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The "UNITED ECONOMIC FORUM" was founded in Madras on December 25, 1979 by a group of Industrialists, Traders, Businessmen, Technocrats, Professionals, Intellectuals etc. The main object of the Forum is to work for the improvement, particularly of the economic conditions of our beloved people spread over the country on the lines of Lions and Rotary fellowships and also on the lines of Chambers of Commerce. Instead of being an organisation just going about giving advice, Forum enters the field and works for the benefit of the Muslim community.

The Forum at Madras concentrated its efforts on building a strong organisation at the head quarters of the state, district and taulk levels. By Allah's Grace, we have succeeded in this effort. It took a little more than ten years to build up a strong and effective organisation. Tamil Nadu has been divided into five zones. Each zone has a Zonal Secretary. Each of the twenty one districts has a District Secretary and there is also one District Secretary for the Union Territory of Pondicherry. there is a District Committee Member for each of the 170 taluks in the State There are mor than 1000 members in the whole of the Tamil Nadu and about 100 members abroad.

What remains [lawful] from Allah is best for you, if you would be believers. But I am not a guardian over you. Holy Quran 11:86


United Economic Forum aims to promote the socio-economic welfare of the Muslim community. In pursuance of this objective, it has undertaken such measures as will be necessary to shed its backwarness, educational and economical. The major areas of focus for development for the United Economic Forum have been :

1)Promoting education, including technical at every level
2)Promoting Health facilities that cater to a broad swathe of under privileged masses.
3) Providing economic assistance with mutual help and collective strength.
4) Promoting enterpreneurship, commerce and industry.
5) Promoting Social Service, mass media and Orphanages.
The achievements of the United Economic Forum make us actually aware of the stupendous work ahead. However the achievements of the forum have been substantial and merits some mention.

EDUCATION : Education is the key of manifold development. To suit to the modern industrial society, it is essential that people should be educated. Moreover in education what suits most from economic angle, is technical education. The Forum has motivated the pilanthropists of our community to start educational institutions. There are 3 Engineering Colleges, 3 Polytechnics and 12 Industrial Training Institutes. In these institutions Muslim students get preference. The Cresent Engineering college, Vandalur, Madras - 600 048, gives seats to poor muslim candidates recommended by the Forum.

Apart from the Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed Memorial College for Women at Madras there are no other women's colleges in the districts run by our community people. To bridge this gap, one Women's College, namely, Thaseem Beevi Abdul Khader Women's College was started at Kilakarai (Ramanathapuram district). In all these efforts, one unifying objective has been to produce bright young men and women who cannot only be equipped to secure useful employment but also be made upright citizens of the nation.

HEALTH : The United Economic Forum has from its very inception, focused on the vital need for prording health care for the poor and the needy. The forum motivated the philanthropists to start hospitals.

Modern hospitals have been started at Kilakarai, Kayalpattinam and Adirampattinam. These modern hospitals are equipped with the most advanced medical equipment. the thousands of men, women and children who have thronged the portals of these modern hospitals bear unique testimony tothe selfless service provided in theses hospitals.

ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE : Forum provides financial asistance to the needly and also provides micro financial assistance to the widows, destitutes, to start economic activities and earn their livelihood.

SOCIAL SERVICE : The nation and particularly our community require "Social Service". The United Economic Forum, has been conducting Idd Milan Parties, Qirat competition, Group Muslim Marriages and starts orphanges in areas where there are no orphanges.

Children Homes have been established in Tamil Nadu of which the following Homes are being administered by the Orphanage Committee, constituted by the United Economic Forum and financed by its Charitable Trust and the basic needs of the inmates are taken care of by the Committee.

1) Al Mumin Seethakathi Children Home, Sakkarakottai, Ramnad District.
2)Al Mumin Omar Pulavar Children Home, Ottapidaram, Tuticorin District.
3) Al Mumin Shahul Hameed Valiullah Children Home, Thanjavur, Thanjavur District.
4) Al Mumin Malick Dheenar Children Home, Thiruvithancode, Kanyakumari District.

COMMUNICATIONS : As part of the Forum's Movement to disseminate news and information, a Bulletin is published regularly. This publication gives a wide spectrum of the activities of the Forum and also guidelines for developing economic activities. The belleting enjoys premier status with the largest readership among our members.

"And hold Fast All together by the Rope, Which God (Stretches out for you) and be not divided Among yourselves; And remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you; For ye were enemies And He joined your hearts In love, so that by His Grace, Ye became brethern; And ye were on the brink Of the Pit of Fire, And He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided."
(Chapter 3-103)

Holy Quran 3:103

APPEAL : A Joint effort of togetherness will build our country strong and promote a feeling of brotherhood amongst all sections of the society. The growing population suffering from poverty, illiteracy, poor health and facing acute unemployment in our country, needs strength from all quarters. This is need of present time, for our country. So it is the duty of the preveliged ones, to share their happyness. We need your support. Drops of water collection make oceans and that is how we will also move ahead with our joint efforts together or independently - in whatever way should be, eradicate poverty, illiteracy and poor health. It is our humble effort, in this perspective. Forum Members should stand united and then only we will command respect and will be force to reckon with, making our Nation great.


Alhaj Dr.B.S.Abdur Rahman
Alhaj Ahmed AR Buhari
Vice Presidents
Alhaj M.K.Sathak Abdul Khader
Alhaj Dr.T.Kamal Sheriff
Janab Showkath Sheriff
Janab Jaffer Raza
Alhaj A.K.Abdullah
Alhaj KVA Althaf Hussain
Chairman, United Economic Forum Charitable Trust
Alhaj M.S. Tajudeen
Committee Members
Alhaj M.S. Tajudeen
Alhaj M.Razzack
Alhaj Thaika Mohammed Ashraf
Alhaj V.N.A. Jalal
Alhaj T.P.Imbichammed
Alhaj K.T.M.Ahamed Mustafa
Alhaj A.Mohamed Ashraf
Alhaj N.D.S.Sathak Ansari
Alhaj K.Hassan Ali
Alhaj M.Syed Sadakathulla
Alhaj A.H.Jehangir
Alhaj S.A.Azeez
Alhaj A.H.Ahmed Shakir

Editor Incharge
Alhaj A.K.Abdullah

Category of Members  Members as on 31/03/2012
Patron Members  47
Life Members  687
Professional Members  345
Overseas Members  76
Total Members  1155

We think about how we want to grow and about how we help others grow.

I have been a life member (LM 177/1992) of United Economic Forum (UEF) since 1992. I make it a point to attend the AGMs of UEF every year. Once in every 2 years, UEF holds a get-together outside Chennai.

 Past Get-Togethers

Year   Place
1992  Yercaud
1993  Nancowry Ship, Andaman Islands
1994  Fisherman Cove, Kovalam, ECR
1995  Goa
1996  Chemmencheri, OMR, Chennai
1997  Crescent College, Vandalur
1998  Kodaikanal
1999  Seethakathi Farm, Guduvancheri
2000  Hyderabad
2001  Kelambakkam, OMR, Chennai
2002  Crescent School, Madurai
2003  Crescent College, Vandalur
2004  Hotel Galadari, Colombo
2005  Crescent College, Vandalur
2006  Syed School, Coutrallam
2007  Crescent Girls School, Chennai
2008  Cruise, Cochin
2009  Crescent Girls School, Chennai
2010  Jamia Masjid, Kodaikanal
2011  Crescent Girls School, Chennai
2012  Hotel Radisson Blu, Chennai
2013  Mutiara Thermal Power Plant, Tuticorin

Team work is Less Me and More We. Let us all unitedly work towards serving the society.

Help one another in whatever ways we can

Holy Quran 93:9-10

So as for the orphan, do not oppress [him].
And as for the petitioner, do not repel [him]. - Holy Quran

Thirukkural - 311

Documentary Film About UEF

30th Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 20th October 2012 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Egmore, Chennai. Left to Right on the Dais: Mr. M.Razzack - Mr. M.K.Sathak Abdul Khader - Mr. Abdul Qadir AR Buhari - Mr. A.K.Abdullah - Dr.T.Kamal Sheriff - Mr. Ahmed AR Buhari - Mr. M.S. Tajudeen - Mr. Showkath Sheriff - Mr.KVA Althaf Hussain.

30th Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 20th October 2012 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

United Economic Forum 31st Anuual General Body Meeting was held on 28th September 2013 at "Mutiara Thermal Power Plant", Melamarudur Village, Tuticorin. I had a chance to visit the Mutiara Thermal Power Plant. It is really mammoth task carried by Mr. Ahmed A.R. Buhari (Son of Mr. B.S. Abdur Rahman Haji & Founder: Coastal Energen) and his team. Mr. Ahmed Buhari, presidential address was very good and useful to the society. We all inspired by his thought provoking speech. May Almighty Allah bless to fulfill his ambition and make him a successful industrialist in the society.

To know more about, please visit www.kayalnews.com

Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 28th September 2013 at Mutiara Thermal Power Plant, Melamarudur Village, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 28th September 2013 at Mutiara Thermal Power Plant, Melamarudur Village, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 28th September 2013 at Mutiara Thermal Power Plant, Melamarudur Village, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. Anuual General Body Meeting of the United Economic Forum held on 28th September 2013 at Mutiara Thermal Power Plant, Melamarudur Village, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe. - Anatole France

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