W3KM GenLog - Windows Installation Instructions
        W3KM GenLog - Windows Installation Instructions

-- Note --
You will need to use either IE or Firefox browser. Other browsers may prevent downloads.
But you can right-mouse the link and Select Save. Then run the downloaded file.

1st, download and install the Windows installation file.
On the web page, click the Setup GenLog326 v8.19 link.
You will be prompted to either download or Save the file.
My OS is Win8.1, but Win7/10 most likely will act similarly.

In MyComputer or the File Explorer, go to your Downloads folder and run the W3KM-GenLog326v8.19vb6.exe file.
If the SmartScreen pops up, select [More info] then [Run anyway].
Your anti-virus software may prevent running the file - select the "Run anyway" or similar option.

The DeployMaster Setup screen is displayed.
Select [Immediate installation] to install to the default HD folder, C:\GenLog32
You can install the software to a different folder by selecting [Advanced Installation],
BUT you will need to select that option and folder each time you install a logger update.

After the installation finishes, run GenLog from the desktop shortcut.
You can fill in your personal information now or later.
If it runs OK, close the logger.

2nd, install the latest version of GenLog by clicking the
GenLog v8.38 update link. As above, download and install the W3KM-GenLog-v8.38-update.exe
You can do this at any time for future updates.

This follow-along document will help you learn GenLog.

Read the FAQ for more info.

If you want to check for new updates go here.

Any questions just ask. Dave W3KM