My Brother

My Elder Brother Haji Shaikh Uvaisna Lebbai

My Brother S.S.M. Uvaisna Lebbai was born in 1965 at Kayalpatnam. He had his early education at Elkay School in Kayalpatnam. He was a student of Crescent Residential School, Vandalur, Chennai from his 5th Standard till 12th Standard (1974-1982).

During his school days, my brother was an avid Table Tennis player and for many years, No.1 in the school. He also regularly won Qirath and Adhaan competitions. My brother did his college studies at New College (B.Com, 1982-1985).

In 1992, on the same day I got married, my brother married our paternal uncle's daughter M.L.Rabiathul Munawara Aalima Aroosia. The marriage took place at Zavia Arabic College in Kayalpatnam. The couple have two girl children - Zainab and Asiya Katheeja and have also performed their Haj.

My brother is an eager participant in Tabligh movement and has been to many countries. He is actively involved in running our real-estate business too. My Brother mobile no is 91 94456 27892. Email Id: [email protected]

If Allah answers your prayer, Allah is increasing your Faith.
If Allah delays, Allah is increasing your Patience.
If Allah doesn't answer, Allah has better plans for you in Future��.. Insha Allah !

There is No God Except Allah, and Muhammad is the Last Messenger and Prophet of Allah.

Charity prevents a bad death

Holy Quran


My head bow only to the Almighty Allah. I will see paradise lying at the feet of mother

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