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Ham Radio



FCC Amateur Radio Data Base
FCC Compliance & Information Bureau
ARRL License Search
ARRL Code Practice
Pacific Division ARRL 
Amateur Radio Newsline Listen via Real Audio
Many Ham Links
K6UGS - Vern in Shady Cove, Oregon
Bill - KC7REK
Klamath Amateur Television
 KI7FK - Klamath Falls, Oregon
 KC7HEX - Klamath Falls, Oregon 
KC7VWW, Klamath County Schools ARC
N7RBP, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Keno ARC
The Daily Triplicate-see clubs
Mt. Vaca Radio Club
 W6TEE - Les' Home Page
W4ADJ lots of information
WB6YNM Varmint Al's
YLRL (Young Ladies Radio League)
Repeater construction information
Guide to Using and Building Packet Radio Networks
Super Morse - excellent code practice program
Amateur Radio RF safety calculator)
Spread Spectrum
SCARA Controller Manuals
  (RLC4 for 146.79, RLC1 for others))
Helsinki DX Club
Radios Online
The Atomic Clock Time
World Clock, good
Short-wave Listeners Guide


 World Earthquakes 
 West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
 Pacific Tsunami Monitoring Center


 Medford Doppler
 Medford Storm Relative Velocity  
 Medford Radar Summary 
 Imagery Questions? 
 Medford Radar Loop 
 Fort Jones Forecast 
 Klamath Falls, Oregon Doppler Radar 
 GOES 9 Infrared Satellite 
 Doppler Radar NW USA 
 Current US Surface 
 Today's Jet Stream 
 Weather Maps, Winds Aloft, Jet Stream and many more 
 World Satellite Image 
 NOAA Medford 
 Hurricane Central 
 U of Hawaii Hurricane Center
Siskiyou Summit I-5 Camera
Siskiyou Summit Camera (faster loading)
NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery Server
NOAA Tornado Website
Western US Lightning Strikes
Fire Information


Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule
Past Vandenberg AFB Launches

Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule

Worlds largest online data base, Aerial and Satellite photo's
Leonids Meteor Shower
Leonids Meteor Shower (more)
Science Journal
   Griffith Observatory
   Comets and Meteor Showers
   Sky and Telescope
   Dr. SKY
   GOES8 Proton Flux
   Space Environment Center
   A Diary of the Planet
   SETI Institute
NEAR - Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
Current Solar Data
Violent Spots on Sun
"Happy Face" Crater on Mars
Solar flares pose millennial threat
Solar Indexes
NASA Audio and Video
Earth & Sky

 Try these links for Shuttle information.
   Space and Shuttle information (very good)
    NASA - KSC Video Feeds
    Shuttle Countdown Clock
   ISS and Shuttle press kit
    Flash: late breaking news
    NASA Select Video and Audio
***Great Shuttle and Satellite tracking program.
    Orbital elements for the Shuttle and Satellite's
    Orbital elements for current missions.


 Siskiyou Daily News
 Mt. Shasta News
 Klamath Falls Herald and News


 Search and Rescue
*VIRUS real and hoaxes
American Red Cross
Siskiyou County
Airline Spectacular Approaches (WOW!)
Cults say Apocalypse is really close
Consumer Electronics Show
Write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics
The Atomic Clock Time
Dunsmuir Train Cam
Current Internet Hoaxes
USS Robert E. Lee SSBN 601
Loch Ness Live-Cam
Academy Awards
Virus Hoaxes
Contrail Controversy
Weather Modification
Bionic Boom
Electromagnetic Bomb
Worlds Largest ICQ
Densa Quiz
Jefferson State Shooting Association
Mormon Genealogy Data Base

Try This!


 Live images from African Water Hole(more cameras) 
 Hot Air Ballooning and much more, Jane English, KD6PCE
 Hamster Dance
World Juggling Day (07-18-01) (07-16-01)
Toon Marooned (07-14-01)
Sea Dragons! (07-11-01) (07-10-01)
Swedish Ice Hotel (07-09-01)
God Hates Figs (07-07-01)
ASCII Art Galore (07-05-01)
These were real popular with the old Teletype Machines.
Giant Cows (07-02-01)
Build a Pond (07-02-01)
Church of Elvis (07-02-01)
Summer Fun for Kids (06-28-01)
Geocaching Worldwide (06-25-01)
MacDonald's SimulatoRV (06-25-01)
Rock Climber! (06-25-01)
Charlie's Sneaker Pages (06-25-01)
Martis Incident in Truckee live on KCRA webcam (06-20-01)
From Swastika to Jim Crow (06-20-01)
Buy Dehydrated Water (06-19-01)r
Fire & Ice Photography (06-18-01)
NeoPets (06-17-01)
Like Television (06-13-01)
The Contortionist Home Page (06-10-01)
The MegaPenny Project (06-07-01)
Flight-Toys (06-04-01)
Brusselsprout! (06-01-01)
Write Your Own Newspaper! (05-28-01)
EyeTricks (05-27-01)
Pet of the Day! (05-21-01)
Museum of Unnatural Mystery (05-18-01)
Uncle McDonald and Uncle Sam (05-17-01)
Mug Shots of the Rich and Famous (05-16-01)
YETI at Home (05-15-01)
Tracking the Jaguar (05-14-01)
The Post-it Note Flipbook Theatre (05-11-01)
Snowmen in May! (05-10-01)
Order a Cheeseburger in China! (05-05-01)
Tounge Twister (05-04-01)

When Purchasing Medicine in Mexico, Buyer Beware (05-03-01)

Duct Tape! (05-03-01)
How to Build an H-Bomb
May Day, May Wine, Maypole
Pencil Pages (04-30-01)
Funky Camel (04-27-01)
Easter Eggs (04-25-01)
Microfilm Follies (04-24-01)
Brain Museum (04-23-01)
Capture the Moment (04-21-01)
Nerd School (04-19-01)
Sandaholics Anonymous (04-19-01)
Moist Towelette Museum (04-17-01)
Rocket Guy (04-16-01)
Solemates: A Century in shoes (04-12-01)
Pandas (04-09-01)
GPS adventure magazine! (04-07-01)
Soda Play (04-07-01)
Freedom Ship (04-05-01)
What is a truffle ? (04-04-01)
Build Your Own Cow (04-02-01)
The Online Home of the Station Wagon (03-30-031)
April Fool's Day (03-28-01)
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (03-26-01)
Prank Ya! (03-26-01)
April Fools' Day Freebies (03-25-01)
Puzzlemaker (03-23-01)
The Bermuda Triangle (03-22-01)
Book-A-Minute (03-13-01)
Special Relativistic Time Dilation (03-05-01)
Bug Bios (02-28-01)
Snow Crystals!
American Museum of Photography - Do You Believe?
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
The Nerdomatic (02-14-01) 
Top Secret Project Ginger Exposed (02-12-01)
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (02-09-01)
Origins of Valentine's Day (02-06-01)
Wild, Weird, Wacky and Wonderful "Tourist Traps"
in Redwoods Country (02-04-01)
Grand Illusians (01-25-01)
The Jackalope Conspiracy (01-23-01)
Iowa State Insect Recipes (01-18-01)
Guided tour of the White House (01-18-01)
License Plates of the World (01-17-01)
Name That Candy Bar (01-16-00)
Star Trek Fans (01-09-01)
The 112th Tournament of Roses Parade (12-31-00
The Rose Parade & Bowl 2001 (12-31-00)
HGTV Rose Parade (12-31-00)
The good old Days (12-29-00)
Wisdom (12-17-00)
Pet Name Finder! (12-11-00)
Paper Airplanes (12-08-00)
Cloth Dolls (12-07-00)
Glass Works (12-06-00)
Jani's juggling pages (12-02-00)
Money Origami (12-01-00)
Thanksgiving.  To Whom?  For What? (11-23-00)
Circus World (11-16-00)
ACME License Maker (10-31-00)
Major League Baseball (10-23-00) (10-12-00)
Medford Jazz Jubilee! (10-11-00)
The Storm (10-02-00)
Fun things to do at a Garage Sale (09-29-00)
SOS:Save Our Scouts! (09-07-00)
Cycle Oregon, starts 09-09-00
American Media Columnists (09-03-00)
Police Search (08-30-00)
Prison vs Work Rating: (08-30-00)
527 Legal Defense Fund (08-23-00)
Olympic TV coverage, NBC, MSNBC & CNBC
Class Action (08-16-00) (08-03-00)
Flight Simulator - The Moon Landing (08-03-00)
Big Brother gets under your skin (07-23-00_)
BigFoot - Oregon Caves (07-15-00)
World Wide Quilting Page (07-07-00)
Call For Freedom is Paying Off! (07-07-00)
Free Telephone call (06-23-00)
Flight Simulator (06-15-00)
A Fathers Day Fable (06-11-00)
THE PHOBIA LIST (06-08-00)
2000 Indianapolis 500

Find your match! (05-24-00)

Resignation (05-16-00)

Fancy a Milkshake?: (05-13-00)
How to tell the Weather (05-07-00)

What a Man Wants


Online News
CNN, ABC, NPR, CBS, MSNBC, Nando, WorldNet, Reuters, Fox, First

Sci-Tech News
CNN, ABC, MsNBC, Fla-Today, NASA, Science, NASA Watch, Space-Science, Dr.Sky

InterNet / Computers
Wired, CNet, CMP, Internet, SlashDot, CERT

Audio / Radio Feeds
WRN, NPR, ATC, TOTN, VOA, BBC, CNet, NAPT, Sahafa, C-SPAN, Stein, WebActive, NetRadio, InternetNews, Shortwave

Search Engines
InfoSeek, Lycos, Yahoo, Excite, Google, AltaVista, HotBot, MetaFind, Go, Beaucoup, MetaCrawler, DogPile, Savvy, Langenberg, IXQuick, AlltheWeb, UFOSeek, Snap, Go.Com, Jeeves, Sleuth

Message Boards / Chat
Post to Post, Cybertown, Chat-A-Lot, RemarQ, Deja, Yahoo Chat

Best Of The Day
Space, Humor, Site, Comics, Shocked, Bug

The Press
Wash Post, LA Times, AP, LV Sun, Wash Times, USA, NY, NY Post, Boston, Dallas, Denver

Alternative News
Quickening, Filer's, Drudge, Spacer, Positive, Onion, MoJo, Absurd, Nitro, APB, Whiteboard, NOTW, Satire

Foreign News
BBC, Israel, London, China, France, Thailand, CBC, Yugoslavia, ITN

Weather / Environment
TWC, CNN, USGS, IDC, ENN, Alert, NOAA, Space, SEC, IWIN, US Radar, WxUSA

Health / Disease
HealthWorld, CDC, Reuters

Web Cameras
HAARP, Etna, Popo, Helens, Iwate, Shasta, Africam, Dome, CamCity, Area 51, Kremlin

Religious News
Monitor, Today, CWN, KHouse




 Sat, GRE, Tests
 College Board Online
 Comparing Schools

 Gaze At The Future
 For News Junkies      
 Nifty Ideas On Anything
 Stats, Scores, Stories
 Quirky Smart Site
 Radio On Your PC
 Amusing Stock Ideas
 Move Over Jeopardy
 Decide What To Do
 Nearly Free Software  

 All The Best Sites Of 1998
 How To Do Anything    
 Useful Site Of The Day
 elpful House Hints    
 Better Homes & Gardens
 Homesick Gourmet      
 Martha Stewart        
 Ticketmaster Online           
 Betty Crocker Recipe's
 Birder Home Page      
 Auction Web Site              
 Put Paragraphs In Jive          http://[email protected]
 Do It Yourself        
 Home Improvement
 Restaurant Surveys            
 City Guide Networks           
 Go Network            
 New Stuff, Dirt Cheap 
 Avoid Food Poisoning  
 Virus Hoaxes          

 Kennedy Space Center
 NASA Home Page
 Intelligence Resource
 Universe-Space Science
 Research It           
 UFO Black Vault
 Scientific Phenomena
 Websters Dictionary   
 Old Farmers Almanac   
 Ask A NASA Scientist
 Britannica Online
 Britannica Internet Guide
 CIA World Fact Book
 National Geographic
 Better Business Bureau
 Internal Revenue Service
 The Library of Congress
 UFOs And Strange Info
 Info On Year 2000
 Research Museums
 Information Please    
 Consumers Digest      
 Park Locator by LL Bean
 The Smithsonian Institution
 The National Archives 
 The Year 2000 Airport Resource
 American Journalism Review Newslink
 USGS Earthquake Information

 Kelly Blue Book

 Best Scenic Drives
 Wacky Side Trips
 Best Greasy Spoon
 Disney's Animal Park

 Satellite Pictures of U.S.

 Bigfoot Directory
 Bigfoot Advanced
 The Informant
 [email protected]
 Look Up A Person
 Finding People On The Net
 People Search


 Games,samples, Demos
 All kinds of free stuff
 Game Demos


 Flights And Trip Savings
 Ticket Auction
 Retime Flight Tracking
 Check Before Leaving The House

 Government Jobs Anywhere
 Job Hunting
 Research Employers

 National Gen Site

 Columbia Education
 Mayo Health
 American Medical Assc
 Pub Med
 BH&G Cold and Flu Guide
 Family Medicine
 Medical Search
 Drug Index
 Healthy Living, Love and Finances
 Resources for Computer Training

 Political Humor
 E-Mail Jokes


 CLASSMATES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY  By registering you can look up others who
 have registered in any school in the country.  By subscribing, you
 can get information on same people.  Great info on old friends.


 Co-Op America  http://www.coopamericaorg
 Highest CD rates
 EE Bonds
 U.S. Treas. Securities
 Stock Market news
 Quicken Stock Search
 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

 Problem Solving & Ortho
 The Garden Gate
 Virtual Garden
 Earl The Yard-Care Answer Guy
 The Armchair Gardener

 Aesop's Fables Online   http://www.pacificnet/~john/aesop
 Bedtime Story's
 Go On A Dolphin Watch
 The White House
 Dinosaur Society
 Joseph Wu's Origami
 Kids Hangout
 Discovery News Online

 Learning The Net
 Internet Terms
 Browsing The Web
 Internet Reference
 Internet Service
 Search The Web


Potential Y2K Problem Dates
Y2K Preparedness


Atlantis - well done - interesting theory (09-04-99)
Falling Russian Booster Rockets (09-05-99)
Where's George (09-09-99)
East Coast Cams (09-15-99)
Lassen Amateur Radio Club (09-28-99)
ARRL License Search (10-04-99)
Jackson County ARES (New URL)(10-11-99)
Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule (10-18-99)
Orionids Meteor Shower - Oct. 21-22 (10-18-99)
Eastern Pacific, IR Sat, Sfc Press, Wind (12h-fcst)(10-19-99)
Eastern Pacific Jet Stream (10-19-99)
Lazyt Web Site (10-20-99)
Raising the Mammoth (10-22-99)
Many Ham Links (10-24-99)
Sunspots and Solar Cycle (10-27-99)
Urban Legends (10-27-99) (10-28-99)
National Weather Service / Amateur Radio Special Event (10-28-99)
SPACEDAILY Your Internet Space Portal (10-29-99)
November 11, 1999,   Meteor Shower (11-10-99)
VBS / BubbleBoy Virus (11-10-99)
BubbleBoy Virus is no joke (11-10-99)
W32/Funlove.4099 Virus (11-13-99)
Hams can help NASA (11-13-99)
WWII Black Cats (11-14-99)
Packet Radio -"naket" (11-15-99)
Radio Mirror (11-15-99)
Com-West, many links (11-15-99)
This will keep you busy
NASA Space Science News (11-15-99)
Wisconsin Winter Wonderland (11-17-99) (11-20-99)
National Weather Service (11-20-99)
New Evidence of Ancient Flood (11-21-99)
Berlin DX Group (11-23-99)
Great Antenna Web Site (11-23-99)
A Miracle (11-24-99)
Cats are from Mars (I couldn't resist)(11-29-99)
Y2K Media Watch (11-29-99)
U,S. Presidents (11-30-99)
The State of Jefferson - History (11-30-99)
Short term weather forecast
Mars Polar Lander Nears Arrival (11-30-99)
Archaeology of Space Garbage (12-01-99)
Mars Polar Lander Info and Links (12-05-99)
ARCA, Amateur Radio Club of Anderson (12-08-99)
Spirit of 76 Gun Page (12-10-99)
Oregon District 5 ARES (12-10-99)
Badger State Smoke Signals (12-13-99)
The day the Solar Wind disappeared. (12-14-99)
New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (12-17-99)
Solar cycle ups and downs (12-17-99)
Hubble Space Telescope Update (12-22-99)
USNO Time (12-22-99)
Santa Tracker (12-22-99)
Another Santa Tracker (12-24-99)
Interplanetary Christmas (12-24-99)
US Naval Observatory Clock
Announcement (Real Player) (12-24-99)

Star of Bethlehem (12-25_99)
New Christmas Theory (12-25-99)
Y2K Meteor Blast (12-28-99)
Shasta County Scanner Frequencies (12-30-99)
Nor-Cal Repeater List (12-30-99)
Family Radio and regular CB frequencies (12-30-99)
CQ News Page (12-30-99)
Space Weather (12-31-99)
QSLNET (12-31-99)
DXQSL (12-31-99)
Lightning Strikes (01-04-00)
Sun Spots (01-04-00)
Gary North - AKA - "Chicken Little" (01-09-00)
South County ARES (01-11-00)
Northstate Amateur Radio (01-10-00)
Editorial: The World's Most Silly Technology Law (01-12-00)
Sonoma County ACS (11-17-02)
Touch the Frog! (01-14-00)
Total Lunar Eclipse - Thursday - (01-19-00)
QSL Lookup (01-21-00)
Nor-Cal QRP Club (01-23-00)
SARA (01-24-00)
Yukon Meteor Blast (01-27-00)
Y2K Glitch Central (01-30-00)
Finding Russia's lost radioactive luggage (01-30-00)
NASA: Solar System Simulator (01-30-00)
W4DXX (01-30-00)
Liftoff to Space Exploration (01-31-00)
Satellite Tracker (01-31-00)
Earth and Sky (01-31-00)

moved from Space Page 07-08-02

Suds in Space (12-23-01)
Christmas Starshine (12-21-01)
Starshine, Too (12-18-01)
The Starshine 3 satellite will fall to the Earth,
 could light up the night sky (12-16-01)
Big and bright near-Earth asteroid will glide by our planet on Dec. 16th (12-15-01)
Partial Solar Eclipse: Viewer's Guide to Dec. 14 Event
Geminid Meteor Shower Dec. 13 (12-13-01)
Solar Eclipse this Friday in parts of the Americas.(12-13-01)
Where Lightning Strikes (12-06-01)
Weekend Fireballs (121-04-01)
Spacewalking Repairs on ISS, Monday(11-30-01)
Explosions on the Moon (11-30-01)
Alien Atmospheres (11-28-01)
First Detection Made of an Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere (11-27-01)
Listening to Leonids (11-27-01)
Leonids (11-23-01)
FREE* Sky Maps Each Month (11-21-01)
European Space Agency (11-21-01)
Leonids Around the Clock (11-16-01)
Leonids Live (11-15-01)
"Power to the ISS!" (11-13-01)
Secret Mars Craters Found, Asteroids & Volcanoes, More (11-09-01)
Jaw-dropping Leonids (11-08-01)
What Lies Beneath a Sunspot (11-08-01)
Tom Cruise to Narrate IMAX 3-D Space Station Movie (11-05-01)
Deep Space One (11-04-01)

The Fading Milky Way (11-02-01)

Odyssey's First Picture Released, Exceeds Expectations (10-31-01)
Amazing GRACE (10-31-01)
A Harvest Moon (10-31-01)
Odyssey's Triumph Puts NASA Back on Track. But Where To? (10-26-01)
Nest of Elusive Brown Dwarfs Seen in Stellar Nursery (10-26-01)
The USA Returns to Mars (10-4-01)
Energy from a Black Hole (10-23-01)
Acoustics and Vibration Animations (10-20-01)

Mars, Ho! (10-18-01)

Halley's Comet Returns in Bits and Pieces (10-18-01)
San Francisco Academy of the Sciences Planetarium (10-14-01)

The Perfect Dust Storm Strikes Mars (10-11-01)

A Disco Ball in Space (10-10-01)
Space Bones (10-01-01)
NASA Spacecraft Captures Best-Ever View of Comet's Core (09-26-01)
Stunning Comet Close-Ups Released From Fly-By (09-26-01)
NASA will release exciting close-up photos of comet Borrelly,
taken by Deep Space 1 (09-25-01)
A Quick Snap Shot Of Comet Science From Deep Space (09-24-01)
Suds in Space (09-23-01)
Satellite Views from Space (09-21-01)
Wide Awake in Outer Space (09-04-01)
Did You See My Toolbox Float By? (09-04-01)
Solar System Simulator (09-01-01)
A Far Out Pioneer - for Kids-  (08-26-01)
A New Comet (08-24-01)
A Far Out Pioneer (08-24-01)
The Strange Spires of Callisto (08-24-01
White House Tapes Shed Light on JFK Space Race Legend (08-23-01)
Smoke Sentry in Space (08-22-01)
Having a Ball on Mars (08-17-01)
Samples of the Future (08-16-01)
A Change of Space - NASA KIDS (08-14-01)
The Perseids Meteor Shower is Tonight! (08-11-01)

Horse Flies and Meteors (08-10-01)

Mixed Up in Space (08-08-01)
Watch out for Jupiter and Venus this weekend (08-04-01)

Another Daring Adventure for Galileo (04-04-01)

Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon (07-28-01)
Meteorites Don't Pop Corn (07-27-01)
Space Seeds Return to Earth (07-26-01)

A Propitious Alignment of Planets (07-19-01)

Making Ballistic Missile Defense A Reality (07-15-01)
Amelia Earhart Plane Possibly Spotted By Satellite (07-12-01)
Earhart Project (07-10-01)
Sizzling Comets Circle a Dying Star (07-12-01)
Morning Coffee and Planets (07-10-01)
The Biggest Explosions in the Solar System (06-12-01)
My Stars! (06-10-01)
Where no Telescope Has Gone Before (06-08-01)
The Deep Space Network (06-06-01)
A Mars Odyssey (06-06-01)
Hubble Space Telescope (06-05-01)
Jellyplants on Mars (06-01-01)
A Taste for Comet Water (05-20-01)
The Great Mars Rush (05-16-01)
Flowing Sand in Space (05-13-01)
Teaming Up on Space Plants (05-11-01)
Sea Launch Inaugural Launch (05-09-01)
U.S. weather satellite boosted to graveyard orbit (05-08-01)
Roses for the Red Planet 05-08-01)
METEOR SHOWER (05-05-01)
The Phantom Torso (05-04-01)
The Crumbling Comet LINEAR A2 (05-03-01)
Seven Billion Miles and Counting (05-03-01)
Tourist Trip Aside, Soyuz Mission Time-Critical for Station (05-03-01)

Space Weather on Mars (05-02-01)

moved from Science Page 07-08-02

Geologist's Melting Story of a Lost Civilization (12-26-01)
Suds in Space (12-23-01)
Christmas Starshine (12-21-01)
Sweet Meteorites (12-21-01)
Flickering sun switched climate (12-20-01)
Footwear Reveals Russian History  Discovery Online (12-20-01)
Starshine, Too (12-18-01)
SuperCroc (12-15-01)
Partial Solar Eclipse: Viewer's Guide to Dec. 14 Event
Conjuring Crystals (12-11-01)
Where Lightning Strikes (12-06-01)
Listening to Leonids (11-27-01)
Leonids (11-23-01)
The Leonids Are Coming! (11-17-01)
The Leonid Meteor Shower (11-17-01)
Leonids Around the Clock (11-16-01)
Mass Extinctions May Be A Myth, Claim Scientists (11-14-01)
Jaw-dropping Leonids (11-08-01)
What Lies Beneath a Sunspot (11-08-01)
Deep Space One (11-04-01)
Good Vibrations (114-03-01)
Tunguska Mystery May Be Solved (10-31-01)
Amazing GRACE (10-31-01)
A Harvest Moon (10-31-01)
Raising the Kursk! (10-28-01)
'tis the Season for Auroras (10-26-01)
The Official US Time (10-25-01)
Fear of Physics! (10-22-01)
Halley's Comet Returns in Bits and Pieces (10-18-01)
Optical Illusions Galore! (10-17-01)
Gyroscopes as Propulsion Devices (10-16-01)
I See Colors! (10-15-01)
The Columbus Navigation Homepage (10-12-01)

The Perfect Dust Storm Strikes Mars (10-11-01)

Planetary Waves Break Ozone Holes (10-11-01)
A Disco Ball in Space (10-10-01)
The History of Just About Everything (10-06-01)
Staying Cool on the Space Station (10-05-01)
A Day in the Life of a Space Walker (10-05-01)
Space Bones (10-01-01)
CAMEX Top Guns (09-28-01)
A Change of Season (09-27-01)
NASA Spacecraft Captures Best-Ever View of Comet's Core (09-26-01)
Stunning Comet Close-Ups Released From Fly-By (09-26-01)
A Quick Snap Shot Of Comet Science From Deep Space (09-24-01)
A Change of Season (09-21-01)
Collapsing towers caused seismic shock (09-20-01)
Wounded Probe Plans Daring Comet Flyby Saturday (09-19-01)
Boeing Sonic Cruiser Completes First Wind Tunnel Tests (09-18-01)
Dawn of a New Ozone Hole (09-17-01)
Boiling in Space (09-16-01)
What Lurks in the Outer Solar System? (09-14-01)
A Greener Planetary Greenhouse (09-10-01)
Maths +Plus (09-06-01)
Undersea Volcano (Oregon Coast) (09-05-01) (09-05-01)
Disney Site: Have aliens visited Earth? (09-05-01)
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SunClock (09-01-01)

The International Date Line (08-31-01)

Search for Amelia Earhart Under Way (08-27-01)
The World Clock - Time Zones (08-26-01)

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