramatta 2124, NSW Australia.

The DX diary:

December 2001 : My new callsign :-)

Just got my new callsign - VK1AA. If you hear it on the band, give me a call, please!

VK9LX/9 Feb 4 - 11, 2001 Norfolk Island

Mini expedition to Norfolk Island (family holiday really!) Thanks to my wife Tanja, I was allowed to take an FT920, laptop and vertical and operate for total of 22 hours. 2850 CW QSO were logged on 40, 20, 15, 12 and 10m. Bill, K6KM was sharing the radio operating as VK9NOO - he made over 1000 Q too. He is very lucky guy because his XYL Ginny is also ham - VK9NNN !
Great fun! Heavy pileup from Eu but surprisingly easy to control with only 100W. Of course, trip to Norfolk was an ideal opportunity to meet Jim, VK9NS and Kirsti, VK9NL the living legends of the ham radio.

VK9WI Willis Island VK team, May 2000

Click here to read about VK9WI. QSL manager for this operation is Peter, VK4APG. Here is the story + pictures in serbo-croatian.
Also VK9WI log ( vk9wi_m.dxl DX4WIN file.

Yukka, OH4MFA recorded 4 minutes opening to Europe on 160m: Calling CQ 16 s. 26 kB and Working SM (Swedish) station 55 s. 90 kB. Thanks Yukka!
My dear friend Nick, VA3NA (listening on balcony mounted vertical) recorded 7 minutes of 15m opening to Ontario, Canada. VK9WI.MP3 and VK9WI_18.MP3

VK9LX Lord Howe Island, Oct. 1999 This was my third trip to LHI. Over 10.000 QSO's, all mode, all bands. Great fun!

LORD HOWE ISLAND is a sub tropical island of volcanic origin eleven kilometers in length that lies 550 kilometers east of Port Macquarie, about 700 kilometers north-east of Sydney (Lat. 31.55 S and 159.09 E). This beautiful island is one of the first three islands in the world to be given the status of "World Heritage" due to its unique plant and animal life.Home to the worlds most southern coral reef Lord Howe is home to over 500 species of fish, 90 types of coral and 130 species of birds. For more on LHI try "Lord Howe Island for beginners" and Trader's Nick page.
Here is the weather forecast.

Pictures taken during VK9LX 1999 operation:
Here is the story written in serbo-croatian and one in English, for Topband Reflector.

For those who need it, here is complete VK9LX log ( containing VK9LX.dxl DX4WIN file.

VK9LX Lord Howe Island, Nov. 1998

Read here about VK9LX '98 operation.

Our team [ K6KM. N4RU, N0TT, NM7N and me] was the world winner in Contest Expedition Multi/Single category. Thanks to AI6V for the award sponsorship!

VK9LX Lord Howe Island, Nov. 1997

My first trip to LHI with Dan, K8RF. Read here about our VK9LX effort.