JVC TK-C700E and EasyCap USB Composite video-in


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Coming in two sizes and voltages, the TK-C700E and TK-C701EG
CCTV cameras offer exceptional flexibility in a wide range of
operating environments. Providing unmatched value and features
for their class, both cameras deliver sharp pictures with accurate
colour reproduction, even in low ambient light.

1/3-Inch CCD with 290,000 Effective Pixels
JVC's TK-C700E and TK-C701EG come with a 1/3-inch Interline
Transfer (IT) CCD for accurate colour reproduction and crisp pictures
with no image lag or distortion.
Detail Corrections — Horizontal and Vertical (2H)
The TK-C700E and TK-C701EG provide dual-edged detail
correction — horizontal and vertical, dual-edged with 2H line
Built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
JVC's innovative Digital Signal Processor (DSP) automatically adjusts
camera parameters to ensure sharp, natural pictures (330 lines of
horizontal resolution) in near total darkness.
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
For pictures at just 0.75 lux as ambient light level falls, Automatic
Gain Control (AGC) increases the camera's sensitivity.
Automatic Tracking White Balance with Manual Adjustment
Automatic Tracking White Balance is adjusted either automatically or
manually over a colour temperature range of 2,900 to 8,000K,
assuring flexible operation in a wide range of environments.
S/N Ratio of 50 dB (AGC Off)
The TK-C700E and TK-C701EG have a signal-to-noise ratio of
50 dB for sharp pictures with very precise colour reproduction.

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Signal system Based on PAL standard
Pickup device 1/3" Interline-Transfer CCD (with complementary colour filter)
Number of effective pixels 290,000 (500 H x 582 V)
Video process circuit Built-in DSP (9 bits)
Pickup area 4.8 mm (H) x 3.6 mm (V)
Sync system Internal, Line Lock (50 Hz regions only)
Scanning system 2:1 interlaced, 625 lines
Scanning frequency 15.625 kHz (H) 50 Hz (V)
Video output Composite video signal: 1.0 V(p-p), 75 ohms
Video S/N 50 dB (AGC OFF)
Horizontal resolution 330 TV lines
Minimum required 0.75 lux (F1.2 AGC ON) — Video level 25% 1.5 lux
illumination (F1.2 AGC ON) — Video level 50%
Iris control Video iris / DC iris
White balance ATW/Manual
AES ON and OFF (1/50 — 1/100,000)
Lens mount C/CS mount (Possible to be attached to the camera with the lens mount change function.)
Power requirement TK-C700E: AC 24 V (50 Hz/60 Hz), DC 12 V
Power consumption 0C to 40C (recommended )
Operating temperature range TK-C700E: 290 mA -10C to 50C
Weight TK-C700E: 360g

IVEC 1/3" CS CCTV Lens CTV-359G-W 3.5-9 mm F1.4 Vari-Focal DC-ohjattu (No. 883956) Made in Japan

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