W3KM - VHFLOG Revision History
   VHFLOG revision history    To find text, use <Ctrl> + F

** Rename your current working version .exe for BU. 
° The FAQ is here.
° The 1990`s VB Windows Installer was replace by JGS DeployMaster.
° Note: The install folder and update folder are set to c:\vhflog32, unless you
  change it, which you can do by clicking [Advanced Options Installation], but
  remember to change it each time you get an update.

04-05/2018 v4.59
° SPRINTS: I do not want to change the logger each time a Sprint sponsor changes the
  scoring rules. To see the score based on grids, click the [Summary] check-box or click
  the [Score] label to write/open a text file based on grids counted. Fixed the Cabrillo
  frequencies. SPRINTS °
° More WSJT-X logging features. WSJT setup uses the File Options setup form. WSJT
  mode saved to the log file for ADIF writes. Cabrillo shows "RY" per the ARRL rules.
° More ToolTips on mouse-hover over windows, labels and buttons.
° Finally got around to changing the 6-digit distances back to miles.
° More changes to the ARRL Cabrillo format (4-digit grids); select writing 4 or 6-digits.

01/2018 v4.58
° Changed the [Log] [Write QSO distances] file to show both miles and kM.
° LASER QSOs are now LIGHT in Cabrillo.
° The logging screen remains in the selected position after using the editor.
° Fixed the `Post Contest entry` date format, based on the PC system time format.

08/2017 v4.57
° Added error trap for missing comma delimiter in the setup screen, which causes
  the Cabrillo write to fail. Format = City, ST (or Province) Zip (or Postal Code).
° Changed the `ARRL 222 MHz and up` Cabrillo contest name from ARRL-UHF to ARRL-222.
° Updated Write QSO distances, Write Grids and Write Summary for ARRL-222.
° ARRL-10GHZ: Updated Write Summary. Disabled the dupe counter; last QSO line
  column can be zero.
° Changes to the band encoder output routine, for USB/Arduino interface.

07/2017 v4.56
° Added BU turn ON/selection in the Log menu.
° Now the position of a minimized logging screen will not be stored on program exit.
° More WSJT-X logging features. Set the [NA VHF Contest] mode in VHF contests.

02/2017 v4.55
° Fixed the grid maps size/position save on map close.
° Added a WSJT log form to add QSOs worked, via the Log Import WSJT QSOs menus.
° Fixed variable placement in `post contest logging`; caused no mults counted and
  an error at Cabrillo write.

01/2017 v4.54
° CabTools and MEMSWRKD Apps supplied with VHFLOG are updated. MEMSWRKD now counts
  rover Qs in all grids, and loads Cabrillo logs in addition to the VHFLOG *.lgg
  log files.
° Changed the Rover dupe pop-up to show the previous grids worked on that freq.
° Changed the Band switching for beta testing Arduino BCD to serial.
° The "Use your Bands needed" menu is disabled. Use the View menu to open/edit the
  {StationBands.txt} lookup file, which will turn ON this function. If you have
  10 bands, you don`t need to do anything, 10 bands is the default.

11/2016 v4.54
° Added Email field to the setup screen for Cabrillo. Changed Cabrillo to v3.
° More ToolTips on mouse-hover over windows, labels and buttons.
° Final rule changes completed for the ARRL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest.
  Now a 6-digit distance contest. Score = Total (kM x band factor) points.
° The useage of either the History or older ADIF lookup files are now selected
  in the File menu. As before a different filename (same format) can be selected.
° Added the ARRL 10-GHz & Up Contest. If you move during the contest, change your
  grid in the Grids Current grid menu - or you can change it in the setup screen.
° Added "FM" to the mode combo-box. As before, PH, CW, RY (all Dig) and now FM
  can be entered into the callsign field as the mode selector shortcut.
° Changed {Name.dat} personal data file to a newer Windows format.
° Fixed QSO #1 6-digit lookup; wasn`t inserting the looked up grid.
° After entering a call (or partial), a window displays the QSOs worked.
° ADIF output <band:n> added.

9/2016 v4.53
° Disabled showing the Beacon list window when not using the new history file.
° Changes to the Eastgrid.map lookup file.
° The use of the Activity band function can be turned off while logging.
° Expanded/fixed the function that allows entering grid first, then callsign.

5/2016 v4.52
° SPRINTS: When score is based on kM distances, you can see the score based on QSO
  points times grid multipliers by using the Log Write grids file menu. The sponsor
  does not want logs, so the scoring method is not important. Use the Log menu to
  select Calculate Operating time.

3/2016 v4.5 & v4.51
° New data look-ups use the {VHF-History.txt} file for 6-digits, Bands and Op names.
  Read `Master callsign search` in the logger`s Help file.
° `Needed` bands based on the {StationBands.txt} file introduced in v3.57 limits the
  bands displayed in the new Grid Activity and `check list to be worked` windows.
° In the grid activity or check list windows, click a line, then right-mouse click to
  view that station on QRZ.com. See v4.4 to setup QRZ lookup.
° The new output windows can be re-sized and moved. Upper-right-X saves the settings.
° When writing the Cabrillo, you can select to write 4-digit grids to the log file for the ARRL.

11/2015 v4.3 & v4.4
° Added Print.Landscape orientation to North America grid map print-out.
° Added QRZ.com callsign lookup.
° Modified Cabrillo for CATEGORY-ASSISTED: tag. Default is NON-ASSISTED.
° Changed the 80's DOS code to fix the UTC offset and UTC date errors; ex: Sept 31
  Jan 32.
° Band switching support for Win7 Win8 using a Canakit USB serial to BCD converter.

01/2014 v4.1 & v4.2
° Changed the checklist screen output to a new window and added a `Clean Sweep` window.
° References to the {sixdigit.dat} file are removed from the code. File {vhf4k.adi}
  is being used for grid lookup.
° If needed, you can select the option to stop the clock update in the {Options} menu, if
  that causes changes in the CW timing.
° Changes to the logging form so it re-sizes correctly with all video cards. Reworked the
  `View` menu and summary screen output sizes to follow these re-sizing changes.
° More mouse-park Tool Tips on screen fields and outputs.
° Added CATEGORY-BAND: to the setup screen for VHF-3-BAND and VHF-FM-ONLY categories.

01/2013 v4.0     Windows 7/8/10     Windows 7/8/10     Windows 7/8/10
° Major revision to support Windows 7/8/10 and earlier OS. Requires Windows installation
  regardless of your OS. Installs to the same default folder as earlier versions.

04/2012 v3.62
° Changes to CW routines, since some users reported variable speed during CW messages,
  and different speed at keyboard vs. F-key. Do a re-calibrate on all your keyer setups.
° Removed `Write Summary file` from distance scored Sprints, since only the total
  distance score can be summarized.
° Made some output windows wider.

07/2011 v3.60 & v3.61
° Changed the 6-digit lookup function. If a 4-digit grid was found in a previous QSO
  or the `bands` lookup file, but a 6-digit is available in the ADIF lookup file, then 
  6-digits are displayed and the calculations are base on 6-digits.
° Added CQ WW VHF Contest support.

04/2011 v3.59
° Changed the `Grids file write` routine for Sprints that do not have multipliers.
° In Win7 and some video monitor scan rates, the screen flickers when the UTC time
  label is updated every second. Use the `Option` menu to select hh:mm instead.
° Updated the LO.exe application; an ini file is saved.
° Removed upper-right-X close from datafile viewer form; was dumping loaded data.
° USB CW/PTT interfaces and USB to serial COM port adapters are now supported.
° Changes to `Help file access` in CW port setup.
° Added the 5 SVHFS Fall Sprints.

07/2010 v3.58
° Changed Spring Sprints to score using km-distance instead of grid mults X Q-points.
  The Spring/Fall Sprint rules seem to change often based on the sponsor.
° Increased the DIMension from 250 to 400 grids displayed on a grid map (6m openings).

04/2010 v3.57
° Many single-ops were not setting their TX category to ONE; this is the default now.
° Microsoft does not ship WinHelp with the new OS, so the WinHelp file may not open
  from the {Help} menu. Download Microsoft`s WinHlp32 file. x64 is for 64-bit PCs
  and x86 is for 32-bit PCs. Or use the selectable option in the {Help} menu to select
  HTML help. The older WinHelp help file is nicer and easier to navigate.
° Use the Log menu to write the QSO distances text file.
° Added option to select your own Master ADIF callsign search file as long as the format
  is the same as {vhf4k.adi} currently being used.
° Modified the grid-square lookup/calculator for 4 or 6-digits. The older {sixdigit.dat}
  is not used. The lookup file {vhf4K.adi} is used instead.

° Changed `Needed` bands to a selectable option to display only bands you have. To turn
  `ON` this option, use the View menu and edit/save your bands to the {StationBands.txt}
  file. Leave the file empty if you use 10 bands. Modify the included file with each
  band on a separate line like this:


  Note: The exact bands text comes from the bands list in the logger. When you enter
  a callsign, the bands `Needed` data comes from the look-up files.

01/2008 v3.56
Added a second grid format trapping routine; just in case you enter non-grid text into
the grid field before entering the callsign. Grid is upper-cased before doing the new
mult function.
CATEGORY-POWER and CATEGORY-BAND in the Cabrillo file.
Print grid maps: turn `On` the printer check-box and use <F5> to print the map.

01/2008 v3.55
Added setup to select COM ports other than 1-4, for use with the PCI COM boards. The
use of PCI LPT boards works too.

09/2007 v3.54
Supports the 5 new Spring Sprints with 6-digit useage.
Added keyboard shortcuts to the 6-digit distance/heading calculations.
Older sequential Ini file {Switchs.ini} changed to a Windows control format file
{VHF32Control.ini}, which is easier to read (and edit).
All Cabrillo band designators 1296 and above now changed to 1.2G, 2.3G, 24G,...300G
for the ARRL contests. 902/903 is still designated as 902, LASER is 300G.

01/2007 v3.53
Added user UTC offset in addition to auto offset from the PC`s Time Zone setup.
Unresolved VB quirk: Num-Lock and Caps-Lock change state with some keyboard functions.
Turn off these keys before running the logger, then all will be OK.

02/2006 v3.52
Added master callsign search using a 4K+ callsign ADIF file originally produced by K9PW.
Added extended grid lookup. If grid info is not available from either of the 2 local lookup
files, then the ADIF file is searched next; the grid, heading, distance & recip displayed.
Mode now defaults to PH if the field is cleared by the user.

11/2005 v3.5 & v3.51
The activity clock is now active in the `Big 4` ARRL contests, not just the January SS.
Routines for Laser and Ink Jet printers changed to help print in columns. You can now
select 10 or 12 point font size.
Grid maps can remain open while logging. Use <Alt> + <Tab> to move between screens.
Laser QSOs now show as `300` (GHz) in the Cabrillo file.
VHFLOG can be used for rover logging. Enter your call as call-R, re-start the logger when
you change grids. Your callsign is written as call/R for all QSOs in Cabrillo. Calculate
the score based on the # of activated grids added to your total multipliers. Verify/edit
the Cabrillo header before submission.

07/2005 v3.5
Supports any video resolution and works on Win98SE OS according to users. Screen size and
position saved on upper-right X close. Note: Because of the re-size video function, upgrading
to v3.5 requires a full Windows installation. Please use the correct file to get v3.5 or higher
on your PC before using any updates.
Added auto UTC offset from the PC`s system time zone setup. Setup the auto time synchronization
function in the system`s time screen.

03/2005 v3.4
Read about `hot switching` when using the LPT band encoder/decoder; #4 here.
The appended auto-back-up logfile can be written to any drive, even to USB flash drives.
This backup can also be selected while in the logging screen.
Added search file {ck2list.dat}; a file of frequently worked stations has the op`s name.
Added club member QSO lookup and totals by band, like the MEMSWRKD.exe app.
Added right-click HELP function to labels and buttons. Other labels and buttons show
the `tool-tips` on mouse-hover.

06/2004 v3.3
Added selectable function that inserts the Rover`s last grid into grid field.
Long-filenames for LOGs are OK now, but keep them reasonable length to fit displayed fields.
Modified the PLL/Transverter information label, updated after DVK play.
Cabrillo 902/903 designator changed to `902`.

03/2004 v3.2
Added software switch to reverse the DTS and RTS COM port connections for CW/PTT.
Added DVK over-ride mode to cancel a playing wave file and the  repeat at any time.
Mic and footswitch click now supported w/RIGblaster.
All bands encoded to LPT1 for decoder switchbox use. Has CW keying output on LPT1-17.

11/2002 v3.1
Converted the v2.1 logger to a 32-bit version, which allows direct access to I/O ports
in NT type OS, for CW/PTT/DVK.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer/Notice: Use my software at your own risk. I write software for Amateur Radio as a fun hobby.