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ON6MU RX-PSK31: Freeware PSK program for SWL's  
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version v3.2.1
release May 2015

A Windows PSK31 receiving program
specially designed for SWL's

It's compact, It's handy, It's powerfull, It's easy to use and It's FREE!

What does RX-PSK31 do?

Easy to use Audio Spectrum- and PSK31 decoding program specially designed for SWL's who don't need TX or for anyone who just like to monitor PSK31 or analyse signals. It decodes all
popular PSK modes!
Adjustable DSP and Spectrum settings for audio and frequency spectrum analasys or to set it for best decoding of PSK31 signals.
Decodes very well even under very noisy conditions!
Has an option to calculate the direction and distance between two locators.
You can open/save the received PSK31 data and open/save the Waterfall as a BMP to disk.
Receive waterfall id's or picfall images.
Automatic logging of all received PSK-text to a file on your harddisk and has a handy internal Notebook build in.
A build-in alarm will notify you when a certain word is found in the decoded PSK31 text.
IARU locator calculator build in.
Find the country of a call sign.

It supports 9 PSK demodulation modes:
BPSK (Standard PSK31 signals)
And all PSK63(double speed) and PSK125 (quad speed) modes.
Possible to read PicFall images and Waterfall ID's

RX-PSK31 Features


  • . Supports all popular PSK modes (PSK31,PSK63,PSK123,QPSK...)!

  • . Decodes very well even under noisy conditions!

  • · Multiple soundcard support.

  • . Phase Tuning Indicator

  • · Ability to enable and disable receive channel while running.

  • · Threshold adjustable noise activated squelch control.

  • · PSK31 Signal strength/quality value available for squelch and display.

  • · Soft decision Viterbi decoder for QPSK mode

  • · Frequency Spectrum data available for Display 0 to 3500 Hz with 3.9Hz resolution.

  • · Log or 4th root frequency spectrum data formats.

  • · S/N qualified IMD measurement data.

  • · Soundcard clock error measuring and compensating capability.

  • · 32000 character receive buffer.

  • · A fast AFC mode can be used to track doppler shifting BPSK signals up to +/-20Hz/Sec.

  • · Ability to read and write decoded spectrum data to BMP files.

  • · Open/save psk decoded text files.

  • · Printing.

  • · Notebook.

  • · Color settings of text-window and Waterfall.

  • · Enlarged size of waterfall for better audio spectrum analisys.

  • · Cut/Copy and Paste.

  • · Autolog received PSK31 data to disk.

  • · Maidenhead locator module!

  • · No special RX or TX interfaces: uses your Soundcard!

  • . PSK Alarm to warn you when a certain word is received

  • . Possible to save waterfall images

  • . Can be used for audio spectrum analyses

  • . In full screen a background skin can be used

  • . Find the country of any call sign, and look them up

  • · Easy to use!

  • . Works in all Windows versions!


  • Works on any Windows version 95/98/2k/Me/NT/XP/Win7/Win8

  • You need a 200MHz Pentium or faster CPU to use all capabilities.
    Note: There is a special version compiled for "slow PC's" but it works only under Windows 95/98. This "Slow PC" version is no longer update, but with this version a 486DX3 and 8Mb should do the job just fine.

  • 16-bit soundcard or better and at least 800x600 screen resolution

  • A SSB receiver...

Best of all: It's FREEWARE!




RX-PSK31 v3.2.1 (Setup_RXPSK31.exe 655kB+-)

RX-PSK31 v3.2.1 mirror André PE1PQX

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