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** It is a good idea to save your current working logger for BU, just in case. ** Microsoft doesn`t ship WinHelp32 with new OS. Download it. Otherwise, select the HTML version in the HELP menu. ** To use updates above v8.0 you must have previously installed v8.0. ** This is the FAQ page. ° The 1990`s VB Windows Installer was replace by JGS DeployMaster. ° Note -- The install folder and update folder is set to c:\genlog32, unless you change it, which you can do by clicking [Advanced Options Installation], but remember to change it each time you get an update. 04/2016 v8.2 ° Updated the ARRL Rookie Roundup mult scoring to the current rules. ° Updated OK-OM DX for Q-points changes and added DXCC mults. Fixed mults routine; was counting serial numbers. Fixed editor form for Q-points editing. ° Added RSGB RoLo Contest - replaced RoPoCo Contest. ° Added ARLC VHF-UHF Contest. Writes Cabrillo logs per band. ° Changed ARAM Concurso VHF-UHF. Writes Cabrillo logs per band. 03/2016 v8.2 ° Added Cabrillo log and Bonus form to QCWA contest. ° Updated the PREFIXES, SQUARES, GEN_TIME and COUNTIES apps for Win8/10. ° Fixed ADIF <pfx:x> output where some portables were <pfx:0> = blank. ° Updated SCQP Cabrillo header for submission requirements. ° Updated ARRL NPOTA Cabrillo for modes and WARC bands. 03/2016 v8.19 ° CQ WW 160m rules changes. DX sends RST and CQ zone. Zones are not mults. ° Updated NC QSO Party and NH QSO Party for rules changes. ° Updated Wisconsin QSO Party for mode rules change - DIG=CW in Cabrillo. ° Delaware QSO Party county abbreviations are now: KDE, NDE and SDE. They were changed to reduce conflicts with other contests on the same weekend. ° Added Russian WW MultiMode Contest and Gedebage DX Contest. ° Updated NJQRP Skeeter Hunt for basic scoring. Fixed member filename typo. ° Added Black Sea Cup International contest. ° The 6-digit ADIF lookup filename can be changed in the {GenLog_Control.ini} file. ° Added WFDA Winter Field Day. Was SPAR sponsored - now sponsored by the Winter Field Day Association. New contest name, new exchange rules - no temperature. ° Added code to not save a cancelled/0 QSO log filename to the [Last log filename] field in the {GenLog_Control.ini} startup file. ° Updated PACC contest per new rules - mults are by band and by mode. ° Added UK/EI DX Contest and modified the Cabrillo header. 11/2015 v8.18 ° In HSC Contest, modified the HSC member file format. ° Added `ARRL National Parks on the Air` event. ° Updated SC QSO Party scoring and county outputs. ° SBMS 2GHz & Up Contest distance points changed to X a band multiplier. ° In the ARRL 10GHz & Up and SBMS 2GHz & Up, modified the worked B4 display to include the sent and worked grids. Modified the editor to re-calculate the distance when the worked grid is changed. ° South Carolina QP rules changes: mults per mode, QSO points and 3 modes now. ° Updated some QSO parties for in-state mobile QSOs, different QTH is not a dupe. ° Indiana QP rules changes: mults per mode. 09/2015 v8.17 ° Arkansas QP rules changes, 3 modes-QSO points, mults per log. ° Added the Winter Field Day contest. ° TNQP rules changes for Q-points and mults/band. ° NA Sprint rules changes for multiplier list. ° Added QRZ.com callsign lookup. 08/2015 v8.16 ° Ohio QP rules changes; send RST instead of serial numbers. ° Added NJQP Skeeter Hunt and Flight of the Bumble Bees. ° Updated King of Spain Contest for rules/scoring changes. ° Updated Volta RTTY Contest for rules/scoring changes. ° Updated Illinois QSO Party for rules/scoring/Cabrillo changes. ° Added FM Nasaud Cup contest. ° General Logging (option 09) {Other input} field length changed to 12 characters and spaces allowed. 04/2015 v8.15 ° ARI DX Contest: Changed Cabrillo contest name to ARI-DX. ° Added `CATEGORY-STATION: FIXED` to Cabrillo outputs. ° Changed School Club Roundup per new rules; mults are by log, work stations on 3 modes per band: PH, CW and DIG (all non-CW digital QSOs). ° Updated SPAR Winter Field Day ° CQMM DX (CWJF): Changed the startup menu item to `CQMM DX Contest` and fixed the contest option selector. Changed scoring to follow new rules for Q-points and mults. WPX (SA QSOs) are per band and DXCC mults are once per log. ° Updated Missouri QSO Party and Louisiana QSO Party for scoring changes. ° Some WPX multipliers from long special events calls will not score properly since the `new multiplier` field is length limited in the log. 02/2015 v8.14 ° Updated VTQP for scoring change; Club call multipliers by mode. ° Updated DEQP rules for QSO points, multipliers (by band) and bonus station mult. ° Added OK QRP Contest (Czech). 12/2014 v8.13 ° In ADIF file writes, in addition to the comment: field, the same comment string data is also written to the QSLMSG: field for eQSL users. ° Updated SDQP ADIF output file. Added KYQP bonus points form. ° Updated IAQP for scoring/bonus changes; added bonus points form. Updated the county abbreviation files to follow the new rules. ° Updated Yuri-GC, CAQP and NAQP Cabrillo headers. ° Maine QP: Added Cabrillo output, updated the county abbreviation list and changed QSO points; 2 points for ME station. ° Updated the RDAC Cabrillo file for column order and format per the rules. Updated the look-up file {RDA_Dist.dat}. ° Changed most Cabrillo outputs to have default CATEGORY-BAND: and CATEGORY-MODE: tags. Contesters should follow the contest rules and edit the Cabrillo header as required. ° Updated All Asian DX Contest to output a Cabrillo log instead of the JARL AA file. ° Updated Peanut Power categories. Setup screen [Op Status] field = CATEGORY: field in Cabrillo. Use the pull-down list or enter a category (all contests). ° General Log: fixed grid square over-type after finding a grid in the look-up file. ° Updated the ARI DX Contest for Q-point rules changes. ° Removed access to the NA Sprint log editor since it is a specially formatted log. Use NotePad, but maintain the same columns and <Space> delimited format. 03/2014 v8.12 ° Added ARRL Centennial QSO Party. ° Added Cabrillo log output to U.S. Counties QSO Party. ° Added WAPC DX Contest and fixed the duping auto-fill of exchange data. ° Changed MOQP to allow logging dupe QSOs in a different county. ° Added Peanut Power QRP Sprint and Tesla Memorial HF contest. ° Added 13 Colonies Special Event. ° Updated Great Colorado Snowshoe Contest rule changes. ° ARRL EME contest `Report` label changed to `Exch` - report, grid etc. ° ARRL 10M Cabrillo header changes for mode. ° Added SMIRKmems.dat lookup file to SMIRK Contest. ° 070 contests help and setup updates. ° UTC time formatting changes for Linux/Wine users; leading zero issue. ° Trapped error for `File` `Display log/datafiles` use, when no log was loaded. ° Changed the contest selector for the Ukrainian DX and Ukrainian DX Digi contests. ° Updated Arizona QP for new exchange rules; serial number plus AZ+county or SPC. ° Modified the CQ WW DX RTTY multiplier counter. Updated CQ WW DX RTTY Cabrillo output; non-W/VE QTH in the log is "DX". 09/2013 v8.11 ° Added an option in the `View` menu to change the `Score` to a no-comma format. See the FAQ for more information. ° Fixed NA Sprint contest start-up; contest name error. ° Changed Washington Salmon Run; CW and DIG=3 points. ° Changed 10-10 contests Cabrillo format to follow the new rules. 07/2013 v8.1 ° Changed SMIRK Cabrillo log format, placeholder "0" = no SMIRK number. ° Changed MIQRP log submission output file to Cabrillo. ° Changed All-Asian CW Contest .ALL submissions file for QSOs > 999 (4-digits). ° Fixed VOLTA RTTY log; wasn`t saving the received serial number. ° In CQ-M Cabrillo file; reversed sent RST and Exch columns. ° Changed EPC-WW-DX mode in ADIF to BPSK63 and to PM in Cabrillo. ° Updated IOTA rules for QSO points. ° Changed the counters for ARRL sections to 83. 01/2013 v8.0 *** Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 *** ° Major revision supports Win8 and earlier OS. Requires a Windows installation regardless of OS. Installs in the same default folder as earlier versions. ° Rules changes for Hawaii QSO Party. v7.49 - v7.51 -2012- Modified SKCC contest for 5 digit member numbers. Added WSJT Winter Rally support. Cabrillo log accepted for log submission. Added <pfx:> field to ADIF outputs, for UBA International Prefix Hunt. Changed CQ WW DX zone input, field was cleared when entered before the callsign. Updated School Club Roundup Cabrillo. New comma delimited 070 Club members` lookup file for numbers and names. Sections.dat file: Ontario section is now 4 sections. Rules changes for South Carolina and New Jersey QSO Parties. Added some code to the keyboard CW routine to make prosign characters work. Added explaination in HELP file for the use of \SK, \AR etc. Updated Alabama QSO Party for Canadian multiplier changes (8 to 13). Changed points scoring for Washington Salmon Run and MARAC US Counties QSO Party. Changed FLQP Orange county abbreviation from ORG to ORA. Updated CWJF (CQMMDX) rules; Q-points, mults, sent exchange, Cabrillo format. Changed the QRP ARCI contests: If you don`t enter a number with the `W` or `MW` suffix, the QSO is scored as a 5-point member QSO. Read `Help` `About this Contest`. Updated UKSMG for rules changes and Cabrillo format. New function sorts the General Contest log by chronological date/time. Updated OMISS Contest for 5-digit member numbers >9999. Added (VE) British Columbia QSO Party. v7.45 - 7.48 -2011- Modified the use of vhf4k.adi file for 4 or 6-digit grid lookup. Updated QRP To The Field for rules changes (this is not QRP Afield). Updated Arizona QP for rules changes; exchange is totally different. Activated the Arkansas QP bonus points form and changed mults from per band to per log. Updated Counties.txt and all_coun.dat; for Arkansas QSO Party 4-character county changes. Updated R1 VHF+ contests to do rover duping (on call/R entries). Updated KSQP for rules changes. Updated NAQP ADIF output file to include the state. Updated CIS QPSK63 DX Contest; exchange has changed from area to DXDA territory number for all stations ! The MARAC County Hunters Contest is now the U.S Counties QSO Party. Updated Portugal Day Contest to output a Cabrillo log. Added CWops Open Contest, FM Simplex Challenge and CIS QPSK63 DX Contest. Updated SDQP for Q-point rules changes. Updated EU PSK DX Contest; EU areas have changed !! Now 6-characters; new datafile. Added QCWA QSO Party. Updated Elecraft QP for Q-point changes. Added option to change the UTC time display format to hh:mm to eliminate video flicker in Win7 and newer monitors. Double-click the time display label to change the option. Modified the Contests Help indexing and added CW setup F-key help. Updated NDQP, MOQP and MNQP for rules changes and the FISTS member file format and lookup. Fixed end of CW transmission error in Vista, Win7. Microsoft VB function `SendKeys` not supported in new OS. COM port setup upper-right-X disabled; forces use of the `OK` button. Updated OHQP modes and Q-points and FLQP Province mults per rules changes. Added OK DX RTTY Contest Reworked CW COM port setup. USB interfaces and USB to serial COM port adapters supported. Reworked the CW memory keying from F-keys. Added 070 Club Jamboree and updated the ADIF output. Fixed the 070 Club 31 Flavors initial setup and ADIF output. Updated dxcc_pre.dat for the PJ2, PJ4, PJ5/6 and PJ7 changes. v7.40 - 7.44 -2010- Added ZeroLand QSO Party, NAQCC European Sprint, GridLoc HELL, SYLRA Contest, CWops Mini-Test, EPC Ukraine DX Contest and Maritimes QSO Party. Updated ARRL 10m, DEQP, PACC and WQF contests for rules changes. Changes to Spring Sprints for rules. W/VE Islands Contest now called W/VE QSO Party, plus rules update. 070 Club KA3X Memorial Sprint now called 070 Club Jay Hudak Memorial Sprint. Changed Tara Rumble to fill-in the operator`s name field from a previous QSO. Changed Washington Salmon Run mults in log editor to `by log` for 2011. Updated MTQP, MIQP and Ohio Parks On The Air for rules changes. Fixed the ADIF import function for County Hunting and General logs for County and Grid totals. Modified the `Add this log` for DXCC and Grid totals in General logs. Updated TNQP and Hawaii QP for rules changes. Modified the contest selector for VHF/Microwave Sprints. Fixed the 10-10 contests Cabrillo QSO summary. Updated the UBA DX Contest Cabrillo format. Added 10-10 Spirit of 76 QSO Party, ARRL Rookie Roundup and TRC DX Contest. Changes to FISTS and SKCC Sprints to allow inputting a different rcvd/sent RST instead of writing the default 599/599 to the log file. Changes to Cabrillo output for portable operation. When operating portable, use VE-F5LEN or VE_F5LEN for example in the setup screen. After writing the Cabrillo, change the OPERATOR: field if necessary. GenLog changes the dash (or underscore) to a slash in the log. Added QSO summary to 10-10 contests Cabrillo header. Changed Tara Skirmish to fill-in the operator`s name field from a previous QSO. Updated MARAC, VTQP, COQP, MIQP, PAQP and Yuri Gagarin contests for rules, scoring and datafile changes. Updated 070 Valentine Sprint, NMQP, NDQP and SDQP for rules changes. States worked map capture of `own state` multiplier when counties are exchanged. Changed CW for easier use of memories F1-F3. See `CW <F1> thru <F3> setup` help. Added [SN-] keyword = QSO serial, space, precedence (ex: 266 A in Nov SS). Added 2 serial number leading zero format keywords (macro). [L0SN] = `leading zero`: 1 sent as 001 [LTSN] = `leading T`: 1 sent as TT1. Added keyword <TX> = correspondent number in LZ Open. As above, the number can be formatted using <L0TX> and <LTTX>. Added `PC` (previous calls) function to display the last 5 calls typed in. Stuff that did not work correctly or was changed by mistake: a) Changed cursor placement after sending CW; goes to same field as before CW. b) The `previous call` should be stored even when the call is not duped; when working CW stations at a fast pace for example. Use `L` to recall last as B4. c) If `Printer On` was set from Ini file at program start, printer menus should be `enabled` without having to cycle the `Printer On` checkbox. d) Printer font size menu label (10 or 12) and is now correct from Ini at program start. Font type was and is {Courier New} for column printouts. e) More `tool-tip help` at mouse hover on labels and buttons. f) Activated the `Add QSO Party logs` menu in County Hunting (option 19). Modified the setup to find the State and most full county names from datafile lookup. g) PAQP: Removed non-applicable menus and labels for non-PA stations. QSOs between non-PA stations now scored as 0-point QSOs. Added PA to the PAQP states worked map when PA stations work a PA county. h) STF-file: PH mode should be listed as SSB in STF. v6.67 - v7.3 -2009- Updated Ontario QP, CTQP, IARU HF, CQVHF and OHQP for rules and datafile changes. Added menu for CIS DX QPSK63 Contest; same as CIS DX (new CISDX.dat file). Added Iowa QSO Party, JLRS Party, 070 Club KA3X Memorial Sprint, BARTG RTTY and CDX Independence Day Brasil contests. New general logging routine. Fixed SARTG RTTY; contest name typo caused contest start in a default log input format. Updated Tara Grid Dip: allow `dupes`; /R in different grids for example. Added TX Grid to log file (rovers change grids). Added UN DX Contest, Ohio State Parks OTA and Run For The Bacon. Modified 070 Three Day Weekend: when station worked B4, op`s name is recalled. Updated SMIRK 6M Contest to 4 or 6-digit grid exchange. Added option to write ARRL FD log as Cabrillo, in addition to standard ASCII. Added a selectable option in the {Help} menu to select HTML help. Added selectable option to auto-load the last log file used. Spring Sprints: re-worked the distance & heading calculator for 4/6-digit exchange. SP DX: non-SP to non-SP = 0 points. Added prov lookup for users who want it. Updated YODX, NYQP, KYQP, VK Shires, KSQP, NMQP and MDQP for rules changes. Added NDQP, ARAM Concurso, NYQP, AZQP, VK Shires, John Moyle and Rememberence Day. v6.60 - v6.66 -2008- Updated ALQP and GAQP, DEQP, MSQP, COQP, MDXC Members Trophy, TARA PSK Rumble and 070 Club PSK for rules changes. PAQP PA stns: scores EPA & WPA sections as mults when EPA and WPA counties are worked. Changed log editor in 7QP. It does not re-number the new mults column. Edit in NotePad. Added 070 Club 31 Flavors, Montana QP, NNY Section QP, Motorola QP, 070 PSK Valentine, SPAR Winter FD, KDR Activity Weekend, Russian Digital + SSTV, 10-10 Open Season PSK, EPC WW DX, SCC RTTY Championship, CQ World-Wide WPX RTTY and QRP ARCI Pet Rock Sprint. Updated ARRL FD rules: Replaced Demo Mode bonus with Educational Activity bonus. Added central South America, Alaska and Canada grid square menus and datafiles. Changed SKCC startup routine; an incomplete/missing `Name` field caused SKCC setup to fail. Added US Prefix Awards option to import ADIF logs and converts calls to WPX prefixes. v6.56 - v6.59 -2007- Changed WAE and WAG STF output filename to .stf extension. Updated IARU R1 VHF (EDI), DEQP, 7QP and NHQP for new rules. Added the lookup file {DXCC_Exceptions.dat}; file is searched before {dxcc_pre.dat}. Added State tag to NAQCC ADIF output and changed ASCII log output format. Added SKCC Sprint, LoTW Contest, eXtreme CW WW Challenge, 10m NRAU Activity, JARTS WW RTTY, UKSMG 6m, FELD HELL and new Spring VHF/UHF/Microwave Sprints (5). Changed JARL All Asian submission log to the sponsor`s preferred format. Changed Mexico RTTY Contest; non-XE serial number entry field was missing. v6.47 - v6.55 -2006- Added the DARC STF log output to WAG and WAE contests. Updated EU PSK and CIS DX (no dash), Croatia CW, Elecraft QP, IARU FD QP, MIQP, HA-DX, NRAU-Baltic, QRP ARCI, Ontario QP, MARAC, VAQP and NCQP for rules changes. Modified the default RS(T) for all modes in General logging {options 09 & 19}. Added CWJF, Summer FSK-441 MS Contest, Digital Pentathlon, DARC 10m, Volta RTTY DX, ANARTS WW RTTY, 7th Call Area QP, RSGB 1.8 MHz, DXpedition Mode, TARA Skirmish, QRP TAC Sprint, EPC PSK63 QSO Party, DL DX RTTY and Idaho QP contests. v6.37 - v6.46 -2005- County Hunting: Added selection to allow spaces to be entered for the county name - hitting <Space> normally accepts this field. Updated Bill Windle and FOC Marathon to read a new {foc_mems.dat} format. Updated Helvetia, ARI della Sezioni, King of Spain, HA-DX, FLQP, GAQP, OKQP, KYQP, NEQP, Washington Salmon Run, ALQP & LAQP for rules changes. Modified the DVK in the RIGblaster mode to work with older 16-bit sound cards. Added DX Colombia, ARI Contest delle Sezioni, TARA RTTY Melee, Tesla Cup, CQ-M DX, BARTG RTTY, NAQCC 80-Meter Sprint, NMQP, Colorado Snowshoe Run, FOC Marathon, All Austrian 160m and basic WAE DX (no QTC or score). v6.27 - v6.36 -2004- Updated 070 Club PSKFEST, ARRL EME, SCQP, QRP ARCI and MNQP for rules changes. Added Central America grid map (w/Caribbean). Long-filenames for LOGs can be used. Quebec dropped from Great Lakes QSO Party. Updated Spartan Sprint, ORQP rules. Added 4 FISTS Sprints, KCJ TopBand, QRP ARCI Newcomer`s, Mississippi QP, US Counties QP, Asia-Pacific Sprint, Elecraft QP, Quebec QP, Low Power Spring Sprint, UK DX, REF 160m, Mid-Atlantic QP, CISDX, EU PSK DX, Wake-Up! QRP Sprint, WQF QRP Party and Scottish-Russian Marathon, Anatolian WW RTTY, OMISS QP, Mexico RTTY, Kids Roundup, GEM Net World Wide, GACW DX and SEANET Contests. CW keying now available on LPT1-17. New option adds state QSO Party QSOs to County Hunting logs, for US counties worked total. Added option that swaps DTR and RTS ports for CW/PTT. Added DVK over-ride mode that cancels a playing wave file at any time. RIGblaster supported. v6.10 - v6.26 -2003- Added REF, 3-AGCW QRP contests, Russian District, Arkansas QP, All Asian, NRAU Baltic, Tara Grid Dip, Japan International DX, NA Meteor Scatter, Missouri QP, Russian PSK WW and Russian RTTY WW contests. Changed NWT section to NT for Northern Territories. (NTX=North Texas). Updated the NJQP, SPDX, 9K Contest, MDXA Death Match and WVQP per rules. 12/2002 v6.0 -2002- Converted the logger to 32-bit to allow direct access to I/O ports in NT type OS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer/Notice: Use my software at your own risk. I write software for Amateur Radio as a fun hobby.