W3KM Free Amateur Radio software
                           W3KM Freeware

° GenLog
GenLog DOS logger created in the `80s and I started writing Windows GenLog in the early
90`s since I wanted to operate more HF contests, but didn`t want to spend time configuring
each contest.

Initial comments from users showed a fair amount of interest because it was easy to use
and the logger supported many contests. There are no setup files to configure before
starting a contest since contests are initialized from info saved in the setup form.

° KM Rover
This logger was created in 1998 for use by ROVERS in the `Big 4` ARRL VHF/UHF contests.
Users wanted a GPS interface and keystroke shortcuts added so logging could be done while
mobile throughout the contest. The GPS function tells the operator the rotator beam heading,
to enable working stations while driving. See the Initial use text. 

This logger is ARRL VHF/UHF contest oriented and has encoded outputs to drive a band switching
decoder. First written in DOS in the 80`s, then converted to Windows using VB3(?). See the
Initial use instructions to learn the SW. 

° Cabrillo Evaluator
First written in 2000 and offered to contest sponsors wishing to migrate to Cabrillo log
submissions. Scores Cabrillo logs for more than 570 contests and can score 2000 logs in auto
batch run. Read more. See the Initial use instructions.

° PRNet
Pack Rat Net Control originally written in DOS in 1990. Logs any net. Read the initial use
instructions to get started.

° ADIF Prefix Calculator
Requested by the UBA. Loads WPX type ADIF files with the <PFX:xxx> tag and counts the total
unique callsign prefixes; overall, by band and mode, and by mode. Visit the UBA International 
Prefix Hunt web site.

° Skeduler is a `multiple alarm` clock. Up to 40 alarms can be set in each sequence. Written
in 2000 so I could schedule January and June VHF Contest QSOs.

Other software was written to make log checking easier for me and to assist contest sponsors
using my adjudication software.