GenLog supports more than contests and activities
from both ends of the QSO

--- To log not supported or new contests, use the free N1MM+ logger ---

9KCC 15m Contest 10-10 QSO Parties (7) 13 Colonies Special Event AGB Contests (3) All Asian Contest All Austrian 160m ARI Contest delle Sezioni ARI Intn`l DX Contest ARRL 10m Contest
ARRL 160m Contest ARRL Centennial QSO Party ARRL Field Day ARRL Intn`l DX Contest ARRL Intn`l Grid Chase ARRL National Parks on the Air ARRL Nov SS ARRL Rookie Roundup ARRL Straight Key Nite Asia-Pacific Sprints (3) Baltic Contest Bermuda World-Wide Contest Bill Windle QSO Party Black Sea Cup Intn`l British Columbia QSO Party
CIS DX Contest Club QSO Party Colombian Ind Day Contest Common wealth Contest Croatian CW Contest CQ-M DX Contest CQMM DX CWJF Contest CQ-WE Contest CQ WPX Contest CQ WW 160m DX Contest CQ WW DX Contest Cupa Moldovei Contest CVA DX Contest
CWops Mini-Test CWops Open DARC 10m Contest DIE Spanish Islands Contest Dutch PACC Contest DX Colombia Intn`l Contest EA-DX Contest ES Open HF Champ. EU DX Contest European HF Champ. EU Autumn Sprint EU Spring Sprint eXtreme CW WW Challenge FELD HELL Contest - orig
FISTS Sprints (4) & C2C FOC Marathon FT8 DX Contest FT8 Roundup GACW WWSA DX Contest Gedebage DX Contest GEM Net WW Contest German Telegraphy Contest GridLoc HELL HA-QRP Helvetia Contest High Speed Club CW Contest Holyland DX Contest Hungarian DX Contest
IARU HF World Champ IARU R1 160m Contest IARU R1 Field Day JIDX Contest JLRS Party Contest John Moyle Field Day K1USN Slow Speed Test KCJ TopBand Contest KDR Activity Week Kids Roundup King of Spain Contest LoTW Contest
Low Power Spring Sprint LZ DX Contest LZ Open CW Contest Maritimes QSO Party Manchester Mineira Contest MARAC County Hunters Contest Marconi Memorial Contest MDXC Members Trophy Medium Speed Test Motorola QSO Party NA Sprint Contests
North American QSO Party Nova Scotia ARA Contest NRAU - Baltic Contest Oceania DX Contest OK/OM DX Contest OK QRP Contest Old New Year Contest OMISS QSO Party ON DX Contest Ontario QSO Party PACC Contest
Portugal Day DX Contest POTA QCWA QSO Party Quebec QSO Party RAC Canada Day Contest RAC Winter Contest REF Contest REF 160m Contest Rememberence Day RSGB 1.8 MHz Contest RSGB IOTA Contest
RSGB Jubilee Contest RSGB RoLo Contest Russian District Contest Russian DX Contest Russian WW MultiMode Contest SA Sprint Scandiavian Activity Contest School Club Roundup Scottish DX Contest Scottish-Russian Marathon SEANET Contest Serbian CW Club Contest SKCC Sprints Solar Eclipse QSO Party
SOTA South America 10m Contest SPAR Winter Field Day SP DX Contest Spartan Sprints Stew Perry TopBand Challenge Tesla Cup Tesla Memorial HF TOEC WW Grid Contest TRC DIGI Contest TRC DX Contest UBA DX Contest UBA Spring Contest
UK DX Contest UK/EI DX Contest Ukrainian DX Contest UN DX Contest U.S. Counties QSO Party Venezuelan Ind Day VK Shires Contest WAL Contest WAPC DX Contest WFDA Winter Field Day
Worked All Germany Contest World-Wide Locator Contest W/VE Islands QSO Party WW Flora & Fauna YO DX HF Contest YU DX Contest Yuri Gagarin DX Contest

-- General Logging --

13 Colonies Canadian NPOTA Club QSO Party County Hunting DXpedition mode General logging General SWL Logging General VHF/UHF Logging POTA SOTA US Prefix Award WWFF Youngsters on the Air

-- VHF/UHF Contests --
See VHF/UHF KM Rover logger.
The `Big 4` ARRL VHF Contests + are supported by VHFLOG.

2GHz+ WW Microwave Contest 2-4-6m All-Band VHF/UHF Sprint ARAM Concurso VHF/UHF ARLC VHF-UHF Contest ARRL International EME Competition Cosack's Honor VHF/UHF Contest CQ WW VHF Contest DDFM 50-MHz Contest
Fall VHF/UHF Sprints (5) FM Nasaud Cup FM Simplex Challenge General VHF/UHF Logging Generic 6-Digit Contest Generic VHF Sprints (7) IARU R1 VHF Contests (5) Internet 6m DX Contest Lario Six Meter Contest Major Six Club Contest Millennial Microwave Contest
NA Meteor Scatter Contest QRP ARCI VHF Contest RMG Cumulative Contest Six Club 6m Sprint Six Club 6m Winter Contest SMIRK 6m QSO Party Spring VHF/UHF Sprints (5) Summer MS Contest Ukrainian Field Day UKSMG 6m Contest Weak Signal Activity WSJT Winter Rally

      -- QRP Contests --

AGCW Happy New Year AGCW QRP-QRP Party AGCW QRP Summer Contest AGCW QRP Winter Contest Czebris QRP CW Contest Elecraft QSO Party FISTS Sprints (4) FISTS Coast to Coast Flight of the Bumble Bees FP Run for the Bacon Great Colorado Snowshoe Run HA-QRP Low Power Spring Sprint Mich QRP Contests (4) NAQCC European Sprint
NAQCC Sprint NJQRP Skeeter Hunt OK QRP Contest Original QRP Contest Peanut Power Sprint QRP ARCI End of Summer Sprint QRP ARCI Fall QSO Party QRP ARCI Fireside SSB Sprint QRP ARCI HF Grid Square Sprint QRP ARCI Holiday Homebrew Sprint QRP ARCI Hootowl Sprint QRP ARCI Milliwatt Field Day QRP ARCI Newcomer Contest
QRP ARCI Pet Rock Sprint QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party QRP ARCI Summer Daze SSB Sprint QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint QRP ARCI Summer PSK-31 Sprint QRP ARCI TopBand Sprint QRP TAC Sprint QRP To The Field SP QRP Contest Wake-Up! QRP Sprint Wisc QRP QSO Party WQF QRP Party

-- State QSO Parties --
List of QSO Parties in text form.

7th Call Area QSO Party Alabama QSO Party Alaska QSO Party Arizona QSO Party Arkansas QSO Party California QSO Party Colorado QSO Party Conn. QSO Party Delaware QSO Party Florida QSO Party Florida State Parks OTA Georgia QSO Party
Great Lakes QSO Party Hawaii QSO Party Idaho QSO Party Illinois QSO Party Indiana QSO Party Iowa QSO Party Kansas QSO Party Kentucky QSO Party Kentucky Parks OTA Louisiana QSO Party Maine QSO Party Maryland DC QSO Party
Mass QSO Party Mich QSO Party Mich QRP Contests (4) Mid-Atlantic QSO Party Minn QSO Party Mississippi QSO Party Missouri QSO Party Montana QSO Party Nebraska QSO Party Nevada QSO Party New England QSO Party New Jersey QSO Party
New Hamp QSO Party New Mexico QSO Party New York QSO Party NNY Section QSO Party North Carolina QSO Party North Dakota QSO Party Ohio QSO Party Ohio State Parks OTA Ohio Winter QSO Party Oklahoma QSO Party Oregon QSO Party PA QSO Party
Rhode Island QSO Party South Carolina QSO Party South Dakota QSO Party Tenn QSO Party Texas QSO Party Texas State Parks OTA Vermont QSO Party Virginia QSO Party Wash Salmon Run Wisconsin Parks OTA Wisc QRP QSO Party Wisc QSO Party WVA QSO Party Zero Land QSO Party

-- PSK Contests --
This SW does not support PSK operation.   MixW and N1MM are loggers that do.

070 Club 160m Great Pumpkin Sprint 070 Club 31 Flavors Contest 070 Club 3 Day Weekend 070 Club 80m Autumn Sprint 070 Club Firecracker Sprint 070 Club High Band Challenge 070 Club Jamboree 070 Club KA3X Mem Sprint 070 Club PSK FEST 070 Club St. Patrick`s Day Contest 070 Club Valentine Sprint 10-10 Open Season 10m PSK Contest
2-4-6m Anatolian ATA PSK31 Contest CCCC PSK31 Contest CDX Independence Day Brazil CIS QPSK63 DX Contest Elecraft QSO Party EPC PSK63 QSO Party QRT EPC WW DX Contest BPSK125 QRT EU PSK DX Contest QRT
MDXA PSK-31 Death Match QRP ARCI End of Summer PSK-31 Sprint QRP ARCI Summer PSK-31 Sprint Russian Digital + SSTV Contest Russian PSK WW Contest TARA Grid Dip Contest TARA PSK Rumble TARA Skirmish TRC DIGI Contest Ukrainian DX Digi Contest YO PSK31 Contest

-- RTTY Contests --
This SW does not support RTTY operation.   MixW and N1MM are loggers that do.

ANARTS WW RTTY Anatolian 160m RTTY Contest Anatolian WW RTTY Contest ARRL RTTY Roundup BARTG RTTY Contest BARTG Sprint Contest CQ WW WPX RTTY Contest CQ WW RTTY DX Contest DL DX RTTY Contest
Mexico RTTY Contest OK DX RTTY Contest NA Sprint RTTY Contest Russian Digital + SSTV Contest Russian WW RTTY Contest JARTS WW RTTY Contest YB DX RTTY Contest
SARTG WW RTTY Contest SCC RTTY Championship TARA RTTY Melee TRC DIGI Contest UK DX RTTY Ukrainian DX Digi Contest Volta RTTY DX

-- SSTV Contests --
This SW does not support SSTV operation.  MMSSTV does.

15-Meter SSTV Dash Contest N-SSTV 20M Contest Russian Digital + SSTV Contest