W3KM Free Cabrillo Evaluator - What is it?
                 W3KM Cabrillo Evaluator - Description

° Contest adjudication freeware scores Cabrillo logs for most contests.
° Auto evaluates in a batch run up to 2000 logs with duping, actual score, cross checking,
  N-QSO rule, 5-min delta QSO rule, supports 2 Ini files, with auto load of all required
  Ini files during single log and `batch` scoring.
° First time sponsors can request contest setup files for your contest. Send me the rules link.
° Support including code changes, non-scoring logs troubleshoot and summary output requests. 

° PC requirements:
  Windows XP and later OS. 1-2GB RAM and 1-2GHz processor. Faster and multi-core processors
  are even better.

° Application front panel and summary.
° Log checker`s setup form for auto operation of manual and `batch` runs.
° Put all Cabrillo columns in correct format and de-bug bad logs using the re-format setup.
° The new Ini options form eliminates the previous manual Ini file changes.

° The profile Ini files and multiplier files are here and sample Cabrillo files are here.

° Some scoring results files.
° Overall summary of results.
° Cross check results.
° Logging programs summary.
° UBN Summary file.
° A Table1 formatted score summary.
° Sponsor requested summary.
° State QSO Party summary.
° State QSO party mode summary output.

Use my software at your own risk. I write software for Amateur Radio as a fun hobby.
Cab Evaluator will not be coded to reduce scores based on a percentage of errors in
the submitted log.