Sena Aana - A Unique Personality

Alhaj B.S.Abdur Rahman Sahib with his four sons (from left to right): Ashraf, Arif, Abdul Qadir and Ahmed.

Syed Abdur Rahman Buhari's father is KTM Seyed Muhammad Buhari Alim and his mother is Yousuf Zulaikha. His paternal grandparents are Seyed Abdur Rahman and Ummu Salma. His maternal grandparents are Shegu Salahuddeen Sait and Muhammad Ali Fathima Nachi. He has a brother and a sister, named Syed Mahmood and Thasim Beevi. He has a half-brother named KTMS Abdul Kader Thaika Vaappa.

Tamil Poem Greeting Alhaj Dr. B.S.Abdur Rahman Sahib
Written by A.Mansoor Ali

Tamil Poem Greeting Alhaj Dr. B.S.Abdur Rahman Sahib, lovingly called 'Sena Aana' by people of Kilakarai.

Alhaj Dr. B.S.Abdur Rahman

Pearl Among Men

A Luminary:
Who dispels the darkness of ignorance through his educational institutions.

A Celebrity:
Who has earned name and fame, power and wealth through his inborn business acumen.

An Individual:
Whose warmth and tenderness, hospitality and generosity have won the hearts of visitors and victims of ill-health.

An Institution:
That cultivates philanthropy with loving kindness through orphanges and homes for children.

A Pioneer:
Who takes an initiative in providing status to an impoverished community and deprived womenfolk.

A Patron:
Whose unbounded love for Tamil and Tamil scholarship finds gratification in promoting the eldest living language of the world through awards and publication of books.

A Patriot:
Whose indefatigable efforts are directed towards preserving national integrity and honour through international trade, commerce, and journalism.

A Nationalist:
Who participates in national-building activities which have changed the topography of the native land through roads, bridges, flyovers and buildings.

A Visionary:
Whose feet are planted on the terra firma of reality and yet whose eyes encompass an exhilarating vision of a brave, new India.

Courtesy - Crescent School Alumni Souvenir - 2006

A Light In Darkness
A Birthday Wish To Our Beloved Founder

Praise be to the Almighty Allah, who has provided me an opportunity to pay a tribute to our beloved founder Alhaj Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman on the auspicious day of his first visit to this terrestrial land. Once again my gratitude goes to the omnipresent who has sent this benefactor to mankind.

Dear  Dear  Founding  Father,
Sibling  of  Seethakathi, 
Your  birth,  Blessing  to  this  universe.

Oh! October  15,
Are  you  the  crown  of  our  cherub?
Are  you  the  harbinger  of  magnanimity?

Oh! Lovable  father,
Your  arrival 
Arrest  the  darkness,
your  visit 
Vanishes  unemployment.

Are  you  the  dazzling  star?
Are  you  the  beacon?
Your  service 
Elixir  for  literacy.

Oh!  Father  and
Are  you  the  most  vibrant  colourful  blooming  flower  in  the  barren  land?
Ah!  You  are  the  reformer
Cut  off  the  shackles  of  liberty!
Magnanimity  and  wealth  hand-in-hand
Make  you  a  philanthropist.

Are  you  the  treasurer  of  harmony?
Your  town-full  of  prosperity;
Where  people  live  in  poverty,
You,  the  benevolent  father,
Sow  the  seed  of  charity!

Birth  and  Death - will  of  God
Life  within  that  -  choice  of  man.
Your  life,  full  of  commendable  service
Your  birthdays 
Enhancement  of  institutions  and  industries.

You  are  the  eye-opener,
You  are  a  Pearl  beneath  the  sea,
Your  deeds  louder  than  our  words.

You  are  the  founder  
Not  mere  founder  of  institutions 
But  exhibitor  of  individual  skills

You  are  the  gift  of  omnipotent.

On this blissful birthday, we offer our special prayers for you to have a good health, strength and enormous wealth and long life to carry out noble activities on the path of Allah. May Allah Bless you and your family members all the best of life and Paradise in the hereafter.

Wishes, On behalf of the TBAK College Students (Kilakkarai). Presented by M. Aysha Thasleema. M.A. (Kayalpattinam)

It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.

Courtesy - UEF Bulletin

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