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Here is the contact information for Orange Co. ARES E.C. & AEC's.

Should an emergency situation happen and requires the activation of Orange Co. ARES 

and/or start a net please contact any of the listed below.

If you require more information let me know and I will try to get it for you.

Thanks You,

Rocky Wilson, N5MTX


Orange Co. ARES Emergency Coordinator(E.C.)

Rocky Wilson, N5MTX

Orange, Texas

Hm Phone 409-745-8005

 Wk Phone 409-678-9034

Cell Phone 409-988-8906

[email protected]


Orange Co.  ARES Assistant Emergency Coordinators (A.E.C.'s)                                    

Mike Manshack, AD5OG

 Orange, Texas

 Hm Phone 409-882-9600

 Cell Phone 409-920-0744




The Orange Co. ARES meets the first Friday of each month at 6:30PM at the Orange Red Cross facility

located at 3901 IH-10 East in Orange, Texas. All Hams are invited.



 ARES Net and Emergency Frequencies

abstrbu1   VHF Primary Repeater - 147.180 mHz  +600 w/PL 103.5Hz  (W5ND) Orange, TX

abstrbu1   Weekly ARES net meets each Monday at 6:30PM on 147.180 mHz  +600 w/PL 103.5Hz  (W5ND) Orange, TX

           abstrbu1   VHF Secondary (backup) Repeater - 147.060 mHz  +600 w/PL 103.5Hz   (AA5P)

                  Orange, TX @ Vidor tower in Vidor, Texas

abstrbu1   VHF Primary Simplex - 147.420 mHz   no tone

abstrbu1   VHF Secondary  (backup) Simplex - 147.460 mHz   no tone