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Bearings by K7NO  Excel spreadsheet DXCC list auto calculates heading and distance from your QTH
Canadian Amateur Radio LF & HF Band Plan
DX Monitor  Useful DX information - Download DX Monitor
DXCC List  by Bill, NG3K - nicely done!
DXCC Lists  several DXCC lists (Current and back to 1939)
DXCC Spreadsheet  MS Excel format by EA6VQ - New version 2.6
DXLab Suite  includes DXView, PropView, SpotCollector and more
DXWATCH.COM  Interactive DX calendar
IRC / GreenStamps Table  from N6DHZ
IRC's - List of Countries That Accept Them
Prefix Cross References  ARRL
Prefix Finder  lookup by Prefix, CQ Zone, ITU Zone, and Continent
Prefix List - Expanded  Includes: ITU Block, ITU/CQ Zones, details of call districts
Ten Meter Beacon List
The New DXer's Handbook - 2nd Edition  written by Bryce K. Anderson, K7UA
U.S. Amateur Radio Band Plan  371,250 KB PDF file by ICOM
U.S. Amateur Radio Band Plan  ARRL
U.S.S.R. Conversion  Former Soviet prefixes and what they are now
U.S.S.R. (Former) Territories, Prefixes and Suffixes  by Bill, NG3K

DX TELNET & PACKET:  Your DX cluster resource connection
DX Cluster Mailing Lists
DX Cluster Telnet Sites  by Andy, VE9DX
DXSpider Software  DXSpider DX cluster system
Telnet DX Cluster Directory  Access DX cluster nodes worldwide via Telnet  For DXcluster operators, development of protocols & software

Chile Grid Square Map
Cuba Grid Locator Map
Grid Square Maps  by VE2PIJ
Hawaii (KH6) Grid Squares
Mallorca (JM19) Balearic Islands QTH Locator
Mexico (XE) Grid Locators
Paraguay (ZP) Grid Locator Map
U.S. Grid Square Map  .gif file
U.S. Grid Square Map  288,149 KB PDF file by ICOM
W.A.I.S. Maps  Worked All Italian Squares

Antarctica: Research Stations & Territorial Claims
Arctic Region Prefix Map
Argentina Ham Call Division Map  Includes Antarctic Argentina
ARM - Amateur Radio Maps v1.3  must Download but a goodie!!
Azimuthal Map by NS6T  world map, centered on your QTH, with compass headings on the rim
Canada Prefix Map
Caribbean Prefix Map
CIA World Factbook  source of DXCC Country Maps & Facts
CQ Zone Map  Interactive
DX Atlas
Greece (SV) Prefix Map
Greece (SV) Prefix Map  by Radio DX Group of Thrace
Hungarian County & Prefix Map  by Bela, HA9SU
Iceland (TF) Call Areas
Internet Ham Atlas  by Darek, SP6NVK - 337 DXCC entities, 3000 + pictures, 1100 maps
Italy Ham Map
Italy Map for WAIP and Call Areas
ITU Zone Map  Interactive
Mexico (XE) Prefix Map  Includes Mexican IOTA references
Moldova Radio Amateur Map
New Zealand (ZL) Map & Prefixes
NOAA Charts and Maps
Oceania Prefix Map
Pacific Prefix Map
Republic of Belarus (EU-EW) Map
Romania Prefix Map
South Africa Prefix Map
Sun Clock Grayline Map  Very Useful download!! - Stand-alone or screensaver
TopoZone Maps  gives Long, Lat, Elavation & Detailed Maps
Ukraine Prefix Map
U.S.A. Districts Map  by AC6V - includes ITU and CQ Zones
WAZ Map by CQ
WebAtlas for Ham Radio  WAC, CQ & ITU Zones, ITU Region, JA Districts, and more
World Amateur Radio Prefix Maps  from Allan, VK2CA

Doug, N6RT, reports that the popular #CQDX chat room for DXers has a new address.
Please reconfigure your IRC client to connect to Information about the
room and software configuration instructions can be found at .

Larry Dobby, VE2DO, is now authorized to check qsl cards that one wishes to submit
for DXCC awards at ARRL. In the past there has been no representative in Quebec.
Radio amateurs may now send their cards to VE2DO instead of sending them to ARRL.
They can even come by in person after making an appointment.

Marco, IZ1ANZ, tells that his new software Quick Reference Guide DXCC & Islands is
available and updated to August 4, 2003. It's a help file, running on every Windows
platform. It contains every DXCC country and prefix and all the IOTA, IIA and ILIA islands.
The software is available at where you'll also find any future
release. "Click" on Software in the left hand index column.