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Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team, K8KDZ Sailing Through Radio Waves Connecting Young Hams, Creating Friendships, Expanding the Voice of Youth in Ham Radio Inspiring Youth with Enjoyment and Technology of Ham Radio, Making a Difference Through Ham Radio

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Young Amateurs Communications Ham Team Y.A.C.H.T. is a club for young amateurs interested in communicating with other young hams, creating friendships and promoting the art of Ham Radio.

We were formed in July of 2007 by KS8O and KG8CX, and have since grown to our present membership.

We are over 527 members strong as of Mar. 28 2023, both youth and adults, although many are no longer active on air.
Located in over 32 different states and 6 countries, including the U.S.!
The YACHT group has grown fast and is becoming well known on the air waves and around the world. 
We have had 65 new members (youth and adult) join us since the beginning of 2020 and are always looking for more.
If you are interested in becoming an adult or youth member, send an email to Ed KG8CX at his email address via the "Club leader" tab found with the Email button above.
We also have a Facebook page (with yet another a button above) That has grown to over 425 members since Jan. of 2017.

We have appeared in the March 2009 CQ magazine, as well as an issue of "Contest Journal" We were also mentioned on "Ham Nation" and have had a number of our members appear on that podcast.
A number of YACHT members have also been featured in Carole Perry's Hamvention youth forum,
One of our proudest moments came in the Youth Forum at the 2015 Dayton Hamvention, where four of our members gave presentations; KG7HBY, KF5BEW, KF5FYS, and KB1YNK Those presentations illustrated the superb knowledge and articulation of our young hams.
In 2016 three of our members made presentations at the Youth Forum, and then in 2018 we had six members in the Forum.
in addition to that six of our youth were accepted at YOTA camp this year (2022) in Ohio.
W9ZN Was the ARRL youth coordinator for WI, and KE8LQR is the assistant youth coordinator for Ohio.
Our youth are among the most active and best practiced of young hams anywhere.
We are very proud of all they have achieved.
They are outstanding examples of young hams.
We are very proud of the recognition some of our members have achieved on a national basis such as: Newsline Young Ham of the Year, Marty KC1CWF in 2017 and Bryant KG5HVO in 2018. ARRL HPM Young Ham of the Year, Chris KD8YVJ in 2017 and Ruth KM4LAO in 2018. In 2020, Chris KD8YVJ was awarded the Newsline Young Ham. Also, four of our members made up the youth team for the Youth DXpedition to Curacao in July, Violetta KM4ATT, Mason KM4SII, Dhruv KC9ZJX, and David VE7DZO. And that isn't all, Bryant KG5HVO was the only youth from the U.S. to be invited to WRTC 18 in Germany. These are only a small part of the major recognition our members have achieved in the past few years.
You are welcome to come and join the fun and become a member of the Young Amateur Communications Ham Team. Check out the original YACHT web page at: http://yachthams.webstarts.com/index.html for photos, basic info, and much more.

73 for now! And we hope to hear you on the air soon! 

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