Amateur Radio Licence

     My Amateur Radio Station Operator License issued by the Assistant Wireless Advisor to the Government of India, Amateur (HAM) Radio Section, Wireless Planning Co-ordination Wing, Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, 6th Floor, Room No.619 - North Core, Sanchar Bhavan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi - 110 001.

I am General Grade (Formerly Grade - I) Licence holder and My lifetime licence valid upto 20th July 2050.

HAM Radio Operator

Shaikh - VU2SDU - HAM Radio Licence Info

Licence No. 23225 - WPC ID No. 2011102086 - Dt: 06/02/2011 - S.No. 034 - Dt: 29/04/2011

Amateur Radio Grade - I Licence (No. 23225) issued on 20th May 1996. Callsign: VU2SDU

Amateur Radio Grade - II Licence (No. 5926) issued on 1st Feb 1994. Ex-Callsign: VU3SDQ

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