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Cabrillo Log Evaluator Software by W3KM
Free software for contest adjudication


v3.0 to v3.9 are new versions that also support Windows 8/10.
First time users and users of v2.77 and earlier: Use this first time installation for XP to Win 10.
Windows Setup for Cabrillo Evaluator v3.39 for Win10 and earlier OS.
If you get an error when you run the software, please run the Installer again `As an Administrator`.

Already a Cab Eval user - CabEvaluator v3.39 will be installed to the original folder
C:\CabEvaluator - so your current setup will remain intact.
Click the above link and select `Run` to start the installation process.

Read about installing to a different folder.

If you have the above software installed, the latest revision below is available at any time.
See what`s in this version.
Use this update file if you have v3.0 or later already installed.
W3KM-CabEvaluator-v3.40-Update.exe Update file for CabEvaluator v3.40 April 8, 2016.
Always back-up your current working .exe first
Click the above link and select `Run` to start the installation process.

Here are lots of Ini and look-up files - not included with the SW.
Save the files you want to the Cab Evaluator folder.

Contest sponsors not using Cabrillo: Using one file format for log submissions will make life easier !
A Cabrillo template should be published with the contest rules. Be explicit in the contest rules.
First time sponsors can request contest setup files - all profile and lookup files for your contest.
Here are sample Cabrillo files and sample scoring results files.

Go here for Cabrillo specs, some templates and info.
Check the contest sponsor`s site for other Cabrillo templates.
Read these Cabrillo hints to reduce log submittal problems and increase your score.

Questions, comments or problems: w3km at verizon dot net

Donations are always appreciated. Thank you.
Feb 2016 W3KM