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The "NightHawks" operate nightly from approximately 6:15 P.M. to 9 P.M. EST around 7.255 MHz. Net operations share the same frequency with the Voice of America so the schedule may vary slightly depending on propagation and VOA's programming and schedule changes.

Net Control Stations have two mandates: First, give priority to Mobile, QRP, and Portable stations and secondly, strive to make everyone feel welcome on the "NightHawks" Net.

On Wednesday nights starting at 7:30 is the Swap and Shop edition of the Net hosted by WA3GIN, Dave Jordan. To see what items have already been listed visit N4JGO's Aux. Nighthawks Web Site maintained by Robert L. McCracken. Just follow the links to the 'Swap and Shop'.

Occasionally, Friday night becomes a technical discussion night. The "NightHawks" will have a special guest speaker who will provide a lecture on a Amateur Radio related topic of interest (mobiling, QRP operations, antennas, using test gear, etc.) These special sessions are for the most part dedicated to those new amateurs that have recently upgraded and those who for whatever reason haven't had the time or opportunity to develop expertise on the topic of discussion.

We all know it has gotten pretty easy to pass the HF license exams... What hasn't become any easier is obtaining the practical experience that is so necessary to making those HF signals Fine Business.

It's a great learning forum and we also take questions from the listeners on the frequency. It's good old fashioned ham radio where no question is a stupid question...

We strive to leave our egos outside the ham radio operating room! It's great fun. On rare occasions a survey session might occur. This is where the net control dedicates the night to surveying the listening amateur community regarding a particular point of interest.

For example, one night each check-in was asked about his public service experience and it was amazing to discover that over 95% of all the check-ins that night had significant public service experience.

Come join us... We're not your typical mobile net such as ECARS, SCARS or MIDCARS. The "NightHawks" is about letting the mobile operators actually do more than just check-in, but chat ON-FREQ -- talk about their radios and mobile antennas, etc. This net is for and about mobiling, then we look for QRP and portable stations (stations that operate at a
disadvantage). The last ones in the pecking order are the fixed stations.

We have no formal organization, no officers, no constitution, no dues, only this web site. We simply live with the chaos and enjoy it. Each net control station runs the net in his own style, but the fundamental premise is maintained...mobiles are NUMBER ONE!



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