Pledge For Peace & Take A Stand Against Terrorism

Today we take a solemn pledge that we will work towards the establishment of peace in our country.

We will stand up against the forces of divisiveness and mischief.

We will continue to have hope, in the goodness inherent in every man, woman and child.

We strongly condemn all acts of terrorism, committed in any part of the world and in whatever form.

We the proud citizens of India, will not let petty miscreants disrupt the harmony of our nation nor destroy our camaraderie.

We promise to continue caring and serving all human beings in the spirit of equality and brotherhood.

We promise to maintain the spirit of tolerance and respect for all and continue to work towards building a strong India.

We will give peace a chance.......always.

Nikhath Suhail (SIS)

Peace organisations condemn acts of terror, spread message of unity

Schoolchildren, women, others undertake a peace walk Schoolchildren, women, others undertake walk against Mumbai blasts

  • Meeting was to express solidarity with the families of blast victims
  • Greater vigil against acts of terrorism: Arcot Prince

    Peace organisations condemn acts of terror, spread message of unity
    VOICE AGAINST TERRORISM: Schoolchildren and members of Harmony India and Sisters of the Islamic Society at the Marina on Saturday. � Photo: S. Thanthoni

    CHENNAI: School children, women and other participants assembled near the Gandhi Statue on the Marina on Saturday evening to condemn the recent bomb blasts in Mumbai and other acts of terrorism. "Let's not give in to terror. Let's stand united," read a banner held aloft by the participants. More moving was the message "Children demand a safe world."

    The participants were brought together by Harmony India (HI) and the Sisters of the Islamic Society (SIS) for a meeting where they took a pledge that they would work towards establishment of peace in the country. "We strongly condemn all acts of terrorism, committed in any part of the world and in whatever form," the members declared.

    The meeting was also to express solidarity with the families of blast victims. Stressing the need for unity was the message, "United we stand, divided we fall" and "Say yes to peace and harmony."

    Explaining the programme's objective, A. Faizur Rahman, HI executive committee member said, "We, Muslims, do not support violence in the name of religion."

    `Act of cowardice'

    Condemning the Mumbai blasts, the Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, called for greater vigil against acts of terrorism. "Every section of society should strongly condemn terrorism which is an act of cowardice and savagery." The culprits should be brought to justice, without fear or favour, at the earliest.

    A thorough, fair and impartial probe into the blasts was called for. He urged the people to rally against acts of terrorism, which threatened the unity of a pluralistic and democratic India. No religion preached violence and killing of innocent people, he said.

    N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu , said the important and solemn occasion was to stress the message that people should not be divided by communal and terrorist forces.

    "We express our solidarity to the families of the victims of the outrageous terrorist attack." He said terrorism was being committed not only by individuals and organisations, but also by the State as was seen in West Asia where an anti-human terrorist State was supported by imperialism.

    Other speakers, including Naz Fathima, coordinator, SIS and Tajunnisa, a member of SIS, emphasised the need for upholding the values of peace. A two-minute silence was observed to pay homage to the victims of the Mumbai blasts. A peace walk up to the lighthouse was undertaken.

    Muslims Donate Blood To Hindu Wounded

    MUMBAI: Muslims lined up for hours to donate blood to Hindu citizens who were wounded in the train bombings in Mumbai.

    �We do not care if a Muslim or a Hindu receives our blood the important thing is that it saves lives,� said Abdul Khan, one of dozens of Muslims waiting to donate blood in in the lineup in front of the Siddarth hospital, near the Jogeshwari hospital, where one of seven explosions took place.

    �Whoever tried to break our harmony has failed� said Pasha Mian Sheikh who opened the doors of the �Islamia Arabia� mosque to offer shelter, food and water. �Hundreds of Muslims," he added, "showed courage and harmony yesterday helping their Hindu brothers.�

    This feeling was shared by Manohar Kargaonkar, a Shiv Shena Hinduist party cited by �Reuters�: �Hindus and Muslims yesterday walked hand in hand. Reading a newspaper, you always find that a terrorist is responsible for subversive activities. But these people are showing us what brotherhood is.�

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