The Voice of Amateur Radio in the Bayou Region  


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147.390/147.990 MHz (+600 KHz R/T offset)
FM Analog ONLY, CTCSS Tone 114.8 in, 114.8 out
Gray, LA

This repeater is located between Houma and Thibodaux, LA,  NNW of Houma

Located just off of the Bayou Blue Bypass Road in Gray, LA, between Houma and Thibodaux near LA-24, this is the primary 2 meter repeater for northern Terrebonne and northern Lafourche Parishes.

The antenna is a DB224 mounted at the 325 foot level.  The RF deck produces 25w RF.  Chances are if you can hear this repeater, you can get into it.  Give it a try.

Live telemetry data for our system (Battery Bank Voltage and Room Temperature) can be found on the Comment line on THIS LINK per the APRS station KK5CM-3. Our thanks go to Craig, KK5CM!

Coverage map 147.390 in Gray, LA

ABOVE: Estimated coverage map of 147.390+ Gray, LA repeater running full power (50 watts output)

BELOW: Tour of our repeater in Gray, LA



147.300/147.900 MHz (+600 KHz R/T offset)

CTCSS TONE 114.8 in, 114.8 out

FM Analog and Yaesu System Fusion (Auto In-Auto Out), including Wires-X 

Theriot, LA

This repeater is located in Theriot on Bayou DuLarge south of Houma, LA.

The repeater hardware utilizes the Yaesu System Fusion DR1X and a Henry Amplifier with approximately 75 watts output at 18 watts in.

The output includes simple analog (tone 114.8 input and output)  and C4FM digital.  
This System Fusion repeater is in the Auto-In, Auto-Out mode with Wires-X activated, which is defaulted to Louisiana's Digital Wide Area Network, DWARN, Room #40967.

The antenna is a Commscope DB224 mounted on the northeast arm of the candelabra at 550 feet.  The coverage area is nothing short of phenomenal.  We've received lots of great signal

reports from Laplace, Prairieville,  and New Orleans-- all places that haven't heard this repeater in years!!!! 
Just like our Gray, LA repeater, telemetry data for this repeater system (Battery Bank Voltage and Room Temperature) can be found on the Comment line onn THIS LINK per the APRS station KK5CM-1. Once again, cudos to Craig, KK5CM!!!

Coverage Map for 147.300 in Theriot, LA

ABOVE: Estimated coverage map of 147.300+ Theriot, LA repeater running full power analog mode (75 watts output).

Note: Coverage is estimated to have a 20% improvement in the digital mode.

BELOW: Video of our original repeater installed in Theiot. This "homebrew" Motorola unit was the workhorse for the club for decades untill replaced in 2014.



147.330/147.930 MHz (+600 KHz R/T offset)

CTCSS TONE 114.8 in, 114.8 out

FM Analog Only

Houma, LA

This repeater is located at the Chabert Hospital at 1978 Industrial Blvd in southeastern Houma, LA near the Houma Airbase.

The RF Deck is a Yaseu System Fusion DR-1X with an output of 18 watts running in simple FM Analog mode only. The antenna is a DB-224 mounted on a Rohn-25 tower atop the six story building.

There is no need for battery back-up (or even telemetry) at this location as we have access to the hospital generator power and cooling systems.

This repeater provides the Houma community with additional emergency coverage in disaster situations.

147330 Coverage map

ABOVE: Estimated Coverage map of the 147.330 repeater on Chabert Hospital in southeastern Houma, LA

Chabert Hospital

ABOVE: Photo of Chabert Hospital in eastern Houma, LA



444.500/449.500 MHz (+5 MHz R/T offset)

CTCSS TONE 114.8 in, 114.8 out

FM Analog and Yaesu System Fusion (Auto In-Auto Out) (NO Wires-x) 

Bayou Cane, LA

The antenna is only up at 40 feet at this point in time. It is currently located on Coteau Road, north of the Southland Mall in Houma. 

This repeater is a Yaesu System Fusion repeater that can automatically detect digital signals as well as analog, and will automatically switch operating modes based on the input signal.
Note: Wires-X is not available on this repeater.
Let's get on this one and wring it out, so when it is ready to relocate to a bigger stick, all potential problems will have been worked out.  The call sign is W5YL/R.
The telemetry for this repeater's Battery Voltage and Room Temperature are on the COMMENT line of this LINK.
444.500 map

ABOVE: Coverage map for 444.500 in Bayou Cane, LA. Our actual mobile tests indicate coverage at approximately an eight mile radius on C4FM Digital.

About these repeaters

  • Our repeaters have good coverage of the Bayou Region: Terrebonne, Lafourche, Assumption, St John, and St James parishes
  • We use these repeaters for recreation in everyday life, but during and after a disaster, they become essential for critical communication as needed by government and non-government agencies
  • We utilize Two Meter and 70cm, FM and Digital (Yaesu Fusion)