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Born in california at a very early age -- my mother was also present. I grew up in California until I left home and joined the Navy to see the world. I served in the U.S. Navy from 1967 until 1973. I was stationed at Great Lakes, Illinois; Annapolis, Maryland; DaNang, Viet Nam and I served on the USS Proteus which was homeported in the tropical island of Guam.

me in 1967 me in 1972 -- notice the improvement?

In 1971 Kathy and I were married in Annapolis, MD.

I have lived in California, Illinois, Maryland, Viet Nam, Guam, Wisconsin and now curently reside in Georgia.

I'm currently a Senior Quality Assurance Specialist for Lanier Worldwide Inc. I specialize in Facsimile, High Speed Laser Printers and Multifunction products. I've been with Lanier for over 26 years (this includes my time with 3M and Harris/3M.)

My job takes me to Japan, Korea [pictures], Taiwan [pictures] and Scotland [pictures]. I make 4 to 5 international trips a year.