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I became interested in Amateur (Ham) Radio in the 1960's but never pursued the hobby since I didn't want to take the time to learn Morse Code.   Thirty some odd years later, in 1993, I became licensed as a "no code" Technician.  I later advanced to a "coded" Technician or Tech Plus than later to Advanced.  I now hold an Amateur Extra license.  My current call sign is WU4H, prior to that I was known as KE4EMA and KS4LS.

My boyhood inspiration was from W6OLV and my elmer is N4XVF (ex WB0UKK.)

Working Conditions


Kenwood TS-440SAT
  Windom Antenna


Yaesu FT-100
  ATAS 100 Antenna


Yaesu VX5R
  Yaesu FT-530


Yaesu FT-5200

Here are some interesting Amateur Radio related sites:

A.R.R.L. Stirling & DARC GARS L.A.R.C.

During a recent trip to Scotland I took my rig and operated as MM/WU4H (MM being the UK's second set of prefixs)

Amateur Radio Station MM/WU4H in the Highland Hotel, Stirling Scotland


MM/WU4H's antenna system (2 Slinkys center fed), the loop in the coax is a balun.










This is the inside of my Ford Explorer showing my FT-100 and GPS










This is my ATAS 100 mounted on the rear door.



The FT-100 is mounted under the rear seat.