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I do most of my traveling in my company work van to which
I am privilaged and thankful to be allowed to have 2-way radio
equipment tagging along with me.

When I'm mobile, and you are within a few miles of me,
here are a few of the ways I can be reached over the air...

First of all, for non-hams...

* CB Radio on Channel 19 (27.185 Mhz AM) ...call for "Double R"
* MURS on Channel 1 (151.820 Mhz FM with a PL tone of 192.8 hz) ...call for "Dan" or "DANO"
* GMRS on Channel 17 (462.600 Mhz FM with a PL tone of 77.0 hz) ...call for "WQPY804"

Now, for hams...

First and foremost, analog 2m FM is always the best way to contact me.

I very often monitor the 2m simplex frequencies "147.555 Mhz FM/YSF"
and "146.520 Mhz FM/YSF" both with a 100.0 hz tone. Feel free to try
giving me a call on one of them for a quick QSO. Keep in mind to wait
on the frequency you call me on for a few extra seconds as I may need
to stop my transceiver from being in scanning mode and manually go
back to the correct memory channel.

I also regularly monitor many repeaters on 2m and 70cm in Maine when in
range. Some of the more commonly known repeaters are listed below...

145.290-/100.0 in Wales | 146.610-/107.2 in Franklin
146.625-/114.8 in Sidney | 146.640-/82.5 in Passadumkeag
146.715-/118.8 in Morrill | 146.730-/91.5 in Madison
146.775-/114.8 in Athens | 146.775-/103.5 in Falmouth
146.805-/82.5 in Dedham | 146.850-/100.0 in Dixmont
146.880-/100.0 in Buckfield | 146.910-/151.4 in Ellsworth
147.030+/100.0 in Bar Harbor | 147.090+/100.0 in Falmouth
147.015+/D432 in Dixmont | 147.105+/103.5 in Brownville
147.135+/103.5 in Brunswick | 147.180+/123.0 in Farmington
147.255+/114.8 in Gardiner | 147.270+/136.5 in Knox
442.000+/D432 in Plymouth | 442.500+/141.3 in Plymouth
443.500+/103.5 in Knox | 444.000+/100.0 in Dedham
444.200+/100.0 in Dixmont | 444.400+/88.5 in Holden
444.800+/100.0 in Franklin | 444.950+/103.5 in Brownville
449.275-/88.5 in Belgrade | 449.525-/110.9 in Hope
449.625-/91.5 in Madison | 449.725-/103.5 in Corinna

For digital modes, I mainly use YSF but also have DMR...
For YSF, the system I can be found on is called, "UFB New England".
For DMR, the system I can easily use is called, "New England Digital
Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN)"
. I don't regularly
use DMR while mobile but have the ability to plan or move a QSO to
one of the available talkgroups on the system that makes the most sense.

I also have 10m analog capability but don't generally use it to monitor
anything. Like DMR, if an operator I make contact with has 10m analog
capability, we have that as another option on where to move a QSO to. I
might also periodically use 10m to make some distant contacts with when
there are favorable propagation conditions.

Please note that my APRS tracking is via my cell phone so if I happen to
not be working, and instead traveling with a friend or other family
members, I may not even have any transceiver with me.

My primary SSID is simply W1DLO
which is linked above.

Other active and inactive SSIDs I have are...
W1DLO-2 (XYL/YF) | W1DLO-10 (Home)

If you'd like to view other SSIDs
around the Bangor area, click here

I can also be tracked at APRS Direct (10 day duration).

End of "APRS" page.