WinLink and Sail Docs

Winlink can get you all sorts of very very useful info. specially during times of wx and hurricanes.
By using SailDocs you can get the tropical discussions, tropical outlooks and many more services provided by NOAA
In winlink you would create a message following the below format:

To: [email protected]
Body or message of message:

Send the above message, it will go to SailDocs and they will work their magic. Connect back using WinLink and you will receive four emails back with the requested pages in text format.

For a full list of possible requests follow the below link for the full list:
Atlantic Hurricane Products are what would interest us here.

Now you can get nearly any web page using the following format in the body of your message addresses to query
Each ‘send’ and ‘url’ on a separate line.
Keep in mind saildocs is doing strip of the site and only a text version is what you will get. so a site full of pictures will not make sense and only serve to warm your finals some more.

Now if you want to make it easier to request relevant info when needed, you can make a template for this.
start a new message (of course we are talking in WinLink)
at top click on ‘Select template’. In template manager click on Add, choose call sign specific, give it a name and click next. In that window copy and paste the below and save the template.

To:[email protected]


You now will have a template that you can use with a few clicks to send off the request, wait a few minutes (allow your finals to cool off ok) and redo a connect and you will be receiving the info requested.

Hope this is of interest to you all. Thanks to J73GAR for the heads up for this info!
73 de J69DS


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